4 People You Should Never Hire

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There are many people you can hire to make your life a little easier.  These people have successful businesses because people operate on the assumption that they just don’t have enough time to do certain tasks.  The truth is, you don’t need to hire these people because you do have enough time to take care of the tasks they would take care of for you.  In fact, most of the time hiring these people simply constitutes laziness on your part.

So who are some common people we hire and waste our money on that we could actually live without?  Here are 4 people you should never hire.

4 People You Should Never Hire

Dog Trainer

With an overabundance of websites and videos on how to train your dog (most of which you can walk/visit for free), there are very few reasons you should hire someone to help you train your dog.  Most dogs by nature want to please and most dogs respond to verbal praise/treats, so by simply checking out some websites on how to train your dog and watching a few videos, it tends to be very simple to train your dog.  If you have an extremely problematic dog, then by all means get a trainer to help you train your dog but if your dog is like most and wants to please, take the time to train him or her yourself and save yourself some money.


Unless you have a huge mansion with 10 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a monstrous living room, a grand dining room, and an enormous kitchen, chances are you don’t need a housekeeper.  Between you and the rest of the people living in your house, if you all spend thirty minutes to one hour each week cleaning, your house will be in great shape and your wallet will be full.  Saying that you don’t have enough time is nonsense, everyone can find one hour in their 168 hour week (or 52 hour week if you work 60 hours a week and spend 8 hours each night sleeping).  So bypass the housekeeper and clean your house yourself.


Again, unless you have acres upon acres of land to take care of or a huge lawn that you could not possible mow by yourself, there is no reason why you can’t spend one hour each week pulling weeds, mowing your lawn, and watering your plants if you don’t have sprinklers.  If you are worried about your lack of a green thumb, make sure your yard has lots of hardy plants that don’t need much attention.  Save your money, take care of your own garden.

Personal Assistant

Yes, I’m sure having a personal assistant is nice and makes life much easier.  They can manage your schedule for you, shop for you, and take care of whatever else you need taken care of for you.  But let’s be serious, are you not capable of taking care of those things on your own?  As I said earlier, I’m sure you can find 1 hour each week to spend on grocery shopping or 2 hours each week to manage your schedule (after all, if you work a 60 hour work week/sleep 8 hours a night, you still have 52 hours left to assist yourself).  So don’t hire a personal assistant.  Your bank account will thank you.

I realize that not hiring these people means you may have to spend some time doing tasks that you may not really want to do.  But believe me, once you start seeing the money in your bank account grow rather than diminish, you will be more than happy to take on the tasks on your own.

Have any other people you should never hire not listed here?  Share them in the comment section!

About the Author: Ashley Jacobs is an editor and contributor for GreenSherpa’s blog, Cash Flow Sherpas. She is a senior at the University of California, Santa Barbara and will be graduating in June with a degree in communication and a minor in education and applied psychology.

Published or updated March 20, 2014.
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1 Sandy @ yesiamcheap

I don’t know anyone that would hire any of these people, but I would…if I won the lottery. I’d have a housekeeper and a dog trainer because I spoil the dog. Love my baby, but I could do better with her. She’s curled up on my lap right now sleeping after pushing my laptop out of the way.


2 Blaine Moore

I 75% disagree with this post.

I can see training your dog yourself as you are then spending time with a loved one and you can get to know one another better through the process.

For the other 3, though, if you don’t like gardening, don’t like doing housework, or want somebody to manage your schedule for you, then go ahead and hire somebody.

The question you need to answer is…is that hour or two hours or 5 hours or whatever amount of time you’d need to spend on it worth more to you than what the person you’d hire is going to charge? If yes, then hire somebody. If no, then don’t.

I’d rather spend the time doing things that I want to be doing (or doing activities that will make me more money than cleaning my house or researching a flight).


3 Hank

Blaine hit the nail on the head. It is a cost/benefit analysis. Do I want to spend an hour a week cleaning my bathroom or spend an hour doing what I enjoy, and extra hour with my family, or an hour doing something that earns me more money than I would have otherwise spent on the maid, dog trainer, etc. There is also a competitive advantage problem as well. I don’t have the skill set to make my lawn look nice like the gardener does. And, I can guarantee you that I don’t clean my toilet as well as the housekeeper either.


4 Frank

I also disagree heavily with this post.

One thing I can appreciate about the wealthy, is their understanding/application of time (its limitedness and the corresponding value).

As one is financially able (key), they should absolutely begin to outsource unenjoyable (but necessary) time-consuming tasks, and re invest that time into family / business / personal growth / etc.


5 Lynn

Have you ever had multiple small children and tired to keep a clean house?? One hour a week to keep the house clean is a laugh. This person is obviously completely out of touch and has no idea how much mess multiple small children make.


6 Sherylle

I so disagree with this. As a working mom with a very young child, I would rather spend my free time with my daughter than cleaning the house or doing laundry. One hour a week to clean is not enough in my household and with our busy schedule, I prefer to spend my time in the evenings with my daughter versus cleaning my bathroom.


7 alanc230

There are those, including me, who are unable to do heavy cleaning due to physical limitations. And, as the lady above mentioned, there are those who would rather spend some of their limited free time with their children. Don’t be so quick to assume that one-size-fits-all when it comes to decisions of this type.


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