Do You Know Your Financial Personality?

by Miranda Marquit

In recent years, there has been a great deal of interest in pinpointing financial personalities. I find all of these quizzes interesting because they go beyond the idea of being a saver vs. being a spender. Your household finances are more complex than that, and these quizzes offer a more nuanced look at the way you interact with money.

One of the most recent quizzes I have taken is the financial quiz offered by Fidelity. Not only does this quiz test you on your personality, but you can also see how you compare to others in your demographic. This quiz is based on Fidelity’s annual couples study, and it was kind of fun to take.

My Personality: I-Sp-D

Financial Personality

Do you know your financial personality?

According to Fidelity’s survey, I am:

  • Informed
  • Spender
  • Driver

This basically means that I make informed money decisions, I like to spend, and that I drive my household’s financial decisions. This, I believe, is an accurate assessment. I’ve taken other tests that indicate that, while I enjoy spending money, I’m also someone who likes a degree of safety and security. The reality of this is that I make sure that the IRA is funded and the emergency fund contributed to before I go out an spend money.

I’m also acutely aware that I am the main financial decision maker in my household. While my husband occasionally weighs in with his two cents, I take the lead. I manage the money, decide where it’s invested, and when we refinanced the house I pretty much handled everything. He shows up when he needs to sign paperwork, and he really only cares about the money when he wants to know if we have enough to do what he wants.

While I sometimes wish that my husband took more of an interest in finances, the reality is that this works out pretty well. We both get to do most of what we want, and it simplifies immensely for me.

Are Women Becoming Less Involved in Finances?

According to the Fidelity couples survey, younger women are becoming less involved in finances. I am on the cusp between Generation X and Gen Y (or Millennials, or whatever they decide to call the group my siblings are firmly in). I self-identify as Gen X, though.

And it looks like that makes sense, at least according to Fidelity. According to the study, Millennial women are more deferential about their finances, and less confident in their money abilities than female Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. When you consider that women are still considered at a general disadvantage when it comes to their lifetime finances, this backsliding trend doesn’t bode well for Millennial/Gen Y women.

When it comes to finances, every couple needs to decide what works best. However, things are usually better for everyone involved when both partners work equally toward the same financial goals and make decisions together. Sometimes I think that it would be better overall if my husband took a more active role in our finances — even though it might mean more discussions and disagreements. But he at least knows where to find the information he would need if something happened to me, and he does occasionally take notice of what’s happening. So I guess that’s a start.

What’s your money personality? And how do you handle the finances at your house?

Published or updated December 2, 2013.
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1 Bryce @ Save and Conquer

It appears that I’m an I-Sa-D. The Sa stands for Saver. I take a larger part in our finances, but my wife participates, as well. I thought is was interesting that the quiz treated a large tax refund differently than a $10k inheritance. I said I’d save all of either one because I don’t see the difference.


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