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by Ryan Guina

Do you know if you have a good credit score? If you are looking to get a copy of your credit score, then chances are good you are looking for your FICO credit score, which is the credit score most frequently used by lenders. Unfortunately, the only place to get a copy of your FICO score is from MyFICO, or from a lender when you are applying for a loan (you can get it free if your application is declined).

MyFICO normally charges for your credit score unless you sign up for a free trial of their Score Watch®, which includes 2 FICO® Credit Scores, 2 Equifax Credit Reports, FICO® Score monitoring and alerts. The trial only lasts 10 days, and after that, you are required to pay for a minimum of 3 months of the service – which can get expensive if all you want is a one time score, and not a credit monitoring service. There are promo codes for MyFICO, but they are only available for a limited time, and there are often long periods when no coupon codes are available. We do our best to keep this article updated with current MyFICO promo codes.

myfico credit score promo code

Your Credit Score Visualized

If you don’t need a credit score from MyFICO, then you are definitely in luck. There are many other credit scores out there, and most of them use information from the three main credit bureaus – the same information used by FICO (though the algorithms differ slightly).  So if all you are looking for is a good idea of your credit score, then I recommend getting a free credit score from a different provider. In most cases, the score will be very close.

You can also get a free credit score from Credit Karma, which differs the VantageScore credit score, which is based on a different scale. Again, it isn’t the FICO credit score, but it can give you a good idea of any recent changes in your credit score, and give you an idea if you are making progress on improving your credit score.

myFICO Promo Codes

Suze Orman myFICO coupon codeCustomers can save up to 30% on myFICO products with current promo codes. Simply fill in the coupon code in step 2 of the user agreement in the “Promotional Code” section. Copy the coupon code exactly as you see it on this page and your savings should appear in the next step. (note: these coupons often run for a short time period, if they are expired contact us and we will try to find a more up to date promo code – also, you can try using a service such as Credit Karma or Credit Sesame, which both offer free credit scores with no credit card required and no strings attached).

Current myFICO coupon codes:

About myFICO

myFICO is owned by the Fair Isaac Company, the creator of the FICO credit score, which is considered the industry standard for credit scores. myFICO offers several consumer credit products, such as your credit scores and reports, credit monitoring service, the Suze Orman FICO kit, and more. The most popular myFICO products are:

  1. myFICO Standard. This is where it all begins – with the credit scores. myFICO Standard gives you a view of your credit scores, giving you a better idea of the interest rates you may pay if you are seeking a loan in the near future. It may be a good idea to check your credit score once a year, or before making a major purchase. You will also receive access to the FICO Score Simulator, which will help give you an idea of how your credit score will change if you repay a loan or take out another loan.
  2. myFICO Score Watch®. myFICO Score Watch is a credit monitoring service that can help alert you to signs of identity theft or unwarranted changes in your credit reports or credit scores. This service allows you to check your credit score weekly or credit report daily.
  3. Suze Orman’s FICO® Kit Platinum. This kit helps you better understand your credit score, gives you information to help scope out the best loans for your needs, and more.
  4. FICO Quarterly Monitoring. myFICO offers a quarterly monitoring service for those who want to monitor their credit reports or scores, but don’t need a monthly update. This service is a good option for people looking to monitor their credit for signs of identity theft.

Checking your credit report and/or score regularly can help you monitor your progress and possibly detect signs of identity theft.

About free credit reports and scores. You can get your free credit report from, but that website does not offer free FICO credit scores. The only way to obtain a free FICO credit score is through a trial offer for a credit monitoring service or as part of another purchase.

Published or updated May 5, 2014.
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