RedBox Free Rental Codes

by Ryan Guina

RedBox is a great way to save money – simply rent a movie at one of their thousands of DVD kiosks, and pay $1.20 per night for a standard DVD, or $1.50 per night for a Blu-Ray rental (RedBox recently raised their prices, but even $1.20 per night is a great deal!). The good news is you are never far from a RedBox location – there are literally thousands of convenient locations to rent and drop off movies, from grocery stores, to fast food restaurants, to airports.

RedBox Free Rental Code

RedBox Free Rental Codes are Easy to Get

RedBox Free Rental Codes

Even though RedBox movie rentals are very inexpensive, you can often get a free rental code from RedBox, so you can enjoy a DVD or Blu-Ray movie rental free of charge, provided you return it by the 9pm deadline the following night (standard rental rates still apply if you don’t return the DVD on time).

How to Get a Free RedBox Movie Rental Code:

  • The easiest way to get a free RedBox code is to visit the RedBox website and sign up for a RedBox account.
  • Make a movie reservation online, pick up the movie and return it after you watch it.
  • Then you will receive a free DVD rental.
  • Simple as that!
  • Visit this link to get started.

More Ways to Get a Free RedBox Rental Coupon:

The next way to get a free movie rental from RedBox is by signing up for SMS alerts, which will send you a text message on the first Monday of each month with a free rental code in it. This is a steady stream of free movie rentals coming your way! The codes are only good for that day and only one use, so you need to take advantage of them right away or they will go unused.

RedBox also sends free rental codes via SMS on special occasions, such as holidays.  You can’t always predict when they will come, so keep your eyes open!

Note: Don’t lose a RedBox movie. It will cost you!

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Published or updated April 29, 2015.
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