Radius Bank Hybrid Checking Account – The New Standard in Banking?

by John Schroeder

Every few years, a bank releases a new product or service that changes what consumers expect from their banks. ATM machines are a great example. Giving people access to cash, regardless of the time of day, and in many cases, location, was a game changer. So was online banking, which made it easy to pay bills online, transfer money, and in most cases, earn more interest than one can earn in a brick and mortar bank, because the online banks have less overheard.

Perhaps my favorite innovation is mobile deposit, which allows users to deposit checks by endorsing the check and taking a photo of it with their phone, then uploading it to their bank’s servers. No longer being required to visit a bank or mail in a check is a true game changer!

And I have a feeling Radius Bank’s new hybrid checking account might just be a game changer, too. This type of product is unique in that it offers the best of both a checking and savings account in one.

It makes sense, right? Why be required to have two accounts when you can accomplish the same thing with one account? Radius Bank created a product that will make banking easier and more convenient for all of us. While I recommend this bank, there are still many options out there and you must choose what will work best for you and your needs at the time, such as, Discover Banking or Chase Checking for example. We also have some great information on opening a business checking or savings account, check out that post for more information!

Radius Hybrid Checking Account

The Radius Hybrid Checking Account combines the high interest earning potential of a savings account with the convenience of a checking account. There is no need for account holders to constantly transfer money between their checking and savings with this hybrid product.

Opening an account is simple and requires a small balance to setup. In addition, customers have the convenience of managing only one account where they can earn interest and pay their bills from the same place.

Important Features of Radius Hybrid Checking

Radius Bank Hybrid Checking Account

  • Free Checks – Your first order of checks are free and there are no monthly maintenance fees to worry about.
  • Interest Rate – Account holders can earn up to 1.00% APY on balances above $2,500. Any balance under that amount will not be eligible to earn any interest. Anything over that balance will earn rates based on tiers up to a maximum of 1.00%.
  • $10 Minimum to Open, then no minimum – There is no minimum balance requirement for a Radius Hybrid account after the initial $10 minimum deposit. Just remember that balances under $2,500 will not be eligible to earn interest.
  • Free Debit Card with no Radius ATM Fees – Radius bank offers free debit cards and does not charge fees at participating ATM locations, & unlimited ATM fee rebates (see site for details).
  • Online & Mobile Banking – Radius Hybrid offers online and mobile banking flexibility, which I believe is a must these days. Customers using the mobile app have the ability to deposit checks, setup bill pay, find ATM locations, and more.
  • FDIC Insured – Deposits up to $250,000 are FDIC Insured giving customers the peace of mind their money is secure.

The Radius Hybrid Checking account is an innovative banking product that will make it much easier for people to manage their money from a single place.

Hybrid Checking Offers Convenience to Customers

Are you tired of constantly transferring money between your checking and savings accounts each month?

For most people that pay monthly bills, they need to write a check or setup an automated bill payment from a checking account. The problem is that these accounts earn no interest.

I personally don’t like my money sitting around being lazy not working for me. That is why I also have a savings account that helps me earn interest.

People generally try to keep as much money in their savings accounts as possible to maximize interest earnings. Unfortunately, we cannot write checks or pay bills from these savings accounts, so we are stuck transferring money back and forth between accounts constantly.

The problem with having both a checking and a savings account is keeping up with the balances. We want to keep as much money in our savings accounts for as long as possible to earn interest. However, we also want to keep funds in our checking accounts to avoid bouncing a check.

One minor slip up with managing two different accounts and we can all of a sudden pay more in fees for insufficient funds than we are earning in interest. All that time and effort is lost because we make a mistake.

The Radius Hybrid checking account will change how people manage their money by making everything easier. There is no need to have separate checking and savings accounts any longer. The Radius Hybrid account offers the best features of both in one simple to use banking account.

Hybrid checking makes banking much simpler for people to maximize their earnings with the flexibility to pay their bills on time.


The Radius Hybrid checking account has plenty of flexibility to offer customers looking for a convenient and easy way to manage their banking. The hybrid account takes the best of both checking and savings and combines them into one, saving people time and money.

This innovative banking option will certainly make managing your money a lot easier in the future.

What are your thoughts on hybrid checking accounts?

Visit Radius Bank to learn more about their new hybrid checking account.

About Radius Bank

Radius Bank, formerly First Trade Union Bank, has been around since 1987 with headquarters in Boston, MA. The full-service bank provides a variety of products and services to its customers and has clients nationwide.

The bank has assets totaling over $725 million and offers products that compete with national banking brands as well as online and mobile products that compete with virtual banks. In addition, they pride themselves on providing personalized attention to their customers that only community banks can provide.

They are committed to providing superior customer service and offer innovative products that make banking easier for their customers.

Visit Radius Bank to learn more about their new hybrid checking account.

Published or updated August 18, 2016.
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