Where’s My Stimulus Payment? How to Track Your Economic Stimulus Rebate Check

by Ryan Guina

When the IRS announced last week they were accelerating the economic stimulus payment schedule, it caused a lot of confusion. Since then, a lot of people have asked me when they will receive their economic stimulus rebate from the government. I have done my best to answer as many questions as possible, but I do not have all the answers. This post has the most accurate information as of the date it was published, and all information was sourced from the IRS website.

Everything You Need to Know About the Economic Stimulus Payments

On May 1st, the IRS updated their Economic Stimulus Information Center page, which has just about everything you might want to know about the economic stimulus rebates, including:

  • When? official stimulus payment schedule,
  • How Much? the official stimulus rebate calculator (this calculator has been removed from the IRS website),
  • Where is my rebate? and the stimulus payment tracker.

I have highlighted some of the information from those pages for you.

The Official IRS Payment Schedule

This is a copy of the official stimulus payment schedule from the IRS web page, as of May 1, 2008. Economic stimulus payments will be issued according to the last two-digits of the main filer’s Social Security number, when the tax payer files their tax return, and whether the tax filer chooses direct deposit or payment by check.

The IRS expects to send out 25% of the checks within the first few weeks, and should have the majority of he rebate checks issued by mid-July.

For joint filers, the payments will go out based on the person listed first on the return. Payments will be made by either direct deposit or paper check, consistent with how people filed their 2007 tax return.

According to the IRS website, direct deposits will be made daily and will be completed by the date listed below (assuming your tax return was filed by the April 15 deadline):

Direct Deposit

Last two SSN digits: Payments will be transmitted no later than:
00 through 20 May 2
21 through 75 May 9
76 through 99 May 16

Paper checks will also go out based on Social Security number. For Social Security numbers ending in 00 through 09, the paper checks will be mailed starting May 9 and will continue through May 16. A similar process will be repeated in the following weeks.

Paper Check

Last two SSN digits: Payments will be mailed no later than:
00 through 09 May 16
10 through 18 May 23
19 through 25 May 30
26 through 38 June 6
39 through 51 June 13
52 through 63 June 20
64 through 75 June 27
76 through 87 July 4
88 through 99 July 11

Late filers. People who file a return after April 15 will receive their economic stimulus payment, but probably about two weeks later than the schedule shows. Since it normally takes the IRS about 2 weeks to process most tax returns, it should take about a month to receive your rebate check. A tax return must be filed by October 15 in order to receive a stimulus payment this year.

Keep in mind, this is a rough schedule – the Treasury is processing over 130 million rebates!

The Official IRS Rebate Calculator

The web based stimulus rebate calculator is easy to use and takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. You will need a copy of the Form 1040 that you filed with the IRS. Then, follow the instructions. Don’t worry, the IRS doesn’t ask for any personal data such as your SSN, nor does it store any of your information when you use the calculator. All entries are erased when you exit or start over. Keep in mind, this is only an estimate, and is not “official” until you receive the check.

Where’s My Stimulus Payment? – The Official IRS Rebate Tracker

The IRS created a web based tool to help you track the status of your economic stimulus rebate. You will need to have your tax return handy because you will need to input some key information from your return, including your SSN, filing status, and number of exemptions. The tool will locate your information in the database and give you the status of your rebate.

Important note about rebate tracker: The IRS recommends using the Payment Schedule prior to using the payment tracker since your payment information will not be available on this tool until the time that your payment is scheduled.

More questions about the stimulus package?

For more details or frequently asked questions, read the Economic Stimulus Package Frequently Asked Questions, or visit the IRS Stimulus Payment Information Center.

Most importantly – be patient! The IRS is processing millions of rebates in an extremely short time period. There are bound to be a few speed bumps along the way. Good luck!

Note: this article was originally published in 2008. It has been updated for historical purposes and for usability.

Published or updated October 12, 2016.
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1 inoubliable

my rebate should be processed by today (5/2) and i can’t get the ‘where’s my stimulus payment’ thing to work. it says there’s no information on our payment. what gives? should i really be checking on saturday instead?

2 Dividend Investor


Thanks for the update. I hope they send the money sooner, rather than later.

3 Barb

I am just so angry that this “earlier” announcment was made. I was fine with the date. I was then made to feel that it was coming sooner and I have foolishly been a little looser with actual cash money i do have in the last few days! I do believe this was done purposely because they understand the psychology of the human condition….especially working class folks! We are like lab rats to “them” Shame on whoever made that announcement. What I can tell the original dates are still basically in place. There is NO CHANGE in the schedule for my situation. which is efiler with the last two at 92. Was May 16th and guess what… STILL May 16th thanks government and media I now am in a bind for two weeks.!!

4 Ryan

inoubliable, I think you should check with the rebate tracker tool later today, or tomorrow. My rebate is not scheduled until next Friday, so I haven’t tried it yet.

Barb, the government could have prevented some confusion by not announcing the earlier payments, but what’s done is done.

For everyone, I recommend not spending your rebate (or any other money) until you receive it.

5 Barb

Gee thanks Ryan for your commentary. duh clearly I know that. btw I didnt say I spent that money in advance. I just wasnt as careful in my choices.. example.. my daughter had a class trip actually today. I packed her lunch.. I bought the better smoked turkey for her sandwich and gave her two different snacks, where as without that percieved windfall coming soon, she would have had the kroger brand lunch meat and only a pudding cup LOL. Its been that type of overspending for me. I am the working lower middle class. any type of overspending can get me in trouble quickly. I will not apologize as I live a very disciplined life, I have to. The press,media and government though did give mixed signals and the perception was I swear by design knowing there would be tons of peeps like me, and again I am aware of my sin so to speak, but i will not apologize and the shame should be squarely placed on the media and government for this.

6 Ryan

Barb, My comment was not meant to be judgmental; I understand everyone has a different financial situation. My comment was a general statement directed to anyone reading the comment, and not just you.

7 Lona

My husbands ss# ends in 07 which was the first ss# on our taxes but the link to check wheres my payment says it will come May 9th. this is a week later than the schedule says for 00-20. What is the problem?

8 Ryan

Lona, I’m sorry, I don’t know the answer. I would contact the IRS.

9 Ron

Correction, NOT everyone will receive theirs by today. As stated on the IRS schedule I post below, depending on you SSN, Economic Stimulus Payments will be “TRANSMITTED NO LATER THAN” not “RECEIVED” by the date shown.

The IRS guarantees “Transmitting” the Stimulus payment by today only for those with SSN ending with 00-20. ALL Direct Deposits will be “Transmitted” by May 16. Even if your SSN does end in todays range, does not mean you will get it today. Your bank may receive the transmission today but depending on how they handle direct deposits, and when they recive it, it still may take a few days to show in your account. The IRS says if you have not recieved it within 5 days of expecting it, then give them a call. Most banks will even say on their signs that “Deposits may not be available for immediate withdrawl”. And thats with you actually handing them the cash!!!

My Source

As for everyone stressing, there really is no point. We all have bills. Worrying about when we all get this money isn’t going to make this money get here any faster. Nor is everyone calling the IRS about it. There is obviously different info coming from the IRS in regards to the same questions. 2 people get 2 different answers on the same question. That may be the fault of the IRS not giving their employees the right info, but that still will not change when it comes. Just look at the schedule. If you don’t receive it within 5 days of the date it says it should be transmitted by, then call them. If they say you are getting a check. Why go off on them when there is nothing you or they can do to change it.

You can find out why, so that next year, you don’t make the same mistakes. Examples of what to do to receive you ESP via Direct Deposit would be not getting a RAL, not having your fees taken out of products like TurboTax, H&R Block and not owing the IRS, Student loans, Child Support, etc. I use the FREE efile version of TaxAct and have for years. No fees. Never been wrong. And I know it is direct deposited into MY account. Most states have FREE Efile also. It will not work through TaxAct without paying, but it really isn’t that much more going to your states website and using their FREE efile. I do the taxes for some of my family and they pay NOTHING to any of those products and get their money in less than a week.

And people need quit being so lazy. People need to READ. Most of the questions on here have already been asked many times above, answered above or in the FAQ. Asking the same questions over and over will only give you the same answers everyone else has already received. If people see that others got different answers and something isn’t clear, then logic would say that that answer is unknown and to either do the research yourself or find a different source. If you get less than expected, nobody here is going to know EXACTLY why. We can make assumtions based on the info you give, but you may leave info out that even you don’t know that may explain it. You may have a penalty fee or owed interest. The only ones that can answer that question is the IRS!


10 DSR

What’s the best way to contact the IRS if you think your payment should have been deposited your account already but it hasn’t?

11 Lin

The last two numbers of my SSN are in the first group, and we got ours yesterday, the 1st. I believe they are, indeed, posting sooner as announced. It was a pleasant surprise for us. I never did discover the rebate tracker, a search only produces nonIRS websites, which I do not trust to enter my personal info into.

12 Pamela Grundy

I got a heads up today that seniors who filed just to get the rebate (even though they have no income) will only get their rebate direct deposited if they filled out a second form asking for their bank info. If they didn’t, it will come as a paper check even if they get their monthly SSI check as an ACH deposit. This has been causing some confusion, but they will get it eventually.

13 Anna

Yup, the same here. We filed our Taxes in Feb, got the return direct deposit 7 days later and my ss # ends in 09…haven’t gotten any info from the online tracker, which is on the irs.gov website. I also called and did the over the phone tracker and got no info. It does give a note to wait for two weeks after your scheduled deposit date…. to worry! I also think they hyped up when those amounts would be deposited and how much we would get, we are getting less because we paid less than $1200 in taxes. They knew we would be banking on the money and spend more sooner, that’s just what they desperately want in order to “stimulate the economy” ASAP! SAVE YOUR CHECKS TO COVER YOUR GAS COST OVER THE NEXT MONTH, OR BUY A BIKE!!!

14 Tenina

this is to BARB,
no one made you go out and spend money you don’t have, depending on money you have not gotten, YOU should only be MAD at YOURSELF, I mean why would you do a foolish thing like that anywhy, what it the government say they changed their mind there is no stimulus rebate what will you do then, my moma always told me “never count you chicks til they hatch”

15 Anna

Wow, you don’t have to be so hard on Barb. She owned her own mistake. She’s just obviously a conspiracy theorist, as am I! I only know one die hard republican who is backing Bush all the way after all of his crafty speeches and bright ideas! I can’t really blame anyone for getting upset by the last simple thing that Bush (along with the current state of government) has done- as it is only the straw that broke that back after 8 years of disappointments, our economy dying along with our family and friends…and for what? Truth be told, we really cannot be putting stock in a worldly kingdom/empire!

16 Mel

Of course it was meant to be judgmental and it was aimed at her. That is why you used her name, right? No sense in covering it up now.

17 rob

I just get disability. The irs told me I did my return right(just for stimulus) and it will be direct deposited. No other forms required. This was told to me by 3 reps.

18 angry citizen

I am angry as well. At first they hype us up and say the refunds are coming sooner. Then they say oh nevermind you filed through some third party bank, now you have to wait another whole month. Its funny how the irs can give and then take right back in such a short notice. I believe atleast 75% of people filed through H&R and had them deduct the preparers fees from their refund. Well unfortunatly for us, my rebate date just went from may 2nd to june 20th..thanks alot irs, youre really killing us here. oh and p.s, gas sucks

19 Mark

I filed in early March, but owed $600+. I paid by check, but filled out the direct deposit info on my form, specifically to allow the stimulus payment to be direct deposited. Folks who don’t pay taxes can do this!!!! This is the same account I got my return deposited to last year and the same account that the check was drawn from. They cashed my check, but NO STIMULUS PAYMENT (08 social). I can’t get a human being on the toll free number.

20 Anna

Angrycitizen- how did you find out about the checks being 1.5 mos later if you went through a third party bank? I think that might be my situation too.

21 Polly

I should have received mine 5/2, also, and when I checked the tracker there was no info available over the weekend; however, when I checked today 5/5, there was a message with a later date posted to receive my check (5/16).

22 Stacie

Polly, I completly understand. I too was suppose to get mine (17 ssn) on May 2. I have checked the info and I have no current information from the website. I love the comments about people criticizing others about frivoulous spending before this check. I tell you with gas prices here at $4 and getting no child support and no government help we all start thinking about paying whatever is needed with this money. I sympathize with everyone and logically agree with the “haters about spending” I couldn’t wait to be able to live without thinking, I’ll just wait for my tax return to catch everthing up, but here I am struggle without finacial support from anyone except myself saying, when is this going to post, I have rent, insurance, electricity, and food and would love not to stress for at least one month. Wasn’t that the purpose of the stimulus, to get people spending??? My theory, I can’t stress my bills will be late once again!!!!!

23 PaulD

The last 2 digits of my ssn are 06. I filed using TurboTax in Feb. I payed the filing fees by credit card and had my refund direct deposited. Yet my stimulas payment is being issued by check on May 16th. What gives?

24 foolishly wating

Angry citizen, are you saying that if you had your taxes filled out by H&R block and had the fees deducted from the refund, that the checks are coming out later? Where did you find this out because my last 2 digits of my ss# is 11 which I should have gotten my rebate last week and of course it never came and I check the website and it has no info. for me? This is crazy. I have been foolishy waiting for the check to find out it is goin to be 6 wks later!

25 Diane

I just checked the IRS “Where’s my Stimulus rebate” and it shows the $1800.00 to be direct deposited on 5/9/08. I filed via Turbo Tax…I paid the fee from a credit card.

26 Anna

I think that they are just using any excuse they can to get checks out later than we were expecting them. By the time we get our stimulus payments, the people who already got theirs will have spent them giving a chunk back to the government in taxes and affording them to pay the rest of us! Very tricky!

27 stephanie

I just called H and R Block and spoke with a Rep who states that if you paid for your taxes to be done from your refund check, then your stimulus payment will be sent in paper form, not direct deposit.

28 Anthony

When I filed my Tax return I knew that the State would keep my California State tax refund due to an overpayment from EDD. I got my federal tax return. Should I expect a Stimulus Check?

29 Tim

Pretty much the same here…no refund yet. I’m in group 1 (ssn ending in 12), and I expected the money on 5/2. The IRS “Where’s my Stimulus Rebate” states they can not find my information at this time (which worries me). I filed my taxes in February using Turbo Tax and direct deposit. I remember a 3rd party bank being involved so if what I read is true then maybe I won’t being “stimulating” the economy for another 4-6 weeks!


Hi can some body answer my ? i did my tax return with jackson hewitt and received a check from them. well i recive my my stimulate check by mail and till june.

31 Tim

If you used Turbo Tax and direct deposit, then a 3rd party bank set up an account for your tax return to allow them to deduct Turbo Tax fees. The IRS will not send the rebate $$ to this account. If you used the direct deposit through Turbo Tax then you will have to wait for the paper check that will be mailed by the 16th of May for group 1. Here’s the link to Turbo Tax info on this: http://turbotax.intuit.com/support/kb/e-file/ef-status/1883.html

32 Kenn

yeah basically if u didnt pay with a credit card for your preparers fees, the irs will not direct deposit your refund. they did not release this information till about 3 days before the first deadline. talk about the IRS being on top of things. If u used taxact, turbo tax, JH, or h & R and did not use a credit card for the fees, say hello to another 6 weeks of waiting.

33 Kenn

oh and lets not forget that this stimulus rebate is the money we already paid to the IRS.

34 Michele

My last two digits are 01, I’m a single mom who has 2 boys and had direct deposit done through turo tax. I’m on the toll free number right now and I’ve been on hold for awhile. It’s ridiculous that with all the money they take from us, it’s so hard to give it back.

35 Ron

Ok TaxAct and Turbotax users. Since their is so many asking about this info, and many different answers here, I wrote TaxAct and TurboTax about Direct Deposit for this years Economic Stimulus payment. Here is the info each has sent me.

As for both products, if you used their “FREE” products or filing, and had no fees associated with using their products or services taken out of your refund, then any Direct Deposit Info you provided them should be the same info the IRS has on file and therefore your Economic Stimulus Payment would be sent to the same account, as long as there are no other reasons to prevent Direct Deposit.

Dear TaxACT(R) Customer:

If you paid your filing/software fees with a credit card during filing, your Stimulus payment will be direct deposited to the same account as your federal refund.

If you chose to have your fees paid from your refund, you enter into an agreement with a 3rd party bank (Republic Bank) that provides that service. Because the IRS is not working through the 3rd party banks to process the Stimulus Payments, you will receive your refund by paper check.

TurboTax Customer,
Please see the following URL for the information you requested.

“Quote”-Will my economic stimulus payment be direct deposited into the same bank account?
No. With the recent enactment of the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, TurboTax does not ask for deposit information for your economic stimulus payment.

Although the IRS encouraged tax filers to elect to have their rebates deposited directly into their bank accounts, some filers will only be able to receive theirs by mail. They include filers who conducted certain financial transactions, such as paying filing fees from the proceeds of their tax refunds, using third parties, such as SBB&T.

I hope this info helps to clear the confusion for those of you that have used these products.

36 Jo

I am with the rest of you here. I am sick to my stomach over this whole thing. We did ours Direct Deposit the 20th of January and our DD came thru our bank on the 1st of February. We went thru our Accountant (we are self employeed) So our CPA always does our taxes. I didnt dream this was true that we would have to wait for a paper check when we were expecting it to be DD because we didnt pay him upfront he took it out of our taxes. My husband called his office today and they said not to worry that It would be DD just like our income taxes were. Now I dont know what to believe. I did the online stimulious info and it says no information. Could she be telling the truth or do you think maybe she dosent know what shes talking about. Im crazy now ……………. I wish I didnt know about it because we are desperate and I mean DESPERATE…..

37 JR

My mom called me and asked me to check into the stimulus payment. She should have gotten it, but the site says no information given.
She is not happy being a tax payer for 40 years and the IRS has never had a problem taking her money, she asked, “why is there a problem giving back”?

I think Anna said it best, “By the time we get our stimulus payments, the people who already got theirs will have spent them giving a chunk back to the government in taxes and affording them to pay the rest of us! Very tricky!”

If it was one of us owing the IRS they would be very quick to come after us ready take everything we own.

38 Tim

The dumbest thing the IRS did was to release the schedule for the rebates. Without defining the multiple different roadblocks to the taxpayers actually receiving their rebates the IRS has given false hopes to most on the rebate time line. Unfortunately for most, you should go by the paper check “mailing” date even if you used direct deposit. “Mailing” date is key…it will be in the mail by that date. Not in your hands until a couple weeks later.

39 Anna

I definitely think that they should have informed us of the whole sending our checks by mail because of the 3rd party bank. At the same time, our direct deposit info is right on our tax forms, there is really no reason that they couldn’t use that info! They knew we would bank on the money, or they wouldn’t have sent out a schedule! God has taught me that it is not pleasing to him for me to rely on money that I don’t have.

40 Melissa

My last 2 digits are 07. I checked the Where’s my payment and it says they’re processing it on May9th. WHY? Shouldn’t it have been May 2nd? I also had direct Deposit and it says “If you do not receive your check by June 6, 2008, please contact us again.” Is this a generic message everyone gets when trying to track your payment? Or is mine all messed up? Please help!!!

41 Lizzy

I found out that i owe some money to social security…I filed my taxes in feb w/ turbo tax and direct depost, My social is 02, and i havent seen the check yet? Do you think SSI got ahold of it, and kept it? I hope not 🙁

42 Jarhead

Interesting to find out now that if you used a thirdparty vendor that your payment can be delayed by months as is my case (last two of 82 paper checks send out in July vice May) but hey what can you do.

43 Kelly

Mark –

I’m in the EXACT same boat as you! Mailed in my taxes (I owed $800) – check cleared. But still no rebate! What gives???

44 ron


The reason you are getting info now is your fisrt in line to receive a check and it will be mailed out the 9th. anyone who is not due to get a check mailed to them this week will receive the message that there is no info yet…

45 Josephine

My spouse and I filed married separate on our income taxes. The last two of his ss# are 13 and he received his check Friday 5/2 direct deposit. The last two of my ss# are 02 and there is no information on my rebate check as of yet. I think this was a trick for the governement to have consumers like us be misled and overspend (expecting this extra money) and then get into a bind, this was not an economic booster, if anything it was an economic downer! I did not go over my budget due to the fact that I did not want to spend money I did not physically have IN MY ACCOUNT, but I know a lot of my neighbors and friends DID overspend because they were given a definate date that they were gonna receive their funds, and now they don’t know what to do. One of my friends is even overdrawn with her checking account because she expected the transactions to be posted no later than 5/5 and she has paid some bills that she did not have sufficient funds for. I know this is her own fault and it may have even been foolish, but we can’t help but trust when we the government gives us dates for things that are gonna happen. They give us a definate date for a deadline to file taxes and they sure dont forget about that!!!
I think it is all a big mess. Like someone before said, they should not have given a date if they were not going to oblige by it.

46 Kimmy

Well I am pretty fed up with this you are going to get your money on this day. Hubby’s numbers end in 01 we have always had our tax money put into our checking acct. well this year someone messed up and we are getting it buy check so it says to wait tell the 16th for them to send it out.Grr IRS

47 Jarhead

Josephine do you really believe that you are being tricked by the US government to overspend??? You are lucky that you are in a country where you can overspend what you make. Many places you cannot spend what you have IE no credit. So I really wish all the whining would quit and you all live within your means

48 Cathy

Well, my SS# also ends in 12 and I filed at a tax preparer (I do believe they took their fee “from” the refund). It was done electronically with direct deposit, the regular tax refund came the following week!…but May 2, is long gone and I still don’t have my rebate! Have a long trip planned very soon, Shoot, I really hoped it would be here by now, drats!

49 Liz

I feel so much better after reading the comments posted here. My SS# is 17 & I always use Turbo Tax & direct deposit using SBB. I guess I’ll be waiting for a couple more weeks. The IRS certainly should have listed all of the reasons for delay instead of getting our hopes up for an automatic deposit on May 2. Money will be tight, but I didn’t overspend. Thank goodness!

50 gerard

My mom received her stimulus check last week, but the stimulus tracker does not have a record of her receiving it or when she will get it. I hope that makes clear that the irs tracker does not work for electronic deposits anyway.

51 Tim

For those asking the questions about third part banks and fees auto-deducted from returns: the info is right on the IRS site. IF you filed for a rapid refund, your tax went through a 3rd party bank–you will not recieve a direct deposit but a check…later. Same for those who had the filing fees deducted directly from their income tax return, and that would be most of us, no ?

52 Monica

Within the past week, my husband has had his wages garnished from a credit card that we’ve owed. Will they also be able to collect from the economic stimulus check along with his wages?

53 Anna

Jarhead~ 🙂 Josaphine didn’t overspend, her friend did….and if you didn’t want to experience the whining of people awaiting their stimulus payment, then you should not READ the blog about people wondering where their stimulus check is!!!

54 Anna

Monica, I am almost positive that no one could garnish your stimulus payment except the government for tax payment or for student loans overdue. Unless you are receiving direct deposit and your bank account is garnished, they can’t get your stimulus.


this is just a comment to all it applies to! we got in trouble with the irs (my husband was very ill ) and i know nothing about taxes! he is on disability now and we are paying irs $431.24 a month. his check is 1,022.00 a month and i cannot work. we took out a life insurance policy because they were 100 percent positive it was lung cancer ;well it wasn’t thank the lord but now we have paid so much into it to cancel it .so we are living off of app $470 a month! a check from them would be greatly appreciated. i am not sure if we will qualify!! we paid in $ 145.00 but who knows ;we probably won’t getanything!we need a change in government but who can we choose one?? i think they all say they will help the middle or lower in come people but when they get in office ;that all changes! just wanted to sign off a little steam! thanks for listening! linda

56 Lori

Why are you blaming the media and government for your loose spending. I think it was very foolish of you to spend money you couldn’t afford. Stop blaming your problems on others.

57 Laurie

I too thought I would get my refund last week. According to the IRS payment schedule it was supposed to deposited into my checking account on may 2nd, here it is may 7th and the Irs has no info on my stimulus refund.I just found out that those who used Turbo Tax to file their returns will get paper checks because the money came from Santa Barbera bank not the Irs.. The Irs then submits the return to Santa Barbera bank .Anyone who ever use Turbo Tax knows that the refund you get is a loan from santa barbera bank and thats why they charge you money to then direct deposit your money.. Oh well I now have to wait till may 23 for the Irs to issue a paper check.. They should really explain this on their website..

58 Michelle

On the IRS website I found out that if you had ANY FEES for online filing or preparation deducted from your tax refund that you will get a paper check even if the remainder of your refund was direct deposited. What a bummer! . . . but hey it’s still money we weren’t expecting!

59 wendy

I filed and had direct deposit(paid my tax prep with credit card) but had to do an amendment someone said that will delay my check is this true??

60 Ryan


If you received a check for your tax refund, you will receive a check for your rebate.

61 Ryan


The IRS has stated that all tax refunds that route through a 3rd party will result in rebate checks being sent (not direct deposits). Based on everything I have read, it seems like your rebate will be coming via check.

62 Ryan


If you owe money to a government agency, the chances of the IRS withholding your rebate are very good.

63 Ryan


It is possible the rebate will be garnished, but it depends if the IRS has this info in their system already. Sorry I can’t give you a solid yes or no… it may or may not be garnished.

64 Ryan


If you filed an amendment, yes, your rebate may be delayed. Not sure how long though; it all depends on how long it takes the IRS to catch up. You will also receive a paper check if it is delayed.

65 Ryan

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