New Careers, Thanks to the Internet

by Miranda Marquit

I owe a lot to the invention of the Internet. It has provided me with a way to work from home. I’m a freelance writer — a job that has been around for a long time. But technology has provided me with a chance to take that job online, finding a wider variety of gigs, and connecting with clients quickly and easily all over the world.

Old jobs made new aren’t the only careers that can be found thanks to the Internet, though. There are actually jobs that didn’t exist before the Internet. The Internet has changed some of the ways we do business and communicate with others. Here are some of the new careers available, thanks to the Internet:


Starting a blog is one way you can earn a decent side income, or even a nice living from the internet. Starting a blog is easier than most people think and can be a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Though blogging isn’t always a way to get rich, it can provide you with a way to make money through advertising, selling your own products, or using your site as a portfolio and way to market your services to new customers.

Social Media Consultant

By now, you probably know that companies want to know how to reach potential customers through Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. A social media consultant can help companies navigate those waters, setting up profiles, making posts, and coaching them in best practices.

SEO Consultant

Search engines are a big part of how we find information online. Being able to show up high in a customer’s search results is important to business owners, bloggers and others. There are things you can do to help you increase your search engine optimization, and a consultant can help. This group of entrepreneurs can give you ideas and direction for increasing traffic to a web site.

Online Teacher

My husband is teaching a class online for one of Utah’s major universities. Indeed, the Internet has given rise to a whole segment of people who make a career of teaching online — and not just for online universities. Many major universities are adding online classes, and they need teachers to run them. You can also tutor others online, and earn money that way.

Web Host

People need a place to house their home on the Internet. You can be a web host, providing server space for others. You purchase your own server, or space on a server, and then others pay you to use the space. It does help to have some technical knowledge, since you may have to help with administration, code and security. Even if you aren’t actually the web host, you can make money through affiliate programs, sending others to a specific web host and earning a part of the sale.

Web Site Design and Development

You can also start a career as a web site designer and developer. Help others put together an attractive and user friendly web site, and develop it. You will need plenty of specific knowledge about design and development topics, but you can create a business out of providing these specialized services to those who need them.

Bottom Line

Technology has provided a way to re-invent old jobs online, as well as bring opportunities to those who might not have had them before. Thanks to the Internet, it is easier than ever to start a business, and it is possible for you to look for or create your own niche.

Can you think of other careers made possible by the Internet?

Published or updated May 20, 2011.
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1 Financial Success for Young Adults

I think that almost every industry has been revolutionized by the internet. Between video conferencing and email, almost every business can upgrade at least part of their business using the internet. Great write up!


2 krantcents

I would add online business such as online retail stores.


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