Wedding Tips – Involve Your Family and Friends

by Ryan Guina

Just over a year and a half ago, my wife and I were wed in a small church ceremony in her parent’s home town. It was a beautiful August day, and it was everything we could have hoped for. We had all of our close family and friends in attendance, and everything went smoothly… even though my wife and I live over 450 miles away from where her parents live.

My wife’s family was amazing in helping make our wedding beautiful, and it would not have been possible without their generosity and assistance. They helped with organizing and planning the day, providing wonderful music, and creating programs, menus, and decorations.

Organizing and Planning

bride's bouquetBecause my wife and I live almost 500 miles from where our wedding took place, we needed a lot of logistical help. My wife’s parents took a lot of time out of their schedule to scout out several locations for the wedding reception and the rehearsal dinner. My wife and I drove out there a few months before the wedding to make the final decisions. But without their assistance, we would have been lost.

My wife’s parents also helped us narrow down several choices for flowers, the cake, the jazz trio for the reception, and an organist for the wedding ceremony.

Wedding programs, menus, and more

My wife’s sister is a graphic designer. She volunteered her services to design the wedding programs, and she designed and made menus and place cards for the reception dinner. She also helped us select our wedding invitations. We ordered the invitations through the company she works for, and even though she didn’t design them, she was able to get us a nice discount! ๐Ÿ˜‰


My wife’s family is very musical and several family members performed before and during our wedding ceremony. Before the service, my wife’s cousins played the flute, and her brother played the piano. During the wedding ceremony my wife’s sister and sister-in-law sang a beautiful song while accompanied by my wife’s brother. The gift of music they gave us added a personal touch that we will always remember.

We are very thankful for their help

My wife and I sincerely appreciate her family being so involved in our wedding. In my opinion, it was the best gift they could have given. The best part is, they wanted to be a part of our special day as much as we wanted them to be a part of it. I think that is what makes weddings so beautiful – they bring families together in many different ways.

If there is any wedding advice I can give, it is this: Involve your family in your wedding plans. They have a wealth of love, talent, and advice to help make your day brighter and more beautiful.


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Published or updated June 8, 2011.
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1 Mrs. Micah

Our friends and families also made major contributions to our wedding. It was great…it was fun to work with people we knew and get excited together and it also made the wedding much less expensive.


2 Lisa

15 years ago my soon-to-be husband and I decided on a Wednesday to get married that coming Saturday. We were just going to go to the Justice of the Peace and tie the knot, but his brother declared that we were going to have a real wedding. He said, “you two always talked of getting married at a mountain lake and you’re gonna do it!” He found us a minister who was going up to said mountain lake fishing for the weekend and the minister agreed to marry us. My husband’s large family all showed up from 300 miles away on two day’s notice with cake, wedding favors, music for the ceremony (several violinists in the family) — everything we needed for the wedding. And my dress? I didn’t have time to find a dress, there was only one that I wanted and it was way over my minimal budget, so the best man and all the groomsmen chipped in at the impromptu bachelor party to buy me that dress. And as we left the makeshift alter, in August, it snowed. Big, fat snowflakes that rained down on us. Now, what kind of $$ can buy that kind of wedding I ask you?


3 Ryan


That is a wonderful story! What kind of money can buy that kind of wedding? No amount. Only love and friendship can. ๐Ÿ™‚


4 Jarhead

Want to do it cheap do what I did Justice of the Peace. LOL Or you can always do the Vegas thing that works well too.


5 Shanti

I am ITCHING to know which job you have picked!! I would have gone with option B because then I would have money to go to school MORE! I love school! And I prefer a relaxed schedule – after all, I work at home, get up whenever I want, and work as much as I want (which usually translates to either 20 hours or 80 hours… depends on the week). But that’s me. When will you announce it?!

Sorry, off topic. I just really am eager to know!


6 Carolyn

my daughter would like to have the Sunday School age children be involved somehow in her wedding, however, this could amount to 40 kids. Any suggestions?


7 Ryan

Hello Carolyn,

Thank you for contacting me. That sounds like a big wedding, so the bride will want to make sure that there is enough room for each child, plus the children’s parents if they will be invited. Involving 40 children may be difficult, and I’m not a wedding planner, but here are a few ideas:

  • The kids could sing during the service or they could sing at the reception.
  • The children can file down the aisle after the bride’s maids/flower girls and before the bride. Have the kids drop flower petals. They can file up the aisle to the front and then keep on walking around the sides and return to the back of the church again (In other words, they wouldn’t stay up at the altar with the official wedding party.)
  • The children can stand along both sides of the ailse (like a military honor guard) as the bride and groom exit.
  • The kids could draw pictures for the bride and groom, the those pictures could be already hung up at the reception somewhere.
  • The kids could be the ones who stand outside of the church and throw flower petals/bird seed/bubbles/etc.

I hope these ideas give you a good place to start, and I hope your daughter has the perfect wedding! ๐Ÿ™‚


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