The Best Investment – Yourself

by Ryan Guina

I was talking to a coworker today over lunch about our career and life aspirations. He is a couple years ahead of me in the workforce, and we are in a similar stage of our lives. We talked about the obvious – be happy with our families, get promoted and be successful in the workforce, earn enough to be financially stable, have a nice house, and so on. We also talked about how we plan on doing some of these things.

One of the things we both plan on doing is getting our Masters Degree. My goal is to start an MBA program this winter. I have planned on doing this for awhile now, and I am finally ready to begin. I just have to take the ol’ GMAT and apply!

Being a military veteran, I am blessed that I have earned the eligibility to use the Montgomery GI Bill, which will pay for most of my MBA depending on where I attend. I realize that is a great advantage, and as I said, I am blessed!

My friend, however, does not have the MGIB. He expressed his desire to get an MBA or other Masters Degree, but said he would wait until he can afford it. I don’t know his exact financial situation, but based on his career and life goals, this is an investment he can’t afford to skip out on.

Investing in oneself is the best investment anyone can make, and education is a great way to do just that. An Associates, Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate Degree are all attainable and will hep most people in their career progression. There are other forms of education as well – apprenticeships, certifications, on the job training, etc.

The point I am making is this – no one will hand you everything, you must work for it. Increasing your education is just one way to help you achieve your goals.

Now more about my coworker… He is in his late twenties, drives a late model BMW, wears designer suits and shirts, takes an annual cruise, has a huge flatscreen TV with the full digital TV package… Do you see where I am going with this? He has already made his investment choice.

Published or updated December 9, 2010.
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