Get $206 in Free Groceries!

by Ryan Guina

Note: The free groceries promotion has expired!!! Be sure to check our Free Money Page for even more valuable deals!

One thing I’ve noticed lately is that the price of groceries is skyrocketing! So much in fact, that people have started stockpiling staples such as rice and flour. Personally, I think the media is playing a role in this and people are overreacting. But the fact remains: grocery prices continue to rise.

While I can’t stop the prices from rising, I can tell you how to get a couple hundred dollars in free groceries. Did I get your attention yet? I thought so. 😉

10% bonus for groceries (up to $120 in free groceries!)


A lot of companies are vying to get your economic stimulus rebate check and/or tax return. To entice customers, many stores are offering great deals. Right now, and until July 31, a couple grocery store chains are offering a 10% bonus if you buy gift cards at their store. For example, a $300 gift card would be worth $330, $600 worth $660, and $1200 worth $1320 (this is the max you can receive in gift cards).

Here is how to take advantage of this offer:

Kroger stores, including Kroger, Baker’s, City Market, Dillons, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Gerbes, Hilander, Jay C, King Soopers, Owen’s, Pay Less, Ralph’s, Smith’s and QFC stores. You do not need to have the actual check to take advantage of this offer!

Kroger customers who are interested in exchanging their refunds or economic stimulus checks should present their check and customer loyalty card at their local store’s Customer Service center from May 2, 2008 through July 31, 2008. The program is limited to one offer per household with a limit of $1,200.00. Customers who do not have a hard copy of their government-issued checks may still take advantage of this offer with cash, a credit card or by presenting a valid personal check to the Customer Service center. Kroger Gift cards do not expire.

SUPERVALU stores, including Acme, Albertsons, bigg’s, Cub Foods, Farm Fresh, Hornbacher’s, Jewel-Osco, Lucky, Shaw’s/Star Market, Shop ‘n Save and Shoppers Food & Pharmacy. It appears as though you need to have the actual check to take advantage of this offer (no word on if you had your economic stimulus rebate direct deposited).

Customers who are interested in growing their refunds should bring their government-issued economic stimulus or tax refund checks, along with government-issued identification, to customer service counters at their local stores between May 2 and July 31, 2008, to purchase store gift cards in $300 increments, not to exceed $1,200 per household. Each gift card will be loaded with an additional $30, to bring each gift card total to $330.

More free groceries with cash back credit cards! (up to $86!)

Extra cashback from rewards credit cards. Many rewards credit cards offer great cash back offers. You can save even more money if you put the card on a 0% interest credit card and wait a while to pay it off – just be sure to pay it off before any interest is charged!

Earn $36 cash back: To take full advantage of the cash back offer, you will either need to spread your purchases out over 2 months (May and June), or have two people make the purchases on different cards, for example, husband and wife.

$50 sign up bonus, plus more rewards: I received a $50 sign-up bonus for opening a credit card. Here are some more credit card sign up bonuses where you can get free money for opening a credit card.

You can’t beat free!

It will take my wife and I a long time to go through $1320 worth or groceries, but we plan on buying the gift cards anyway. The cards will not expire and we will save a lot of money by taking advantage of this great deal. Don’t worry, we will pay the credit cards off without paying any interest and the instant 10% savings plus the additional cash rewards from the credit card will be worth more than us leaving our money in the bank earning interest. I hope you can take advantage of this great deal as well! :)

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Published or updated April 21, 2012.
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1 Ron@TheWisdomJournal

Great ideas. People forget how the little things add up when you save here and there. They add up when you’re subtracting too!

$206 is too much to ignore!


2 Dividend Growth Investor

Great ideas. Or you could always go to Wal-Mart which almost always has the lowest prices on the items I shop and use a cashback credit card..


3 Ryan


Wal-Mart has good prices, but if you do a little planning and buy things when they are on sale, you can definitely do better at the grocery store than Wal-Mart. Especially when you factor in the 10% instant discount for buying these gift cards. (there’s also no Super Wal-Mart near me, so I can’t go there to shop for groceries).

I’ve never seen grocery stores be so generous with their discounts before, so I plan on taking advantage of this offer. :)


4 lulugal11

Chase classifies Walmart as ‘other’ so you do not get the 3% cash back there when you get groceries.


5 Sylvia

Great ideas. I can personally vouch for the Chase Freedom(SM) card. I got one a few months ago, got the $50 bonus as promised, and just last week cashed in 200 points for a $250 check. It arrived in a week’s time. I will definitely be heading to Kroger soon to purchase a gift card.


6 Ryan

Awesome, Sylvia! I’m actually going to apply for the card as well. I think the offer right now is too good to pass up. :)


7 Ralph

“Wal-Mart has good prices, but if you do a little planning and buy things when they are on sale, you can definitely do better at the grocery store than Wal-Mart.”

This is definitely true! So many people I talked to about this don’t believe me because they are usually comparing Walmart’s everyday price to the grocery store everyday price. If you look at it that way, it can be beneficial to shop at Walmart.

However, for cherry pickers like my wife and I, the grocery store sales beat Walmart’s prices hands down.


8 irina

I am a happy Chase Cards User for about a year now. I have two cards, Master and Visa and both allow me for 3% back in 3 top categories and that means I double my rewards.

All my monthly bills (those that allowed to be) are charged to my credit cards. It helps me to maximize my 3% rewards.

To get your reward check, all you have to do is to call Chase (day or night), ask them how much you got in reward $$ now (min $50) and ask them to mail a check to you. If you want to wait until you get $200 in rewards, you will be *rewarded* with $250.. LOL

But keep in mind. Credit cards can change their reward policies any day… That is why I don’t wait for my $200, I get them as soon as they are $50. No need to be greedy.. LOL.. LOL…


9 Ryan

Hello Irina,

Thanks for sharing your credit card tips. I didn’t think about getting two cards, but I guess it make sense to double dip!


10 Rose Mary

I was purchasing men’s apparel at Sear’s yesterday when the clerk said that if I purchased
$50.00 worth I would get a rebate for $50.00, by mail. The rebate would be only for
any combination of men’s apparel. This offer is valid 6/11 through 6/20/10. I think this
is a good deal!!!


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