Capital One Investing Promo Code – Up to $600 Cash Bonus

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Uppate! New Capital One Investing Promo code available! Capital One Investing (formerly ShareBuilder) is one of the most popular online discount brokerage firms, with inexpensive automatic trades and a host of other attractive features. They are also popular because they frequently offer promotional and coupon codes good for free trades or a sign up bonus,…

Uppate! New Capital One Investing Promo code available!

Capital One Investing (formerly ShareBuilder) is one of the most popular online discount brokerage firms, with inexpensive automatic trades and a host of other attractive features. They are also popular because they frequently offer promotional and coupon codes good for free trades or a sign up bonus, usually from $25-$50 for a new account, or up to $600 when you deposit $200,000 or more.

Capital One Investing Promo Codes – up to $600 Cash Bonus

ShareBuilder Promo Code - $50 sign up bonus!Capital One Investing is currently offering cash sign up bonuses for opening a new account and depositing or transferring money into your account. The bonus structure can earn you up to $600. The current offer is:

  • $50 bonus for depositing $5,000 – $14,999.
  • $100 bonus for depositing $15,000 – $49,999.
  • $200 bonus for depositing $50,000 – $99,999.
  • $300 bonus for depositing $100,000 – $199,999.
  • $600 bonus for depositing $200,000 or more.

You can Open a Capital One 360 Account to get the bonus.

Fine Print:

You have two steps to qualify for your cash bonus. First, open a new online Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or Individual, Joint or Custodial account by the promotion expiration date: 12/31/2017. You must have a U.S. Tax I.D. (Social Security number) to open a Capital One Investing, LLC, account. Second, make a net deposit, transfer, and/or rollover that posts to your new account within 90 days of opening your account. Your net qualifying assets posted during that 90-day period must be at least $5,000 to be eligible for a $50 bonus, $15,000 for a $100 bonus, $50,000 for a $200 bonus, $100,000 for a $300 bonus, or $200,000 for a $600 bonus. If your net qualifying assets are within $100 of a higher bonus level, you will be credited at that level so you receive a larger bonus. Your net qualifying assets are the total amounts of your deposits and transfers, minus any withdrawals. (Note: the qualifying asset amount isn’t affected by any change in value for your securities after they were deposited.) Transfers from an existing online Capital One Investing account, or from a Capital One 360® IRA to an online Capital One Investing IRA, do not qualify. Promotion is non-transferable, not valid for ESAs, and not valid with any other promotion. Limit one bonus per customer or custodial beneficiary.

Capital One Investing $50 Bonus for New IRA

You can earn $50 when you open a new Traditional or Roth IRA at Capital One Investing and deposit at least $5,000. You will earn the $50 bonus 60 days after your deposit.
Capital One Investing also offers other bonuses from time to time, depending on which type of account you open. For example, some promotions are available for retirement accounts, such as 401k plans, IRAs, and Educational Savings Accounts. And other bonuses are only available for taxable investment accounts.

Capital One Investing $100 Transfer Reimbursement

Many brokerage firms will reimburse customers for the cost of moving their investments to their brokerage firm. It’s good business for them because new customers are great for the bottom line. It’s also great for the new customer because consolidating your accounts makes planning and asset allocation much easier to manage! Right now you can receive up to $100 reimbursement for transferring your investments to Capital One Investing from another broker.

How to receive a transfer reimbursement from Capital One Investing:

  1. Open a Capital One Investing account, or Log in
  2. Print and complete an Account Transfer Form
  3. Activate your $100 bonus in an eligible account
  4. Mail or fax a signed transfer form and a copy of your most recent statement to Capital One Investing

Capital One Investing IRAs

About Capital One Investing IRAs. Capital One Investing is a great place to open your IRA as there are no account fees, inactivity fees, annual IRA fees, or account minimums to drag down your investments. It’s even better when you use automatic investing to make inexpensive stock trades with Capital One Investing.

How Automatic Investing works

  • Invest with over 7,000 stocks and ETFs
  • Schedule investments on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Invest any dollar amount
  • Visit the Capital One Investing website for complete pricing & rates.
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  1. Robert says

    I actually have a Sharebuilder account and I have been reasonably pleased with it. It is useful because I have an ING savings account and you can link them so it makes transfering easy. If course I know you can link accounts on all of them too.

    In the last 6 months I have traded options thru that account and it is a bit pricey. There is a charge for not only trade but for each contract. Because of this I will probably consider TradeKind down the road.

    • Ryan says

      BMT, I also like that you can link the ShareBuilder and ING accounts, which is a great feature. You can make instant money transfers, which is great if you want to take advantage of same day trades (most brokerages take 2-3 business days to complete an ACH transfer).

      But the pricing schedule pushed me away from ShareBuilder. The scheduled purchase plan comes in at $4 for a trade, and it has to be set up for an automatic purchase. I can go to TradeKing and make the same trade any day of the week for $4.95. Options transfers are only $0.65 per options contract. That kind of flexibility and lower cost for real time trades (and the host of other features) makes TradeKing a winner in my book! Here is a full TradeKing review for more information.

      By the way, TradeKing is also offering a $50 cash bonus for new customers if you are interested in opening an account.

    • Ryan says

      Thanks for the info, Lynn. I did this about two weeks ago, but was slow publishing the article. I’ll see if I can find another code out there. I’ll be quicker to publish next time! 🙂

  2. Lynn says

    Oh, I just wanted to add that I use sharebuilder to buy stock for my children. I signed up myself using a promotion from Costco ($70) and then signed up my 2 children with acocunts and also got the bonus. Now I just buy “fun” stocks for the kids – McDonald’s, Hershey, Disney etc. At the beginning of the year they sent me a code for 12 free trades for each of my accounts (not real time but I don’t care about that) and now I just add a little bit of money and can make small trades as I want. I don’t plan on liquidating the shares anytime soon so maybe the trades will be free by the time the kids decide to cash their accounts out.

    • Ryan says

      Sounds like a great plan, Lynn. ShareBuilder is a great place to buy stocks, especially if you plan on holding onto them for a long time. Hopefully they will change their fee structure in the near future to make them a better option for folks who trade more frequently. I think they are missing out on some business by charging more for real time trades than their competitors!

  3. Tracy says

    I think you got a little bit burned by ShareBuilder. I mean most stock trading companies have a ton of fees for trading. Like everything else in life fees add up and you loss money instead of gaining it. The market itself is still shaky and its just not a good time to be investing in the stock market.

    • Ryan says

      I didn’t get burned, Tracy. I opened this account over 3 years ago and I got $50 in free stock. It was my fault for choosing poorly! I could have left the stocks in the account forever, but I decided to liquidate the account to simplify my accounts.

      ShareBuilder racks up fees if you make a lot of real time trades, but if you plan on buying and holding, then it can be an affordable option. I currently prefer other options, however, because they are more affordable for real time trades.

    • Ryan says

      Jordan, I read the article, and I bet there is more to the story than meets the eye. I don’t doubt there were people involved with buying votes, but the odds it was sanctioned by ShareBuilder are very low. It was probably a situation that wasn’t covered under the rules and ShareBuilder’s lawyers probably advised them not to pursue disqualifying those votes out of fear of a lawsuit (The iReport didn’t have a link to the rules and I wasn’t able to find them on ShareBuilder’s FB page). This is a situation where it is cheaper to pay the people off, then rewrite the rules for next time. Keep in mind many large corporations still don’t understand social media and the lengths people will go to to bend rules and leverage any available opportunity.

      Based on the article I read, and ShareBuilder’s responses, it doesn’t seem to me like they encouraged fraud and cheating, rather than they allowed it because it wasn’t against the rules… and therefore by the rules may not have even been fraud or cheating, even if it was an undesired method of gaining votes.

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