Mid-Year Reviews Coming Up – Get That Raise!

by Ryan Guina

Mid-year reviews are coming up, and now is a great time to get that raise or promotion – or at least get your boss’s attention for your year-end review when raises and promotions may be more common at company. Every company does their reviews a little differently, but there are several common things everyone should do in preparation for review time.

  • Go in with the right attitude: Show your boss you are a team player and you can get along with everyone. A positive attitude goes a long way with your boss and your clients.
  • Inform your boss how you are indispensable: Tell your boss about the current initiatives you are working, which clients have specifically requested your services, which clients you have received praise from, or which clients have referred you or your company to someone else based on your work performance.
  • Bring your “report card”: Show your boss on paper how you have delivered value to the company – how much you have sold, how much money you have saved the company, or how you have streamlined processes to save time and resources. It is best if you can show actual dollar amounts, percentages, etc. Management loves the bottom line!
  • Bring your action plan: Bring your action plan or goal statement from your previous review. The list should detail your professional and training goals for the coming months. You should have checked off everything that you have accomplished since the list was made and be prepared to explain your plan of action for accomplishing the remaining items on the list. If your company does not do this, I recommend doing it anyway. It will show your boss you take your profession seriously and that he should treat you the same way. Even better, ask your boss for help in accomplishing some of the items on your list. Bosses have egos too! 🙂
  • Be prepared to take on more responsibilities: Informing your boss you are ready to take on increased responsibilities lets him or her know you feel comfortable performing at your current level and that you recognize you have room to grow.
  • Ask for a promotion or raise: Look your boss in the eye and ask. By this point you have demonstrated to your boss how you bring value to the company, how much money you have made or saved your company, shown you are goal oriented and you are willing to take on more responsibilities. If you do not feel comfortable directly asking for a promotion or raise, ask this question instead: “What will it take for me to earn a promotion or raise in the next 6 months?” Then go out and do it!

Acting on this list will not guarantee you receive a raise or promotion, but it will definitely make you look better in the eyes of your boss. More importantly, if your boss was not previously considering you for a raise or promotion, the idea is now in his or her head. You might not get your wishes this time around, but if you asked what it will take to get a raise or promotion, you now have a great plan of action to get promoted during your next review session. Repeat these steps during your next review and you might just be surprised with the results!

Published or updated December 9, 2010.
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