Mortgage Rates – Best Rates for Purchase and Refinance

A good mortgage rate can save you thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your home loan. That is why shopping around for good mortgage rates should be on your to do list before applying for a new mortgage or refinancing your existing mortgage.

How Do You Find Good Mortgage Rates?

Mortgage Rates are constantly changing and are based on many variables, including the average interest rates, the duration of the loan, and more. Your personal situation may also affect interest rates, including you credit history and credit score, income, the amount of your down payment, participation in government programs and other factors.

Use the mortgage rate table below to search for good mortgage rates in your area. Simply click on the links in the mortgage rate table or use the drop down box to select your terms.

About this mortgage rates table. The mortgage rates in this table are provided by third party companies for the benefit of Cash Money Life readers. Please contact the specific lender for more information regarding mortgage or loan services.

What you need to know about mortgage rates

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