What’s in Your Wallet?

by Ryan Guina

What do you carry in your wallet? I can’t deal with a thick wallet, so I always keep mine cleaned out. It bothers me to sit on anything, so I prefer to carry a thin card holder in my front pocket, which also makes it easier to avoid pickpockets in crowds. I also carry a money clip for cash.

My wallet contains my driver’s license, health insurance card, library card, Speedy Rewards card (gas station rewards membership), and a keychain-size Kroger discount card on one side, and the other side has my Chase Freedom® card, my ATM/Debit card, and a Kroger gift card that I purchased at a 10% discount for the free groceries promotion.

My money clip has $73, which is about average for me. I usually grab more cash when I drop below $40. I don’t know why though, because I use my rewards credit card for most purchases. I guess carrying a little extra cash makes me feel more secure.

That’s it! Every once and awhile I keep a receipt in there and I also carry one of my business credit cards if I know I will need to purchase something related to my business. I currently have the The AmEx Gold Card and a Discover Business Card (see our featured business credit cards for more great options). Otherwise I keep my business cards filed away at home.

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What’s in Your Wallet?

Published or updated April 6, 2016.
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1 Dividend Growth Investor

I don’t carry a lot of cash ( if any) in my wallet. I have debit cards and credit cards and the drivers licensa and registration as well as insurance. I have figured if I need cash, I could stop by the nearest ATM and get some. The beauty of my Schwab checking acct is that I get reimbursed for using ATM’s so I don’t care about the fees..


2 Ryan

I use USAA for most of my banking (I also have an ING account and a business acct). USAA also reimburses their customers for ATM fees, which I like. Their debit card also offers a 1/2% cashback for POS purchases made when selecting “credit card” instead of debit.

USAA is only open to military members and their families, so it isn’t an option for everyone. I love banking with them though! 🙂


3 Kristen

I try to keep my wallet contents to a minimum. I carry my driver’s license, health insurance card, debit card, a small amount of cash and change, a few business cards and a “lucky” four-leaf clover.

In my last life as a reporter, a co-worker wrote a story about an inmate in our area who made it into the Guiness Book of World Records by collecting the most four-leaf clovers. He collected them all in prison yards and sent some to us for writing about him.


4 No Debt Plan

Yea, but you’re missing out on $2.13 in interest by not keeping $70 in ING, at 3%, for 365 days! 🙂


5 Ryan

Naw, it’s revolving cash. I would have spent it eventually. 😉


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