Top Ten Things to Do With Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

by Ryan Guina

If you hosted Thanksgiving dinner at your house like my wife and I did, chances are you have piles of leftover turkey and sides filling every square inch of refrigerator space. I know we do.

Pounds of leftovers. My wife and I bought a 20 pound turkey for 5 people because that was pretty much the only size available at the time. My family flew into town to visit us, so we couldn’t send any turkey or sides home with them. We have been eating leftovers for a couple days, but we still have quite a bit left over. We also made turkey broth with the carcass, it’s easy, frugal, cheaper than store bought chicken broth, healthier than store bought chicken broth, and tastes better. Since we still have some leftover turkey, I think we will freeze it.

Top 10 things to do with your leftover Thanksgiving turkey:

10. Send friends and relatives home with leftovers.

9. Take a meal or two to a neighbor who is shut-in due to health reasons. If you don’t have a neighbor who is shut-in, your church can point you in the right direction.

8. Turkey dinner the next day. And the next, and the next…

7. Turkey sandwiches. Mmmm… sandwiches.

6. Make turkey broth with the carcass. Then use the broth for turkey noodle soup, turkey gravy, or freeze it and use it later as a substitute for chicken broth.

5. Make turkey pot pie.

4. Freeze it.

3. Turkey and dumplings.

2. Make a turkey version of SOS. It may not sound good… but it is!

1. Leftovers? Who has leftovers!?! 😉

Published or updated February 27, 2011.
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1 plonkee

We don’t have Thanksgiving turkey in the UK obviously, but turkey is practically compulsory at Christmas. One thing that is good for the leftovers is making a curry, because it’s spicy it has a very different taste to some of the other things that you can do with them.


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