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Microsoft to Scuttle Microsoft Money

by Ryan Guina

Microsoft announced last week that they will cease development of their money management program, Microsoft Money Plus. As of June 30, 2009, Microsoft Money Plus will no longer be available for sale. You can read more in Microsoft’s official announcement.

Why is Microsoft ending Microsoft Money Plus?

One word: competition. Microsoft Money Plus is a quality product, but ongoing competition with Quicken, their main desktop competitor, and the recent onslaught of high quality and free online money management programs, left Microsoft struggling to gain market share.

Can you continue to use Microsoft Money Plus?

Microsoft Money users will continue to be able to use the desktop program indefinitely, but Microsoft will cease providing support in the near future. The ability to download transaction information directly from banks will end after January 31, 2011, and other updates such as tax rates, online bill pay and others will also end in the near future. Read the FAQ’s for more information.

Alternatives to Microsoft Money Plus

If you are searching for a desktop alternative to Microsoft Money Plus, the most popular option is probably Quicken, which currently holds the largest market share for desktop money management programs. Alternatively, there are other options to consider, including budgeting tools like You Need a Budget or MVelopes, and a host of online money management tools.

Quicken and Microsoft working on a conversion tool

From what I have read, it looks like Quicken and Microsoft are working together to create an import tool that will give Microsoft Money Plus users the ability to import their data into Quicken. This will probably be available for the release of Quicken 2010 so MS Money users should be able to do an import if they decide to upgrade to Quicken.

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Published or updated April 20, 2012.
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1 DDFD at DivorcedDadFrugalDad

Next thing you know, the 900 pound gorilla will buy Quicken!


2 Miranda

That’s too bad for the people who use Microsoft Money. I use Quicken, myself. I wonder how long Quicken will last, though, with the free online alternatives…


3 Top Blog Posts

I used Money for years, then used Quicken. I liked Money better as I am not that happy with the quirkiness and flow in Quicken. Both tools budgeting left something to be desired.

Going to try Mint and a few others soon although I like to track my investments.


4 Ryan

I believe Mint now allows people to track investments, but I am not sure how robust their investment tracking feature is.


5 Lynn

When the Quicken 2010 conversion is availible, I would like to move my Money Plus accounts from my desktop to my Acer AspireOne. Do you think Quicken 2010 is going to work with the Atom mpu and Windows OPP? I used Quicken for years and was very happy; however, I have got used to Money Plus for the past few years.


6 John

I recently asked Quicken about a UK version of Quicken 2010. You are probably aware that it is configurable to any currency so no special UK version. However, according to them, the transfer program from Money to Quicken will not work with UK versions of Money. Also I can’t get an intelligent response to the question of downloads from the bank. All they do is send me a web address to their list of banks you can download from and guess what they are all US banks. The implication is you will not be able to download from UK banks.

Anybody know where I can get a copy of Money Plus from 2007/08.
Also does anybody know if downloads from UK banks are to end or will continue.
I’m still using Money’97 but I want to upgrade to Win7 and Win7 upgrade advisor says any Money program before 2007 wont work with Win7.
And I’ve just signed up to online statements, something is going backwards here!!


7 Ryan

John, Sorry to hear about that. There are some good online money management tools that may meet your needs, but I don’t know if they will import your date directly from MS Money (though some may if you first export to Excel or csv file). here is a list of free tools: Best FREE Online Money Management Tools

Most of these are from the US, but several of them work with any currency. As for finding a copy of MS Money, check on Ebay or another online auction site. My guess is that you should be able to find it relatively cheaply. Best of luck. :-)


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