Stock Up on Christmas Decorations and Save

by Ryan Guina

christmas-tree.jpgNow is the best time of the year to stock up on ornaments, wreaths, and other seasonal decorations! Of course, the savings isn’t just limited to Christmas items, but other decorative items for Hanukkah and other seasonal holidays.

Why is this the best time to save? Supply and demand! Stores don’t want to waste their valuable real estate by stocking items that people will not need until next year. It is in the store’s best interest to move the inventory while they can – even if it means selling it for little to no profit. They also want to get rid of their stock while people are still in the holiday mood, and before they have put away their Christmas decorations for the year.

Personally, I think the majority of my decorations were either given to me as gifts or were picked up in post-Christmas sales. The discounted selection may not be as complete as before Christmas, but you can normally expect to pay anywhere from 25-75% less than suggested retail price for many items – sometimes more for items such as wrapping paper.

Here are just a few items you may be able to save money on:

  • Christmas ornaments
  • Christmas trees – the fake ones, although if they are giving them away, the real ones might be good for the fireplace! (just strip away the needles first!)
  • Wreaths, stockings, garlands, and other trim
  • Lights – indoor and outdoor
  • Candles
  • Yard decorations
  • Statues, figurines, nativity sets, and menorahs
  • Wrapping paper

I hope you can take advantage of the sales and save some money for next year’s decorations!

If you have any other ideas, feel free to add them to the comments section, and I can add them to the list. 🙂

photo credit: packthecoo

Published or updated September 23, 2008.
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1 Mark @ TheLocoMono

I agree with you on this one. Especially wrapping papers. Who says that wrapping papers go out of style?

After all, the amount of time we spend on appreciating wrapping paper is 2 seconds before it is ripped to shreds. I often cringe when I watch a perfectly nice wrapped present get ripped to shred. Even bulbs on sale is a great way to replace next years burned out bulbs.


2 Ryan

I’ve bought wrapping paper for $0.10 a roll before. What a deal! I didn’t have to buy paper for several years after that! I’ve also known a lot of people who reuse wrapping paper if there is a large section that is still nice. That is the ultimate recycling! Otherwise, I’ll toss it in the recycle bin. 🙂


3 Pack

Nice to see my image here. Thank you for credit my name.


4 Ryan

Hello Pack,

You’re welcome. Thank you for making the image available.


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