What’s in Your Wallet?

Yesterday, Debt Kid wrote about what he carries in his wallet, and he tagged several other personal finance bloggers to do the same. Debt Kid went so far as to clean out his wallet and include before and after pictures of everything he carries. I can’t deal with a thick wallet, so I always keep mine cleaned out.

It bothers me to sit on anything, so I prefer to carry a thin card holder in my front pocket, which also makes it easier to avoid pickpockets in crowds. I also carry a money clip for cash.

My wallet contains my driver’s license, health insurance card, library card, Speedy Rewards card (gas station rewards membership), and a keychain-size Kroger discount card on one side, and the other side has my Chase Freedom® Visa (Chase Freedom® Visa review), my ATM/Debit card, and a Kroger gift card that I purchased at a 10% discount for the free groceries promotion.

My money clip has $73, which is about average for me. I usually grab more cash when I drop below $40. I don’t know why though, because I use my rewards credit card for most purchases. I guess carrying a little extra cash makes me feel more secure.

That’s it! Every once and awhile I keep a receipt in there and I also carry one of my business credit cards if I know I will need to purchase something related to my business. I currently have the The AmEx Gold Card and a Discover Business Card (see our featured business credit cards for more great options). Otherwise I keep my business cards filed away at home.

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What’s in Your Wallet?


  1. says

    I don’t carry a lot of cash ( if any) in my wallet. I have debit cards and credit cards and the drivers licensa and registration as well as insurance. I have figured if I need cash, I could stop by the nearest ATM and get some. The beauty of my Schwab checking acct is that I get reimbursed for using ATM’s so I don’t care about the fees..

  2. says

    I use USAA for most of my banking (I also have an ING account and a business acct). USAA also reimburses their customers for ATM fees, which I like. Their debit card also offers a 1/2% cashback for POS purchases made when selecting “credit card” instead of debit.

    USAA is only open to military members and their families, so it isn’t an option for everyone. I love banking with them though! :)

  3. Kristen says

    I try to keep my wallet contents to a minimum. I carry my driver’s license, health insurance card, debit card, a small amount of cash and change, a few business cards and a “lucky” four-leaf clover.

    In my last life as a reporter, a co-worker wrote a story about an inmate in our area who made it into the Guiness Book of World Records by collecting the most four-leaf clovers. He collected them all in prison yards and sent some to us for writing about him.

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