When Will You Get Your Economic Stimulus Rebate Check?

by Ryan Guina

One of the most common questions I have heard regarding the economic stimulus rebate is “when will I get my rebate check?” Until yesterday, there was no answer.

The IRS announced they will begin sending out economic stimulus rebate checks May 2, 2008, and continue through the end of the year. The order checks are sent out will be determined by the last two digits of the tax filer’s Social Security Number, when the tax payer files, and whether the tax filer chooses direct deposit or payment by check.

The IRS expects to send out 25% of the checks within the first few weeks, and should have the majority of he rebate checks issued by mid-July.

Assuming your tax return is filed and processed by April 15, this is schedule for when you can expect your economic stimulus rebate.

economic stimulus rebate schedule

If your tax return is filed after the April 15 deadline, your rebate checks may be delayed until approximately two weeks after you receive your refund (if you receive a refund). Since it normally takes the IRS about 2 weeks to process most tax returns, it should take about a month to receive your rebate check.

Keep in mind, this is a rough schedule – the Treasury is processing over 130 million rebates!

For more details, read about the 2008 Economic Stimulus Package, or the Economic Stimulus Package Frequently Asked Questions.

Update: The economic stimulus checks will be sent out a week early.

Published or updated April 7, 2011.
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1 Beth

Am I to assume that if we e-filed and had our refunds direct deposited then our rebates will be direct deposited as well? I don’t remember being given a choice…

2 Mrs. Micah

Woohoo! I have low digits. But Micah’s are pretty high. Either way, I think we’re doing direct deposit which will make it sooner anyway.

3 Ron@TheWisdomJournal

May 9 – say goodbye to 100% of my credit card debt!

Car loan….you’re in my sights.

4 Mark @ TheLocoMono

I got the notice too, the only thing that confuses me is the wording “you may be entitled to a payment of up to $600 ($1,200 if filing a joint return)”.

The “of up to” sounds like not everyone will get $600 or $1200. What’s the catch?

5 Ryan

Beth, you should automatically receive your rebate in the same manner you received your tax refund.

Ron, Kill those loans!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mark, The rebates start at $600 for everyone with at least $3,000 of income, and remains at $600 per person until a certain Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) level is reached, at which point the rebate diminishes for every $1,000 earned above that limit. I think it is $75,000.

6 Pete @ biblemoneymatters

so i should have my money by may 16th (or thereabouts).. So i’ll actually be able to afford to pay my property taxes this year ($2500+) woohoo!

7 Frugal Dad

And if we did not receive a federal refund (but did in previous years) are we to assume the rebates will be direct-deposited to that account? Does the notice indicate how you will receive the rebate?

8 Ryan

Frugal Dad, If you filed your taxes, then you should get your rebate the same way as your refund. If you didn’t get a refund and give them a direct deposit account, I assume they will mail it to you.

9 Toxic Money

Wooohooo!!! If we do get our “rebate” by May 2, we’re taking you out for a drink. It’s a promise! ๐Ÿ™‚

10 James Coleman

I would like to know if you went to a tax office and had your taxes electronically process. Would your Stimulate rebate be sent to their office or mailed to your address that you use on your income taxes? Thank You!! James

11 Ryan

Hello James, I am not sure… I have been trying to find out the same information because this could cause thousands of people’s rebate checks to be delayed. I will investigate and try to find out for you.

12 No Debt Plan

Hmm, so if we filed together, will our rebate come together to the bank account we used to pay our tax liability? And whose number do they go off of?

I <3 Direct Deposit! ๐Ÿ™‚

13 PT

Thanks for the info. I’m gonna need this check…can’t wait.

14 partha

According to this article, the first rebate checks don’t go out until May 2 but a couple of days back, they showed a guy on TV whose dog ate his rebate check and we aren’t even done with April yet! What’s your take on that ???


I got my tax refund via direct deposit but I am concerned cause I changed my banking last month so I don’t have that same account anymore, should I just call IRS??

16 Ryan

Stefanie, I would recommend contacting the IRS as the first step. It may be automated and in the queue, so I don’t know what will happen. If the EFT is kicked back, I imagine they will send you a paper check. but there may be a delay. Your best bet is to contact the IRS to be certain.

17 jillian


The government will not be doling out the tax rebate checks until May 2, 2008.

Anyone claiming to have received their stimulus payment has actually received a high-cost loan based on their anticipated rebate amount. These are similar to RALs, and can have interest rates over 100%.

18 jennifer

i filed my tax return with h&r block .i received my tax return refund onto a prepaid credit card through h&r block.is that the way i will get my stimulus payment from the irs?

19 Dawn

I filed my taxes electronically, so my rebate will be electronic? I have a wage garnishment on my checking account, is there any way to change how I recieve my rebate so it all doesnt go to the bank?

20 Ryan


I believe you should receive an electronic rebate payment if you did your taxes electronically. This is done automatically.

As for wage garnishment, I don’t know how that works. I don’t know if garnished wages count against tax refunds/rebates.

For an accurate answer, I would have to recommend contacting the IRS or an accountant.

21 Ryan


I tried looking this up on-line, but I’m afraid I couldn’t find the answer for you. You may want to contact H&R Block for you answer.

22 Bridgett Garrison

Yes will they send something in the mail for us to make a choice for direct deposit or by mail.

23 Shawn

Do not contact HR Block. After on hold for 18 min., told to call IRS. They will not answer any questions.

24 Shawn

Is this in response to Jennifer’s HRBlock pre-paid card question?

25 jackie

If the schedule is based on last two digits of social…if married filing jointly…who’s social will they go by the husband or the wife’s….

26 jackie

Another thing is this refund like the last one we received for $300 that we had to payback the following year..not actually payback but was figured into our tax return for the next year?

27 Ryan


It will be sent out based on the primary filer. For example, I filed for my wife and I, and her SSN was included on my return. So the rebate check will be sent out based on my SSN. Yes, the rebate will be figured into next year’s tax return. However, if you would not have received it based on your 2008 tax return, you will not be required to pay anything back.

28 Katie

I was wondering if any one found out about the H&R Block pre-paid cards and if that was how we would be getting them back?

29 Donna

I just called H&R Block and they said that it would come as a paper check if you did the Rapid refund through them. Did anyone else hear different? They said there was no way to change it at this point.

30 Jay

I called HR Block today the stimulis refund will be posted to the Credit Card.

31 confused

What if you havent recieved a notice in the mail saying that you are receiving the tax rebate check, but we are qualified to recieve it?

32 Ryan

Hi confused, if you are qualified to receive the rebate, you will receive it automatically. The letter in the mail was more or less a reminder the rebate checks were going out. I wouldn’t worry about it.

33 Sonija

hi everyone. My neighbor did in fect recieve his stimulas payment. I am the one who did his taxes. His only income is SSI and he is not required to file normally. We sent in his stimulas 1040a form begining of march and he got an actual check from the IRS 2 weeks later for his stimular payment.

THis was not a loan as someone mentioned earlier.

Also..I filed my return as a rapid refund thru amscott and I called them to ask about how I will get my stimulus payment and they advied it would be mailed as a check.

that really stinks as insted of direct deposit on may 9th I now have to wait till mid june.

But hey who knows, maybe I will get mine early like my neighbor. I filed my taxed easy feb and I know that it depends on when you file as well as the last 2 of the ss#

34 Tom Grattan

There is a misconception about “paying the rebate back” on your 2008 return. You do not pay it back. What the IRS has done is eliminated the 10% bracket for the first $6000.00 of taxable income (AGI). so, 1% of 6000 is 600. Two filers, jointly would need a AGI of > 12,000, to get $1200 rebate. The rebate will not in any way be figured into next years return.

People who chose HR Block Instant refunds, actually signed their refund over to HR Block for a reduced amount in the form of a “gift card”. The stimulus payment will go to those folks as a check sent to the address on their return.

35 Ryan

Tom, Thanks for the great comment and information. I don’t think the H&R Block cards are a very good deal, but I guess some people want/need the money right away. Thanks for the info regarding filing at H&R Block and the rebate check. I had heard conflicting answers.

36 Richard

Ionly have Social Security as income. Filed 1040A before my stimulus package came. Not sure it was sent to correct address. Have not received a letter tellin me I would get a check. What should I do?

37 kandy

what if you owe hospital bills will the irs deduct it from your rebate check?

38 kandy

what if you owe hospital bills will the irs deduct it from your rebate check

39 Lois

I don’t understand the date and the last two numbers thing. My last two numbers are 90, so does that mean I won’t get mine until July even tho it is direct deposited?

40 Lois

I don’t understand the delivery date. My last two numbers are 90. Does that mean I have to wait until July for my check even though it is direct deposit?

41 Cheryl

If you filed you income taxes and used direct deposit to get your refund than you go by the last two number for the direct deposit in May.

The refund should not go towards hospital bills if you owe them. It will come to you.

42 Ryan

Kandy, the IRS will be taking the rebate checks for some people if they are already having wages garnished by the IRS. If this happens to you, you will receive a letter regarding where the money went and why. As for your situation, I don’t know what will happen, so I can only recommend contacting the IRS.

Cheryl, If the hospital bills are being garnished by the IRS, there is a possibility the rebate may be garnished as well.

Here are some more FAQ’s for the stimulus rebate:


43 su

we e-filed or whatever that is where you get it next day and go cash it at a bank. will we get direct deposit payment? or paper check payment? and as far as the numbers on how you get it they mean the very last 2 numbers of social right?

44 Ryan

Hello Su,

You will receive a paper check, and yes for the 2 number on the social.

45 Luz

HI everyone I just had a question. I filed my taxes online and had it direct deposited to my bank account but just recently I had to change my account number, would they just mail my check or what will happen?

46 Ryan

Hello Luz, Since you changed your bank account number, the IRS will send you a check to the address you used when you filed your taxes.

47 Lori

I filed my taxes online through turbo tax and had them direct deposit it. I have heard rumours that if you filed using turbo tax that you will get a check even if you opted for direct deposit. Is this true? Someone said because the money was actually deposited in their bank account and they took their fee first then routed it to my bank that the IRS would not have our account info and thus a check would be issued. So confusing. Any thoughts?

48 Ryan

Lori, According to the IRS, if you filed your taxes and gave your bank account info, you should receive your rebate via direct deposit. The money should not go to any other bank first, and there should be no associated fees.

49 brittany

I wonder do i even qualify, I only got like 108 dollars back this year from taxes.lol
Did you have to earn a certin amount? im just a slight confused. thanks

50 Joy

If I filed electronically and paid my taxes through ETF will I get a check or will the money be deposited into the account I used to pay my taxes?

51 kisha

hey Lori, I was thinking the same thing. I had mine done by a personal tax preparer electronically. I had direct deposit, but it went to his bank first to have his preparation fees deducted then routed to my account.So I was wondering if it will go to his account?

52 Amanda

The IRS took my tax refund for my student loan( which I knew they would) and I am just wondering if they are going to treat this check the same way and put it towards the student loan as well?( not that it really matters as long as it pays a bill right? lol)

53 Amanda

I found the answer to my question which is what I figured, more that likly they will take my check which is fine 600 bucks less I have to worry about lol.

Oh and:
Those who received their tax refund on a prepaid debit card from a tax preparation company will receive their rebate by mail. They will receive a check sent to the address on their return. Refund anticipation loans for the stimulus check are not allowed by the IRS.

54 Janelle

Lori, I filed through TurboTax as well. You should have paid their fee up front when you filed your taxes unless you filed through the FreeFile program. Then there is no fee. I highly doubt refunds are paid through TurboTax’s bank, mine always deposit as from the IRS. It’s safe to assume the IRS will directly deposit the stimulus check themselves as well. There’s NO reason for it to go through TurboTax, or any other preparer.


What if you moved will they forward your check to the new address or should I call the IRS.

56 Desra

Paula, you need to contact the IRS and let them know you have a change of address. They won’t forward refunds nor will they forward a stimulus check

57 juanita

I owe money to the IRS, I get SS and wonder if I will get the check? my last 2 # are 02.I didn’t pay for tax for this year but owe for 2007 of 800.00.

58 Ryan

Juanita, You will only qualify for the rebate if you filed your taxes this year. If you owe the IRS money, they may just keep the rebate. But at least you wouldn’t owe them as much money.

59 Ryan


You should receive your rebate in the same manner you received your refund. If you paid taxes this year, but provided your information, you may still get a direct deposit. Otherwise it will be paper.



61 Michele Laflamme-Wilson

Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. Nt everyone who earned $3,000 or more last year will automatically get $600. If you earned at least $3,000 for the year but paid no taxes, you get $300. If you earned at least $3,000 and did pay taxes, you’ll get $600. The dollar amount goes down once you hit $75k per individual or $150k per married couples.

62 Robynn

ok so we owed taxes this year and paid them electronically. We had them takem out of our account. Will the IRS direct deposit the stimulus check into the account they deducted what we owed?

63 Katie

I filed my taxes in feb. I received my refund in ten days.Here is my question. I found a huge mistake where the tax program that did my taxes did not include my EIC for my son. So i ammended my taxes and sent them in on the 14th of April. Is the IRS going to direct deposit the money for the stimulous payment or are they going to send me a paper check? And also before i amended my taxes it showed i was supposed to pay state 137.00 dollars, but on the amended one i refiled i was supposed to get 220 back!Im so confused…

64 Clifton

I have just used the online calculator you must make the specific amount and have paid taxes of $600.00 or more to receive the total amount of $600.00. For example if you made $3000.00 last year and had taxes of $600.00 which you will find on line 10 of 1040ez then you will receive the full amount of $600.00. If you did not pay any taxes on that then you will receive the minimum of $300.00. If you made $15,000 and only paid 400 in taxes then your check will only be $400.00 I recommend anyone who is interested in finding out how much they will receive go to the website which is Here you should be able to determine how much you will receive. As for other questions they have a lot of answers on the IRS website. None about the electronic filing etc, but they do have a lot of information including when you check might be mailed if no complication with your refund or if no liens have been placed on your taxes.

65 heidi

my husband has been paying arrerage for child support from his tax returns, it goes straight to the state. we filed jointly will we get the rebate money back?

66 robin

okay, I was on maternty leave for 5 months in 2007. I only made 3800 working and was on tdi for the 5 months. I claimed both my children for the eic but was told I didn’t make enough for the child tax credit. I am not married so will not be filing jointly. Do I qualify for the full 600? I also had to ammend my return and release so that my childrens father could claim them for the child tax credit? Who gets the rebate for my kids??
-very confused, please help

67 Michele


To answer your question, your children’s father will receive the check for your children.

Heidi, I am going through the same thing with my husband and I was told that as long as you filed an injured spouse form with your taxes(this form alleviates the IRS from taking your full refund for your husbands past due support) then you will reeceive at least the 600.00 if you qualify for the full 1200. as a couple. Basically whatever you qualify for as a married coule half of that will be taken and put against the past support.

68 Michele


To answer your question, your children’s father will receive the check for your children.

Heidi, I am going through the same thing with my husband and I was told that as long as you filed an injured spouse form with your taxes(this form alleviates the IRS from taking your full refund for your husbands past due support) then you will reeceive at least the 600.00 if you qualify for the full 1200. as a couple. Basically whatever you qualify for as a married couple half of that will be taken and put against the past support.

69 Ryan

Tracey, The people who got the Emerald Master Card from H&R Block will receive their rebate via the mail at the address they used for the taxes.

Michele Laflamme-Wilson, you’re correct, thanks for the info.

Robynn, You should receive your rebate in the same manner you received your refund. If you paid taxes this year, but provided your information, you may still get a direct deposit. Otherwise it will be paper.

70 Ryan


As long as you qualified for the rebate and gave the IRS your information, you should receive the rebate check.

As for direct deposit, the IRS will only direct deposit the rebate if you elected for them to do so when you filed your taxes, and if you gave them your bank account info specifically for the rebate (just because you paid your taxes from your account or received a refund via direct deposit doesn’t mean you will receive the rebate via direct deposit). Otherwise, you will receive it via the mail at the address you used when you filed your taxes.

I have no idea for the state taxes.

71 Ryan

Sherri, Unfortunately, no. The IRS is only giving rebates for dependents under the age of 17. So neither you and your husband, nor your children will receive a rebate.

72 Ryan

Sherri, The rebates begin to phase out for married couples who earn above $150,000, so you should be OK. Your other children are under age 17, so you should also receive a rebate of $300 per child.

73 Sherri

I have 2 sons in college, ages 19 and 21. They both work and are paying for their own college. Each made $10,000 this past year. My husband and I claimed them on our taxes as they live at home and commute to college. Are they eligible for a rebate?

74 Sherri

Aren’t my husband and I eligible for the rebate? We made $120,000 combined. We also have 2 other sons, ages 16 and 13.

75 flosemae

i you have a student loan but are not behind in the payments will you still receive a rebate

76 Jonathan

My wife and I filed jointly. Whose social security number will be used to determine the date of the direct deposit?

77 JP

I filed my taxes in early February and received my refund exactly a week after. I have Federal Student Loans that I was supposed to start paying back in the same month (February) but have not yet started doing so up to this date. I plan on paying my ENTIRE student loan in two weeks (2nd week of May). I am already 3 months behind in my student loan payments — will I still be receiving a stimulus check this week?? 6-month grace period for the federal student loans ended in February…and it’s almost May…am I considered delinquent? Will the IRS garnish my stimulus check and put it towards my federal student loans even though I received a tax return when I filed my taxes in February?
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

78 Foot

The way the “up to” thing works is. If you are single you will get a min of $300 and then a refund of your tax liability(what you had to pay) up to another $300. If married you get a min of $600 with a refund of tax liability up to another $600. And you will also receive an additional $300 for every dependent child. If you go to the IRS website IRS.gov, there is an estimator of your refund. You answer a couple questions and it will tell you what to expect.

79 lilybelle

my question is my step son gets SSI will he get a rebate check??????

80 Carrie-Ann

I used turbo tax to file my taxes as I do every year. I had my refund direct deposited into my account, will I get my refund direct deposited to that account as well?

81 Nikki

Two questions, we filed for an extension to pay our taxes. I will be doing them this weekend. Will I still get a stimulus rebate check? Also, I owe taxes from last year that I’m still paying off, again, will I still get a stimulus rebate check or will they keep it and put it towards what I still owe??????

82 Jen

today is april 28th and I have a 1500.00 posted amount in my account for my stimulas so they have just been sent direct deposit this morning. they are not waiting until may 2nd wooohoooooooooo

83 Ryan

Nikki, Provided you meet the income requirements for the rebate, then you will still qualify for the rebate even if you file late. However, the rebate will not be sent out with the first batch because the IRS will not have processed your taxes yet.

Because you still owe back taxes, the IRS may lay claim to that money first. I recommend contacting the IRS for further information.

84 debra

does anyone have the number to the irs to call to change a person’s address before the “rebate checks” are mailed out?

85 Low Income Family

who have already received there stimulus direct deposit today?

86 Crystal

I filed my taxes through H&R Block. I did direct deposit and got my refund in 2 days. Will my refund be direct deposit or check?

87 Ryan


If you received your rebate on an H&R Block prepaid credit or debit card, you will likely receive your rebate via the mail.

88 Crystal

I didnt have it deposited on an H&R Block prepaid debit card, it was directly deposited in my checking account in 2 days after i filed electronically through H&R Block.

89 Ryan


Wow, 2 days is fast! In that case it could come via direct deposit. Be sure to check your bank account this week. However, with the IRS changing the schedules, be prepared for a little mixup, just in case.

90 christy

i filed my taxes before the rebate was offically signed and had it directly deposited into my H&R Block emerald card which is where my paychecks go will i recieve a paper check or will it be directly deposited on my card?

91 Ryan

Christy, The IRS will send rebates via direct deposit directly to your bank account only, otherwise they will mail them.

92 Miranda

I did not have my federal direct deposited, but my state check was. Do I get the rebate direct deposited or will I receive a paper check?

93 Lisa

We should have been in the first wave of direct deposits (yesterday) since my husband is primary filer with ss# ending in 20. As of 10:00am April 29, the money is still not in our account. Any idea why? And yes, we did everything right to have it direct deposited.

94 Mike

I also have a low number and should be in the first group of checks. I did direct deposit on my federal refund but as of now I still have no stimulus check deposited.

95 Drew

I used TurboTax and had their bank deduct their fees. Then they routed the money to my account. Last two of my SSN is 00. No money has been deposited yet. Since I used TurboTax and they deducted the fees will I be getting a check in the mail or will the IRS direct deposit it?

96 jj

I dod not make enough for a stimulus check but if I had a dependent, will I get at least 300 for the child.

97 Ryan

For those who have not yet received their checks:

There have been some reports of people who have not yet received their checks. This could be an IRS issue, or an issue with the bank. The IRS has reported that over 8 million people will be paid by Friday. If you haven’t heard anything by then, I would contact the IRS.


98 Ryan

JJ, From what I read the rebates are based on income, so I am not sure if you will receive the rebate for your dependent or not. I recommend contacting the IRS.

99 Miranda

I did not have my federal refund direct deposited, but my state check was. Do I get the rebate check direct deposited or will I receive a paper check?

100 Ryan

Miranda, State and Federal taxes are separate – you will probably receive a paper check for your rebate.

101 Nickie

I am absolutely confused. I have heard several things about the stimulus refund check.

If you owe on state taxes, will the stimulus refund check be applied to your balance?

Does each additional child add $300 to your initial $600 check?

My child’s father and I alternate years on claiming our daughter, I claimed her this year, the refund check comes to me right?

102 Steve

Some taxpayers may receive smaller economic stimulus payments than they anticipated. By law, the stimulus payments are offset to satisfy past-due taxes, student loans, child support and certain other debts.

103 Cassie

I am confused…Will the rebate be direct deposited into the Emerald Mastercard from H&R Block? I got my refund over 5,000 on there. Also, if not, I already moved to a different state. I mail the IRS the proper form already, so hopefully they get it in time.

104 Ryan

Steve, Great comment, thanks.

Cassie, If you received your refund on an Emerald Mastercard, you will receive the rebate as a check. If your address changed, you should contact the IRS with your new address.

105 nicole

i have a question i hope someone can answer. i filed my taxes electronically, but have closed that account since. what happens to the rebate check then????

106 Ryan


You should receive your rebate via the mail.

107 nicole

i have another question. since it goes by the last number in my social security number i was supposed to get my check ny may 2nd. but since its going to come in the mail now does that mean i will still get the check this week????

108 Ryan

Nicole, they will be sent out a little later, probably starting around May 16th.

109 Della

When we filed our taxes, we got a instant refund check, however, we had our state tax refund direct deposited, would that mean that we might get our tax rebate direct deposited, since, our state tax was direct deposited?

110 Victoria

I am confused. We are currently on a payment plan to pay our taxes. We owed for this year, as well as last year and we pay monthly installments. Will we get a check or is the IRS going to take our check? How would this be helping our family for the IRS to take the stimulus check?

111 Kay

Where is the rebate? My husband’s SS ends in 01 and we did direct deposit, but as of 4/30, still no check. My aunt and uncle who filed jointly has SS that ends in 04 and they use the same bank as us, but they alreay got theirs yesterday. I don’t get it. Are they not going in SS order like they said? If they were, we should of had ours by now.

112 Kay

From what I understand, if you owe the IRS, they will intercept your refund and put it toward your balance. I agree, how is that going to stimulate the economy?

113 Kimberly

My SS ends in 04 also and I have not received a rebate check yet.



115 Laurie

“By law, the stimulus payments are offset to satisfy past-due taxes, student loans, child support and certain other debts.” What does the government consider “other debts” to be??

116 Jen

How wrong is it that I fall into the alternative tax bracket and pay more taxes and loose all the write offs. I also do not qualify for a rebate, where the people who do not pay taxes are getting rebates back. THAT IS JUST WRONG. I have 4 children and am also trying to get ahead. How can anyone get ahead when the government keeps taking what we earn???????

117 helen capistrant

my social security # ends in 00 and i haven’ received my rebate yet either.

118 debbie

I have the ss # 7 and I have mine money in my bank its on hold till May the 2nd I called my back and they see it pending but i cant have it till friday bummer ๐Ÿ™

119 debbie


120 jeff

will i get the stimulus check if i owe child support.

121 debbie

Jeff, Im not sure about that sorry.

122 Asha

If I had my tax refund direct deposited onto a prepaid visa debit card (not HR Block Card, netspend) will I receive my rebate through direct deposit or a paper check? I received my tax refund in about a week.

123 Britt

How is it that the IRS says that they are going by the last two of your SSN#, however a friend of mine last two are 10 and they received thier deposit,yet mine end with 01 and still haven’t received mine.What is going on you guys?

124 danny

here is a good question went to hr block in jan got approved for emerald card.did not pay it back yet.decided to do my taxes via the internet turbo tax had it direct deposit will my stimulate rebate be direct deposit.

125 debbie

We did Turbo Tax also and we used our credit card to pay we didnt have it taken out of our taxes..And We have ours in our bank but they wont put them in till friday may2 and our ss# is 07 hope this helps you.

126 michelle

I filed electronically but received a paper check a tax prepares office. How will my rebate come?

127 Kay


If the IRS does not have your bank account info, than you will get a paper check.

128 Greg

My last digits are 05 – still have no check.

129 debbie

Greg Do you have direct deposit? If so have you called your bank ours in in but we dont get it till tomarrow. our SS# IS 7 If you are getting a check it takes longer.

130 Ryan

Britt, Some people have not yet received their stimulus checks yet. It is possible it hasn’t cleared your bank’s system yet, or that it hasn’t been sent. The IRS is going to do a mass direct deposit of several million rebates this Friday. The best thing to do is wait and see.

Danny, You should receive your rebate via direct deposit, but it may take a few days. Just keep checking.

Michelle, You will probably receive a paper rebate check.

Greg, Some people have not yet received their stimulus rebates yet. It is possible it hasn’t cleared your bank’s system yet, or that it hasn’t been sent. The IRS is going to do a mass direct deposit of several million rebates this Friday. If you will receive a paper check, it may take a few weeks. The best thing to do is wait and see.

131 Missy

I am udderly confused on the phase out amount. My husband and I jointly made almost 39,000. We have three children who are qualifying ages. According to the estimation calculator are to only get 1500. I was under the impresion that it is 1200 for jointly and 300 for every child there after. If the calculator is correct then why are we only getting 300 each adult, if the phase out begins at 75000.


132 Ryan

Angie, The IRS has reported the first wave of rebates should be paid via direct deposit by May 2. I recommend checking with your bank sometime tomorrow, but keep in mind it may take a day or two to register with your bank.

Missy, The phase out starts at $75,000 for single filers, and $150,000 for married filers. My understanding was that the rebate should be $600 per adult and $300 per child, but there may be something about your situation that I am not aware of, or the calculator could be off. I recommend using the official calculator at the IRS website, or contacting the IRS directly.

133 Angie

Ha! What a disapointment! Hubby’s last 2 05–no check yet! On hold with IRS!!

134 tonya

no, lois you can expect your check by may 16th.

135 Leslie

We had to file an amendment because the people who did our taxes did not file us jointly like they were supposed to. Will this effect whether or not we get a check? His ss is 03 so will ours be sent out May 2 or will it be delayed?

136 Tiffany

I have read this whole blog and then got confused. I made over $3000.00, paid taxes, got my federal tax refund of $1,132.00 but only got a stimulus check for $300.00. I am single with no children, does this have anything to do with the refund amount? This is what the direct deposit read for the $300.00 refund,”US TREASURY 220 TAX REFUND”, so I am sure this was the Stimulus check.

137 Meg

Did you use any programs such as TaxCut or Turbo Tax?

138 Meg

Never mind I thought I was answering anothers comment

139 debbie

Meg we used turbo tax and we get ours friday moring in the bank.

140 debbie

Meg we used turbo tax and yes we get ours tomarrow

141 kim

Ok this is more than I can handle on one cup of coffee. I filed head of household 2 kids I know the amount but WHEN its coming is killin me cause i could really use it with a 1100 dollar a month mortgage. I filed using turbo tax and had cost of filing taken from return then had rest deposited into my bank account. You know that whole santa barbara bank trust thing then from there to my bank. Now im reading that because of that I will get a paper check but others who used turbo tax got a payment already???? HELP!!!! Will i get direct deposit or check in the mail?

142 Nicole

We were supposed to get our’s today… and nothing. Zilch. What now?

143 beverly

im in the same boat as you, turbo tax, head of household, direct deposited through the santa barbara bank and trust..social ends with 1 and no direct deposit. also used the long form. This is getting really nerve racking.

144 beverly

oops just found this on the turbo tax site..
hat if I paid to file my 2007 taxes with my refund money using Santa Barbara Bank & Trust?

Even if you have received or will receive your tax refund by direct deposit to your bank account, the IRS will not do the same for your tax rebate in this instance. It will mail your rebate instead.

In its preparations for issuing rebates, the IRS decided that taxpayers who entered into financial transactions with third parties, such as Santa Barbara Bank & Trust (the taxpayer and TurboTax being the first two parties), would receive their rebates by mail.

This applies only to TurboTax customers who used the “refund transfer” or RT service when filing their 2007 tax returns. The service lets you pay for your tax preparation and/or e-filing from your refund proceeds, for an additional fee, under an agreement with the bank. This allows customers to pay using their refunds, rather than credit cards.

This IRS decision also applies to taxpayers who used “refund anticipation loans” or RALs (loans made to tax filers against their expected refunds) on their 2007 returns. TurboTax does not offer RALs.

that explains alot..guess i will be waiting for a while more.

145 kim

so in other words because i chose to have the filing fees taken right from my refund i got to wait another whole month!!! Really fair nice of the gov to stick it to us yet again!!!!!!!

146 Mrs Rochelein

No, you won’t necessarily get $600. I only got $300 on my economic stimulus deposited today 4/2/2008 and am married filing separately. Max would be $600 per person. If a joint return (up to $1200), but that divided by 2 would still only be up to (and that is the key term (up to) $600 per person.

147 Mrs Rochelein

That is crap. Granted I filed separataley from my husband, BUT I only got $300 for the economic stimulus check and I AM married, though couldn’t file jointly.

148 kimberly

My last two is 04 and finally I got a direct deposit today, although i thought I would get $1200 for myself and my two kids, I only got $900. Well at least I got something right…

149 kimberly

It works for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

150 kim

the thing is with the whole turbo tax have the money taken from your refund,santa barbara bank trust then to your personal bank account that is the whole messed up thing for me…according to so many reports because that is how I filed and that is how I got my refund i will get a paper check….a frequen month from now. I know my own fault i also counted my chickens before they hatched and now i gotta figure out how to pay an 1135 dollar mortgage payment with 700 dollars??????

151 Angie

I used Turbo tax and as of today I have nothing! My husbands last 2 is 05 and today would have been “our day”. I have a friend who is a 10 and they got theirs on Tuesday–she also used Turbo tax. I called the IRS 1-800-829-1954 was on hold for an hour but was told anyone who was to receive a check on or before today should have the check by Monday. Personally I’ll belive it when I see it. I made a horrible mistake and counted my chickens before the hatched and could really use that money for my mortgage payment!! Hang in there guys:o)

152 Angie

The lady I spoke with @ the IRS said using Turbo tax has nothing to do with it. Direct deposit is direct deposit according to her. Again–I’ll belive it when I see it.

153 beverly

I know how u feel, i spent mine to before i actually had it. the way it looks paper checks will start going out next week so im hoping that if i do get paper, it should get here between the 9th and the 16th. Im on hold with the irs now.

154 beverly

talked to IRS just now..and due to fact that i filed with Turbo Tax and had my fees taken out of my refund we won’t be receiving direct deposit, we will get a paper check. The last two digits of ssn are 31 and the lady said that those go out on June 6th. good news just gets better and better don’t it. Sorry guys thats straight from the horses mouth.

155 kim

let me know what they tell you bev…cause i couldnt wait on hold that long…i used turbo tax,santa barbara, processing fee right out of my refund rest to santa barbara then to my bank am i getting paper or direct deposit.

156 kim

ty bev your responded as i did lol!!!!!!!!

157 beverly

lol..yeah i posted as soon as i got off the phone, i just wanted to share the misery.

158 debbie


159 kim

This would have been nice to know weeks ago. That was a nice phone call to make ya sorry dont put your check in the bank right now cause ummm im a dumbass and figured my rebate money would be here and your check wont clear now…… Now i gotta wait another month…..

160 Missy

Well my husband and I did recieve our money deposit today. We got 1500 instead of 2100 like I assumed we would get. This is going to put a lot of things on hold that we had the money planed for. The gov. was not very clear on the distribution of the money when stating that couples get 1200 and 300 for every child there after.
I think the gov is fooling themselves when they think that this is going to kick start our economy when so many people are looking at loosing everything they own. All this money is going to go for are peoples’ electric, gas ( which we can no longer afford), and groceries( which also can no longer afford.
Things are getting frustrating….gotta keep going though right ๐Ÿ™‚

161 ron

For those of you who got your rebate. Did any of you use Turbo tax or H&R Block and have the fees taken out of your refund and not your bank account???

162 Ryan

If you were scheduled to receive your rebate in the first batch, but have not yet received it, please be patient.

Keep in mind that the payment is scheduled to be received by the date listed, but that it may arrive in the late afternoon and take additional time before it registers with your bank. Depending on your bank’s policies it may take several hours, or even a day or two before it clears.

Good luck everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

163 Ryan

Laurie, Other debts could be medical bills, alimony, or other bills the IRS has the ability to garnish wages for.

164 Ryan

Jeff, You may or may not. It depends on whether the IRS is withholding your tax refund or is garnishing your wages. If the IRS doesn’t know about it, then you will probably receive it. If they do know, you may not.

165 Ryan

Leslie, because you filed an amendment, it may be delayed. I would contact the IRS for further details.

166 Ryan


I have not idea why you only received a $300 return. It could be if you earned over the $75,000 threshold for single filers, or it could be for some other reason. I recommend contacting the IRS for further details.

167 Ryan


I have heard conflicting answers regarding a paper check or direct deposit from this particular bank. I recommend contacting Turbo Tax, the bank, or the IRS. I wish I could help more.

168 Mike

I just got my deposit in the bank. It was $300 instead of the $600. I used Turbo Tax when i filled with direct deposit and had the fees subtracted from my refund.

169 Mike

I should not that I did not make anywhere near $75,000, so that is not why I did not get the full $600. Being a full time student I did not even make $20,000 this year. I think the reason why my check was only $300 was because my education tax credit for my tuition and student loans reduced my tax liability to the point where I did not have to pay any taxes last year and got a full refund. At least that is my theory anyway. I’m not too worried about only getting the $300 since you will have to subtract this check from next years rebate since it is basically just an advance on that rebate.

170 Ryan


Glad to hear you received the rebate. It is a very good possibility you received $300 because you had no tax liability.

171 Chris

The people who think that they are going to receive there payment next week do not count on it. My husbands ss# ends in o1. It is now 3:15 on May 2nd and it was suppose to be direct deposit to our account by today and it is not there. Does anyone have a number for the irs. It goes to show you can’t even believe they government.

172 ron

Thanks for the update. My wife and I are really looking forward to getting ours monday or tuesday. I filed thru H&R Block and had the fees taken out of the refund also and was reading that we would not get direct deposit… I really hope we recieve it next week some time

173 sharon

I was supposed to have my rebate check today and it was not in my bank account. i really could use the 300. does anyone know what the problems

174 ashley


175 Lisa

Hi, everbody my son got his today we used turbo tax and had the fees taken from his refund, and he got direct deposit today! His last 2 numbers are 09.

176 Lisa

Check on the IRS website Where’s My Stimulus Payment! Check and see if they your information in the system!

177 Lisa

Check on the IRS website Where’s My Stimulus Payment! Check and see if they have your rebate information in the system!

178 Carrie-Ann

I went to the website and called the 800 number someone posted it and it couldn’t find me to tell me when I would get my refund

When they wanted me to give them money every week out of mycheck they could find me-but now I gues I do not exist

179 Angie

If you used Turbo Tax and had your fees taken out with your taxes you WILL get a paper check. A friend of mine used Turbo Tax and paid her fees on her debit card–she got her check on Tuesday on this past week. I had mine taken out and had to call the IRS-was on hold for an hour but was told my check would be mailed on the 16th.

180 Angie

I would love to hear from anyone who used Turbo Tax and had their fees taken out of their taxes and received a check already???

181 Kristie

I completely understand. I went to the IRS website as well. They couldn’t find me or my husband. So I am not sure what that actually means. Ous socials both end in 07 and we have nothing. I called the bank and they don’t have it on the account either. It is 3:30 MST and I am not sure when they are actually calling it quits for the day. I guess I will just keep looking. Do you think it would make a difference since we changed our mailing address even though we did use direct deposit? Any help or advice would be a great help. Thanks.

182 Jennifer

My last two digits are 06 and I didn not get my money into my account. I am not sure what is going on but I know two other people that did receive it into their account. Does that mean I am not getting one or what??? I went into the IRS website and it says that I should be but that could be wrong. Does anyone know if maybe its just running late or what???

183 Sabrina

I spoke with a lady from IRS today, May 2, 2008 and yes she told me that if you used H&R Block or tax preparer and had your fees taken out that it might come by mail but she said that they are working around the clock to fix the problem so people can just get direct deposit. So let’s pray that they work out the problem. She was very nice.

184 golfplay

My last 2digits are “01” guess what???? No rebate dirict deposit last night!!!! What the crap???? I want my money!!!!!!!!!!

185 Leslie

Will someone answer my question please!!!!!

186 Nicole

Leslie… Ryan answered your question yesterday. Because you filed an amendment, it could be delayed. Check with the IRS for more info.

187 Nicole

I just came across a post somewhere that said that if you had your refund deposited into different accounts that you will be recieving a paper check. Anyone else heard this?

188 Lisa

My last two digts are 20. as of today no money in the account. I owe some back taxes but not all of my stimulus check. does anyone know what is going on? Have they not finished depositing the checks. I gave my direct deposit information when I maile in y taxes. Could not get through to the IRS on hold forever. Lisa

189 DWasson

The last 2 or my Social is 16, I had my return dierct deposited. Today is May 3rd, wheres my stimulus check at?

190 Sharon

I work for H & R Block and if you had your fees withheld from your refund, then you receive a paper check. If you paid for your return and had it direct deposited onto the emerald card, then that is how you will receive your rebate check.

191 landl

We received our check yesterday and it was only $600.It seems that if you got a tax refund you will not get the full amount.

192 confused

Yup, May 3rd is here and I have not had anything deposited into my bank account. when I tried the IRS rebate tracker it said it couldn’t find my information because something was not correct . . . and when I checked the status of my tax filing at H&R Block Tax Cut (I used the free edition) it said that my filing wasn’t completed but the money that I owed the IRS had been taken out of my account a week after I filed which was 2/15/2008. And I had mailed in my signature form, I’ve got the “do not file” copy in my records.

Sooooo . . . when do I know if and when I get my check or not? I kinda need it to pay off student loans and the remainder of a credit card.

*sigh* watch I won’t get it for months!

193 Nicole

Yeah… totally p’o’ed at the IRS!! Man, do they like to confuse the crap out of people. We were sent a notice to expect $2100 on or before May 2. Nothing in my account. However, when we filed, I had my refund split between my checking and savings… and because it was split into more than one account, we will get a paper check. IRS put that scenario on the LAST FAQ page near the bottom. So basically, they tell you one date because of direct deposit but then ON THE DAY YOU EXPECT IT, they tell you a date 3 weeks later because YEAH I did direct deposit, but not in one account. How freakin confusing!!! How the heck will I pay for my mortgage now??? We paid for a large plumbing bill on Thursday, thinking we would have the money yesterday. And we wonder why so many people are facing foreclosure. Can’t afford to pay for anything anymore… that’s it…. I’m moving to Canada!! LOL

194 Ryan

Nicole, Yes, I read that if you had your refund deposited into different accounts that you will be receiving a paper check.

195 Ryan

Lisa, If you haven’t received your rebate via direct deposit, it is possible there is something with your return that is holding things up on the IRS side of the house. It is also possible they split your rebate because of the back taxes and will send the remainder via mail. I don’t know what else you can do besides contact the IRS.

196 Ryan


If you haven’t received your rebate via direct deposit, it is possible there is something with your return that is holding things up on the IRS side of the house, or with H&R Block. I don’t know what else you can do besides contact the IRS or H&R Block. However, be prepared to wait โ€“ I’m sure there are many people calling them with similar situations. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.

197 Ryan


I see you found the answer to your previous comment. I’m processing these one at a time! I’m sorry to hear this is not the answer you were looking for and I hope your situation works out well for you in the end.

198 confused


There shouldn’t be anything on the side of the IRS. My filing from 2007 was pretty simple and straight forward as I was not yet a homeowner or business owner . . . so there were no itemized deductions or anything. Just simple and straight forward.

As for H&R Block, I wouldn’t think there would be a hold up. I used their free filing service that is in fact recommended by the IRS for use because it’s quick and efficient.

And clearly since I am able to use the free federal version of Taxcut.com I make little enough that I should be getting a rebate check.

I’ll call on Monday though to see what the deal is. This is just a little ridiculous though. I mean I’ve gotten the notices in the mail saying I qualify for the rebate, and all my bank information is on file with the IRS so therefore the rebate check should have been direct deposited.

Oh well. I wasn’t holding my breath on this anyway. I didn’t plan to have the money or anything and just went on with my life as normal. But the way this has been in the news and stuff it would have been nice if more information was given.

199 Ryan


It seems like you have everything in order on your end and you should be receiving the rebate. I’m sorry to hear this isn’t coming through for you. The only recommendation I have is to contact the IRS. I hope it works out.

200 confused


I just found the answer to my question . . . since I had to do direct debit to pay the IRS $42 my check will be coming to me via snail mail.

That’s a bit sucky. Hopefully it will get to me but I guess I have about two weeks to wait then before I start expecting anything in the mail.

201 Ryan


Glad you found your answer!

202 landl

ok finally got answers! if you paid less than $1,200 in taxes you will only get $600 if you filed a joint return.

203 landl

ok finally got answers! if you paid less than $1,200 in taxes you will only get $600 if you filed a joint return. anyway thats what ive found out so far

204 Juanita

I had talked to the IRS and ask them if the people that had their refund deposited to the emerald card would receive the stimulus check the same way. According to him, We will receive our money by May 9th on the card and our ss is 49.

205 Dwasson

I contacted my Bank to ask them about my account it is still active and in good standings. The last 2 of my SS is 16, I should of recieved it by Friday the 2nd, I had my taxes dierct deposited, and here it is 2 days later and still nothing…Hopefully monday yes, if not then what the hell is going on?

206 danny

will here it is monday may 5th still nothing according to aarp web site stimulate schedule i would receive my rebate direct deposit today ss#45 were the hell is my rebate can anyone answer that question

207 Ryan


The schedule for SSNs ending in 45 shows it as being deposited by May 9th. I would check you bank Friday and see it if comes then.

208 Nina

Hi. Ok, this is pretty tricky. I filed my husbands and my taxes together…married filing together. I did not realize that my state taxes were not sent to the IRS, so they were sent in a month later…then kicked back saying info was incorrect…when it was all said and done they were submitted and accepyed by 4/24 (just the state) my husband owes about 510 in state and we were getting about 550 back so I was assuming that would be kept. NOW, assuming that is correct he should have received the rebate 5/2 and nothing showed up in our bank account. Anyone have any ideas…because I am so confused.

Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

209 Yvett

Just got of the phone with IRS, if you owe state taxes the stimulus rebate will be appied to what you owe.



211 Linda

My husband and i file jointly. Together we earn over 100,000. Are we entitled to a refund?

Personally I feel everyone should get the same amount across the board. After all those that earn more also pay more in taxes.

212 carolyn robinson

hi all,my husband & filed jointly direct deposit,however we owed back taxes the irs intercepted the ckeck we still owe a small balance much less than the rebate check,will the irs take what is owed & still direct deposit the balance,the last (2)digits of my sosial is 87.carolyn

213 Christa

I filed my taxes with turbotax.com and had my fee deducted from my return. Does that mean I will be getting a paper stimulus check even though my return was direct deposited?

214 Ron


From what I have been reading you will get a paper check. I am in the same boat and it sucks…

215 Ryan

Nina, it is possible the taxes may have been applied to the state taxes you owe. It is also possible the rebate will be delayed because there was a delay with your taxes being filed. there’s no way for me to tell you when your rebate should come in; the best thing you can do is contact the IRS.

216 Ryan


It is very possible you will receive a paper check because you had the fees deducted before your refund was direct deposited into your account. I would contact H&R block and/or the IRS. Good luck. ๐Ÿ™‚

217 Ryan


For couples, the phase-out level begins at $150,000 and ends at $174,000, with a reduction of $50 for every $1,000 earned over $150,000. If you earned above $174k, you will not receive a rebate.

218 Ryan


The IRS will likely take the rest that is owed and return the rest to you in the form of a paper check.

219 farmer

my ss# is 07 and i do not have anything in my account. i did not pay into taxes i made 30 last year and have 2 kids and ended up getting money from both fed and state. should i be getting a rebate and if so when?


i did my taxes with at jackson hewwitt and recieved a check from them. and my last two # on my social are 45 well i get my check till june.

221 Kim

I have 2 questions:

1. I filed my taxes electronically saying I would send a check and I haven’t been able to send a check yet. The soonest I will be able to send a check will be at the end of May. The taxes I owe is about 1/3 the amount of the rebate check. Will my rebate be deferred until I pay the amount I owe?

2. Since I filed electronically but am mailing the money does this mean my rebate will arrive via mail?

222 Ericka

I copied and pasted this message from the IRS website. I was suprised when I saw it. I had been waiting on my rebate check. My ss last 2 digits is 20. See below

If filing or preparation fees were deducted from your 2007 Refund or you received a rapid refund, you will be receiving a check instead of a direct deposit.

223 Tucker

We owed $950.00 and last month paid $450.00 with a personal check. We did have direct deposit with our state return.

We are assuming that they will take the additional $500.00 out of the $1200 that we will be recieving… Do you know if we will be receive a paper check or direct deposit with the Economic Stimulus Check for the remaining amount that is owed to us?

224 kat

I filed my taxes with H&R Block, and sent them a money order for what i owed. My last two digits are 20. i had my refund direct deposited. Should i have already received it?

225 Ian

Don’t know if it was asked, but I still owe a bit of money to my student loan from college. Is this going to be deducted out of my Stimulus Check? Someone said it might be, but I’m not so sure.

226 Erika

My husband and I filed our taxes through Turbo Tax at the end of January, and had our rebate taxes by early February, by Direct Deposit. My husband’s SS# ends in 13 still NOTHING! We never even received this letter that people are saying they got saying that we are supposed to get it. We definitely qualify, in fact the economic stimulus calculator says that we should get approximately $1200. When I go to th IRS website “where’s my stimulus payment?” page this is the message it gives me:

“We are sorry. Specific information about your Stimulus payment is not available.
Possible reasons include:

* Your payment may still be coming, but has not yet been scheduled. Information will be available here as payments are issued based on the last two digits of the primary SSN shown on your 2007 tax return. Specific information about your Stimulus Payment will not be available until about one week before your payment is scheduled to be issued. See the complete Payment Schedule below for more information.

* You did not file a tax return for 2007 or your return is still being processed. Additional information about filing requirements is available.

* The information entered did not match our records. Be sure to check the information you entered. You may Re-Enter your information as necessary.

Remember, to qualify for the Stimulus Payment, you must meet the eligibility requirements. Please allow 6 weeks after filing your tax return before checking on the status of your Stimulus Payment.

Payment Schedule
Please allow 2 weeks from the date shown on the schedule to receive your payment.”

This is BULL****! I am sooooo agrivated, and it figures that the government can’t get something right. My husband and I were really depending on this money but as usual I guess we are gonna get screwed!

Anyone else having the same problem???

227 Sue

Checked the IRS site to find out when we’re getting our rebate and it tells me we’re not because of an invalid social security number. I think it’s mine, I never changed from my maiden name 22 years ago, have been filing as married filing jointly and getting our refunds or aoying taxes every year with no problem. Now this, Can it be fixed? I spent 3 hours trying to get to the IRS today but you can’t get to anyone who knows the answer. Can I re-file using my maiden name ? If I go down now to SSI and change the name how would they ever know?

228 Leslie

I have another question concerning my taxes. I have not changed my name from my maiden name to my married name onm my s.s card yet. I was married last year and just never got around to it. I got a notice saying that i waould receive a stimulus check but it was mailed to my maiden name. My husband did not receive a notice. We had to file an amendment because our tax filer did not file us correctly. This is just a big mess. I want to know if I need to go get my name changed at the social security office tomorrow or should I not? Will we get a stimulus check???? Help????

229 Jody

I also just checked the IRS website and got the same message after researching I found out since I had my tax refund direct deposited into two different accounts I will receive a paper check in the mail.

230 debbie

I have a question if we claimed our 2 daughters as a dependent ages 21 22 years they work also will they get a rebate can anyone help me? Thanks

231 debbie

I have a question if we claimed our 2 daughters as a dependent ages 21 22 years they work also will they get a rebate can anyone help me? Thanks

232 Ryan


A rebate is only given for dependents under age 17 as of December 31st, 2007. If someone is claimed as a dependent, they will not receive a rebate, even if they earned enough money to otherwise qualify.

233 Ryan


There is a good possibility your rebate will be delayed, and it will likely come via the mail.

234 Ryan


your situation is a little different, so I can’t tell you when you will receive your rebate. I recommend contacting the IRS.

235 Ryan


it is probably just a glitch in the IRS database. Doing anything else at this point has the potential to make the situation worse. I recommend contacting the IRS again until you can get it sorted out. I would not change any personal information.

236 Ryan


The letter isn’t necessary to receive a rebate. It is just a reminder and brief explanation. As for changing your maiden name, I’m not sure what to do there. I think as long as your SSN remains the same, it shouldn’t matter. However, I’m not 100% positive, so I would recommend contacting a tax professional or the IRS. Good luck!

237 Ryan


I’m not sure if you should receive a rebate or not. I recommend using the official stimulus rebate calculator at the IRS site. It should help you determine your eligibility and the amount if you are to receive one. Good luck!

238 Ryan


It seems like you have done everything to qualify for a direct deposit, but some people have reported they will receive a paper check even though they paid the tax preparation service out of pocket instead of having the payment withdrawn from the refund.

Try using the official stimulus payment tracker at the IRS site, or contacting the IRS.

239 Ryan

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Here is more information about How the Economic Stimulus Check Affects your 2008 Tax Return and about Personal Tax Breaks in the 2009 Economic Stimulus Plan.


Ryan ๐Ÿ™‚

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