Why I Switched to a MacBook

by Ryan Guina

Over a year and a half ago I wrote an article comparing MacBooks vs. PCs, and why I chose a PC. At the time, the PC was the right choice for me. I researched my options and purchased a Dell laptop for roughly half what it would have cost me to purchase a MacBook with comparable features (at the time I wasn’t interested in the software that came with the MacBook).

Fast forward almost 2 years and I changed my tune. Why? There are several reasons.

Why I Bought a MacBook

It Just Works

I’ll be honest, I’ve never liked this slogan. It sounds pretentious and my PCs have always worked just fine. The blue screen of death everyone complains about? I’ve experienced it twice in over a decade of owning a PC.

But there is some truth to Apple’s slogan. My biggest complaint about using a PC is the little inconveniences that frequently arise, such as boot-up time when starting the computer or bringing it out of sleep mode, constant anti-virus updates, searching for new drivers, software issues, and the requirement to reboot your computer every time you upgrade virtually any software program. Nothing stifles creativity or productivity like having to reboot your computer in the middle of your work stream. I’ve had to reboot my MacBook when making major software upgrades, but not nearly as frequently as with my PC.

My time has become more valuable

Time is the most valuable commodity on earth. You cannot replace it with money or material goods. Simply put, I have spent too much time dealing with the inconveniences listed above. I spend at least an hour each week waiting for my computer to boot up, dealing with driver issues, rebooting my computer for various programs or updates, and other small problems. None of them are exceptionally time consuming, but they add up.

The OS and Software rock

I am a slow adopter when it comes to technology. I had to see the Mac OS in action several times, talk to friends, and try it out before making the jump. After researching what Macs have to offer, I decided I like the Mac OS and resident programs better than the equivalent programs that come standard with a PC.

To be fair, Windows 7 is great. I think it is a big improvement over other MS operating systems and there are several features I prefer about Windows 7 over the Mac OS. But overall, I prefer the quality, build, and software of the MacBook over similar PCs I looked at.

But Macs are more expensive than PCs!

Yes, they are. But maybe not as much as you think. In my opinion, there are three key components to consider when comparing Macs and PCs. 1). Overall system configuration (hardware), 2.) Software 3.) Quality.

Comparing Hardware for MacBooks and PCs. When comparing Macs and PCs it is easy to take a quick look at the system specs and decide a MacBook is overpriced for what you get. It is relatively easy to find a PC with the same amount of hard rive space, RAM, screen size and other configurations for about half the price of a MacBook. But there is more to value than just system specs. Component quality plays a big role.

Software.The standard software that comes with a Mac is, in my opinion, better quality than the standard software that comes with a PC, since most PCs come with limited software outside of the Operating System. You can buy similar programs for the PC, but that requires two things: research (time) and money, both of which are in tight supply these days. Mac software is also designed to work efficiently with the Mac hardware and other Mac programs, which is something software designed for PCs doesn’t do as well.

Quality. The final tip goes to the quality of the product. MacBook Pros are built from a solid piece of aluminum so they are sturdy and durable. They are made with high quality materials and have a slew of nice to have features not found on entry level PCs. A couple good examples are the backlit keyboard and the multi-touch keypad.

Are Macs better than PCs?

Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong with either computer as long as you are buying the machine that best meets your needs. In the end, I decided a Mac was worth the added expense for me. The MacBook Pro feels solid, is faster than my comparably equipped PC, and is more fun to use.

But I also recognize it can be very difficult to compare the two computers. They use different operating systems, have different specs, come with different software arrangements, and other factors. Instead of looking at the price tag, consider which features you want and/or need, then price out comparable computers and see which computer is the best solution for you.

Buy a Mac get a $100 Rebate on a printer. Apple is currently offering a $100 rebate on a printer when you buy a Mac computer at the same time – good with a purchase of a MacBook, MacBook Air, or the iMac. See the Printer rebate link for more details.

Published or updated December 29, 2011.
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1 Stu @ Pennywise2Pennyworth

I took the plunge to a MacBook about two years ago when I decided to go back to school to get my masters degree. A few people in my family had Macs and swore by them. At the time the Apple Store had a promo for a free ITouch with the purchase and that seemed like a good deal to me.
I must say that from the first week I had my Mac I was impressed. Its much more user-friendly; I can use it for work because I can export everything to the Microsoft version; the battery life is much better; and its so much more durable than PCs.
I recently bought my wife a Macbook for her birthday, she’s new to computers, but I am confident she will learn the Mac much faster then the PC. My only concern is transferring her computer knowledge to PCs because the world of work largely uses PCs.
All in all, I love Macs and I’ll never go back. ; )


2 Simon Zhen

Agreed! I’ve used Windows up until 4 month ago when I purchased a MBP as well. I thought I was going to regret it the day I bought it because everything felt so weird.

Looking back, it was a great movie. It has made me more productive like I never imagined. People ask me what can a Mac do that a PC can’t and I say “nothing”. But, a Mac does help me do it quicker and simpler – therefore, saving me time and keeping me focused.

So what am I paying extra for? My precious time!


3 Ryan

Simon, those are my thoughts exactly! The MacBook just seems faster at everything, from startup, to typing, to running websites and programs, to shutdown, and everything in between. I’m very happy with the purchase. 🙂


4 Nicole

I Just Switched To A Macbook and you’re right, it just simply works. I’ve always had PCs and youre right they definitely get the job done but I get frequent viruses, boot up problems, force closes, Overall macs are just more efficient and on top of that the macs are just so much more compatible with all the new apple products coming out, they make ipods, iphones, itouches and more just easier to use!


5 Craig/FFB

Yes, they just work! And as you use it you discover that the Mac has small features that really help productivity – like grabbing a screen shot and being able to adjust the pic in a couple of minutes.


6 Steve

I hate to say it, but I’m still not sold – having seen other people’s Macs I’m still not sold. I’m a PC guy now (for the past few years I was a Linux guy but Windows 7 won me back). I’ll take the $1400 price difference and the extra bit of boot-up time, along with the vast amount of freeware and hardware available for the PC that isn’t there for the Mac. Windows 7 solved 99% of my troubles with my PC, and it runs great now. I’m still waiting for someone to say something like “Macs unlock the secret level on the internet” – not (no offense, FFB) that it can grab a screenshot and adjust it in a couple of minutes. My PC does that just fine, to be honest. Somebody has to tell me something it does EXTRA, not just “slightly faster” – because slightly faster is often just a measure of how much software you have installed, anyway.

I’m prejudiced, by the way – I don’t like the proprietary model that Apple uses – but I’m also completely OK with the “different strokes for different folks” idea. To each their own!


7 Mark

Great article! And honestly, the price differential isn’t that bad as long as you do your homework and make sure you’re getting the lowest possible price. I usually use a price comparison site like applesliced.com to buy Macs. A lot of the time you can save a couple hundred dollars. And also buy upgrades from third-party vendors, that’s another huge cost cutter!


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