Roundup – Religion and Money Edition

by Ryan Guina

This week was a busy one for my wife and I, and I have a feeling that it is only going to become busier the closer it gets to her due date. We’ve done some birthing classes, made our baby registry, and next week we are driving 6 hours to visit her parents and have a baby shower. It is a lot of fun, but I have a feeling things will only get busier. But that’s OK. We’re both excited about becoming parents!

Religion and Money

CNN ran an excellent series on how religion can affect finances. The three part series and focuses on three prominent religions and how some members of those respective faiths have financial difficulties because of how their faith dictates certain actions. For them it is not a choice of cutting back or not spending the money – their faith comes first. This was a very interesting read.

  • Jewish faith and money. Dealing with the high costs of kosher foods and living in a
  • Christianity and money. Struggling with tithing and earning enough money.
  • Muslims and money. The Muslim faith prohibits paying or receiving interest, making many transactions such as buying a house or renting a car difficult.

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early retirement or meaningful work? I’ll take the meaningful work please.

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Published or updated April 29, 2015.
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Great series on CNN, I read all three. Awesome!

My g/f is Jewish and has written a post on my site and a guest post at Bible Money Matters on the influence of her religion on her finances. I really enjoyed the posts, maybe you will too if you liked that series!

Thanks for the links, good reading all around!


2 ChristianPF

I read the CNN articles about Christianity – the thing it doesn’t convey is that we are supposed to CO-LABOR with God. We do our part and He does His – it isn’t all on us or all on Him… It is that balance that it seems some Christians miss…


3 Ryan

ChrsitianPF: I think people interpret scripture many ways (including Christianity and other religions), and the journalists that covered those stories did so from the perspective of the families they were interviewing. Tithing and sharing the fruits of “our” labor is a highly contested topic, even among some scholars, so it was probably wise to avoid that angle when writing the article. I don’t think the articles were written to make any religious statements, but to relay the fact that personal and religious decisions can have a profound impact on our finances, and often in ways that people may not have expected.


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