Cash Money Life Version 2.0

by Ryan Guina

After months of searching for a new theme and design for my site, I finally pulled the trigger. Cash Money Life got a face lift today, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. This site is still a self-hosted WordPress blog, but the theme is now a customized version of Thesis, one of the most popular WordPress themes available.

Thesis – Premium WordPress theme

Thesis is a great theme for WordPress. I chose it above other premium themes because right out of the box, it is simply the most flexible and robust theme available for WordPress. Thesis is great for SEO, easy to use, highly customizable, and features full support and a rabid user base.

Here are some more reasons why I chose Thesis:

Support and user forums. Thesis comes with free updates for life and Chris Pearson, the core designer behind Thesis, is passionate about keeping Thesis at an elite level. There have already been numerous updates and enhancements to its functions and capabilities. Pearson listens to Thesis users and incorporates many requests into the feature list. Thesis also has a support forums where users can post questions, hacks, and anything else Thesis related. It’s a great way to solve your questions in as little time as possible.

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Flexibility. Thesis allows users to make quick changes from inside their WordPress dashboard. Want to have 2 columns or three columns? No problem – change the settings and hit save. Want to change the font or font size? Simply select the size and style from drop down lists and click save. There are many other features that are easy to incorporate this way. Here are some examples of what other people have been able to do with

Hooks and code. Thesis has a simplified method for delivering code. The core files are kept in one set of files and customizations are kept in a separate file. That makes it easy to make updates to the core code without having to worry about losing any customizations. Hooks are a simplified way of delivering the code in an efficient manner that makes Thesis a little faster and more efficient when running queries.

Thesis cost. Thesis isn’t free, but it is very affordable when compared to other premium themes. A single use license only costs $87, and a developer’s license costs $164. The difference is that a single use license can only be used on one url, and a developer’s license can be used on as many urls as you own. Since I have more than one website and plan on using Thesis more than once, it makes sense to buy the developer’s license. Here is more information about purchasing Thesis.

Want more info on Thesis and it’s capabilities? Check out these links:

Customizing Thesis

empty-cabin-mediaI am not very good when it comes to customizing themes, thankfully, I know someone who is – Larry from Empty Cabin Media. You might also know him as Glblguy, the blogger over at Gather Little by Little. Larry’s business focuses on blog consulting and blog coaching. In addition to blog consulting and coaching, Larry specializes in customizing Thesis themes for bloggers such as myself.

Larry was a real pleasure to work with and was able to handle all of my design requests and even added a few improvements and recommendations along the way. I don’t hesitate recommending him to anyone who needs a shot in their arm to improve their blog or their blog’s theme.

Customized Blog Logos

logos-for-websitesThe new logo you see at the top of my site was done by Pete from Logos for Websites. He also designed the 125×125 graphic that is used at the end of my posts. Working with Pete was a pleasure and I have contracted him to design several more blog logos and banners for other other websites and projects I am working on.

Pete’s logos are high quality and very inepensive when compared to most logo designers. Not only that, but he has a very fast turnaround time! If you are looking for a new blog logo, banner or graphic, I encourage you to check out Pete’s website – you’ll probably recognize quite a few logos he has designed!

Published or updated February 10, 2010.
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1 Bankman

Looks great, Ryan! I love what you guys did with your Thesis… I might need to hire these guys to give my site a face lift.


2 Ryan

Thanks, Bankman. It was mostly Larry and Pete doing the heavy lifting. I highly recommend working with them is you plan on giving your blog a face lift. I see you already use Thesis, cool. 🙂


3 Logos For Websites

Ryan, it was a pleasure working with you and I think the site really turned out awesome. Cash Money Life will now dominate the personal finance blogosphere!

Thanks again, and I look forward to working on the next logos you have in mind!


4 Annie Anderson

The facelift freaked me out a bit. I was reading an article in the old format, hit the home page link and when it loaded, for a moment, I thought I had somehow ended up on a different site.

But I really like the new look. I’ve only been reading your site for a couple of weeks and I’m really glad I found it.

~ Annie


5 Ryan

Pete: The logo looks great! I can’t wait to get the rest of my logos done and uploaded. 🙂

Annie: LOL. I figured it must have happened to a few people!


6 Curious Cat Investing Blog

Very nice. Being able to easily change the formatting is very useful.


7 Ryan

Curious Cat: That’s one of the best things about using WordPress as a CMS. It is extremely flexible. It’s also exceptionally good for SEO. 🙂


8 Rob

It seems like redesigns are gaining steam these days – I just did an overhaul on Llama Money. With regard to yours, this is the nicest implementation of Thesis I’ve seen so far, and Pete’s logo looks great. Methinks I’ll have to hire him soon for a new logo 🙂


9 Ryan

Rob: Thanks for the compliments! Pete does great logo work, and was a pleasure to work with. Larry also does great work. Most of the design ideas were laid out by me, but he had a strong hand in making them happen, and added a few ideas along the way. I’m very pleased with the work that both of them did.

I just checked out your new look – I think it’s a great upgrade from the previous theme. I’m still running a site with your old theme as well, and I have plans to update it soon!


10 DDFD at DivorcedDadFrugalDad

Congrats on the new look! Looks really good, but honestly, it is your quality content that makes me check in.


11 Ryan

Thanks, DDFD. I appreciate the compliments. 🙂


12 Craig

I like the new design, very clean and accessible.


13 Ryan

Thanks, Craig. That’s what I was going for. 🙂


14 Steve @ brip blap

Great new design – as an RSS reader, I don’t always see new designs on people’s sites, but I had to pop over – looks great! It’s a very clean design, as Craig said, and distinctive, too. Good job!


15 FFB

Great look!


16 fathersez

Congrats on the makeover. I also share DDFD’s views.

Best regards


17 TStrump

I’m really impressed by these Wordpress themes.
I currently use Drupal but am considering switching at some point.
Looks great!


18 Ryan

Thanks for the compliments, TStrump. I’ve been happy with WordPress so far. There are many advantages to going with it – including the wealth of free tutorials and amount of information out there. It makes it easier for people like me who don’t know a lot about coding, design, databases, etc. 🙂


19 Len Penzo

Great looking site, Ryan! What I like about your logo is that it is a very clean, uncluttered look. Your content is excellent too!

My $0.02 (after taxes)



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