Quicken 2010 Review and Quicken WillMaker Free

by Ryan Guina

Intuit recently released Quicken 2010, the newest version of their popular desktop money management software. Quicken 2010 has a new interface designed to be sleeker and easier to navigate. The home page features a snapshot view of the user’s spending, pending bills, and current savings – basically everything you need to get a quick understanding of your current state of affairs.

Recent Changes with Intuit and Quicken

Quicken has received a lot of press this year as they joined forces with 2 major competitors. Not long ago, Intuit agreed to purchase Mint.com, an online money management program that is a direct competitor to Quicken Online. Intuit maintains that the two operations will continue as is for the time being. Intuit also received a boost when Microsoft shut down Microsoft Money, their main competitor in the desktop money management software niche. Microsoft worked with Intuit to ensure their customers would have an easy way to import MS Money data into Quicken 2010 so their long term customers wouldn’t lose their historical financial data.

Quicken 2010 Review

Quicken 2010 features many of the same capabilities Quicken users are already familiar with, but they enhanced it with a new layout, easier to use navigation tools, and several other new and improved features.

Quicken 2010 features:

  • Total financial snapshot. With Quicken you can track all your accounts including online bank accounts, brokerage accounts, investment accounts, personal property, real estate, vehicles, and more. It’s a great tool to use to calculate your net worth and track your financial picture over time.
  • Budget setting. Use Quicken to track your spending and create a budget based on your actual income and expenses. (See how Quicken compares to You Need A Budget Pro as a money management tool.)
  • Set financial goals. Quicken has a goal setting feature that can run calculations based on hypothetical situations. It’s a good way to get a rough idea of how much you need to save for retirement or other financial goals.
  • Tax planning. Intuit is the parent company for both Quicken and TurboTax, which makes it easy to export your data directly to TurboTax for fast and accurate tax preparation.
  • Track and manage investments. Quicken 2010 features the ability to track investments, analyze your portfolio’s asset allocation, track investments for cost basis, estimate capital gains, and view your portfolio value over time.
  • Other features: “What If I Buy or Sell” calculators, Capital Gains Snapshots, and Investment Tracker tools.

New or improved in Quicken 2010:

  • Import Microsoft Money Data into Quicken. Many diehard Microsoft Money fans were disappointed when Microsoft pulled the plug on MS Money earlier this year. But now there is an import function to import your MS Money data directly into Quicken so you can maintain your past history and current tracking. If you decide you need less tracking capabilities or don’t want to go through the import process, there are a host of other options including these free online money management tools. You can get more information on importing MS Money from this pdf.
  • Faster and easier setup. Quicken 2010 features a simple three-step setup guide that walks you through the set up process to connect to your online account, set up bill reminders, creating savings goals, track investments, and more.
  • Improved automatic categorization. Transactions are automatically categorized when imported into quicken, which makes it faster to track your spending and earnings and minimize your time working within Quicken. There are preset categories and you can create custom categories allowing you to track your spending how you want to track it.
  • Bill reminders and financial calendar. You can schedule bills to be on a certain day of the month and set up notifications for other important financial matters. This makes it easier to forecast expenses and plan your spending to last through the month – helping you avoid overdraft fees and penalties.

Check out this video for more information about Quicken 2010:

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For more information, or to purchase Quicken 2010, visit http://quicken.intuit.com/.

Published or updated February 21, 2010.
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1 Kevin D

I was a MS Money user for years. Just bought Quicken Premiere 2010 after tinkering with the free online Quicken. I’m really upset that most of my financial institutions don’t have available synching/transaction downloading, including my two retirement plans: TIAA-CREF and New York State Deferred Compensation Plan; and my Capital One checking and savings accounts. The setup screens declare that it’s “Unavailable.”

Capital One worked with MS Money and the online Quicken. The bank’s web site claims that they connect to Quicken, but they must mean the online version only.

You should check on your institutions before you buy Quicken 2010.


2 Ryan

Thanks for the info Kevin. I’m sure a lot of people will run into a similar problem in the near future. If enough people contact their financial institution, then they may consider supporting Quicken. Also, from what I understand, support for all MS Money exports will end in the near future, so some financial institutions may decide to support Quicken at that time.


3 JuryDuty

Kevin D–I’d contact your banks respectively. I have a TIAA_CREF account and it syncs fine. I also have a Capital One account (it’s credit card though) and it syncs fine. I’d try again.


4 Robert Muir

They may have added things, but they took away one of the most useful shortcut keystrokes – Alt-C to get to the reconcile page. You have to press and then release the alt key, then press s, then press r three times and finally enter. You have to do the same thing to get back to reconciling after adding a new entry in the middle of the reconcile. How annoying!!!


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