The Maui Millionaires for Business – Book Review

by Ryan Guina

the-maui-millionaires-for-business.jpgA few weeks ago I received a copy of The Maui Millionaires for Business: The Five Secrets to Get on the Millionaire Fast Track. This book is the sequel to the best-selling book The Maui Millionaires.

This book was written for entrepreneurs and is organized into Five “secrets” to help you grow your business into what the book refers to as a Level 3 business – One that makes money for you with little to no input on your part – unless you want it that way.

The information is generally top-level, but valuable. The co-authors have qualified business backgrounds: David Finkel, a real-estate investor, and Diane Kennedy, a CPA. Their success has led them to begin the Maui Millionaires.

The Five Secrets are:

  1. Build a Level Three Business and Get on the Millionaire Fast-Track
  2. Leverage Your Business Assets and Triple Your Cash Flow
  3. Become Financially Fluent and Guarantee Your Future!
  4. Create Your Wealth Map and Build your Passive Residual Income
  5. Invest in the Greater Good and Reap Enduring Rewards!

What I like about this book: This book has a lot of great tips and if you have a business model where you can apply them, you can stand to improve your business tremendously. The tips cover many important things that some entrepreneurs don’t think about when they first start their business. Things such as taxes, payroll, inventory, accounts receivable, hiring employees vs. contractors, cash flow, licensing, incorportating, and more. The book is straightforward and easy to read.

What I don’t like about this book: There are two things I did not like about this book:

  1. The Maui Millionaires for Business has a lot of great ideas and top level information, but is not a stand alone product. It makes a good companion piece.
  2. This book reads like an infomercial. I thought about counting how many times there were phrases ending with the symbol (™) or something similar, but they were so prevalent it would have taken too long. I also liken it to an infomercial because the book is an upsell to their web based educational products.

There is value in this book. I am not saying the information is not valuable; I truly believe it is. But for many people, myself included, the writing style and constant references to the author’s website was a turn off. If you don’t mind applying a filter when reading this book, I believe you can gain some great knowledge and insight into methods for improving your business model.

Who should buy this book? This book has a lot of great information for someone looking to increase their business’s profits and efficiency. I would recommend buying it only if you have a good sense of business and if you have other resources readily available – including their previous book The Maui Millionaires, which is frequently mentioned, and access to the Maui Millionaires website, which is heavily mentioned.

Published or updated December 4, 2007.
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1 Mrs. Micah

Infomercial type books kind of annoy me. Then again, I feel all superior by not buying the other materials–kind of like I read Dave Ramsey but didn’t feel the need to join his site or anything.


2 shela

I thought I was the only one who was thinking “infomercial” when I read Dave Ramsey’s book. I have never heard his radio program but wondered if he sounded a lot like the guy on the OxyClean commercials! ; – D


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