Look for Money Saving Coupons on Receipts

by Ryan Guina

Do you always throw your receipts away as soon as you get home? Or, maybe you file them away for taxes or in case you might need to return something.

I recommend looking at your receipts more closely before throwing them out or filing them away. Many companies’ receipts have great money saving coupons on them. Sometimes they are printed on the back, and sometimes there is small print on the front. They may also require a short survey.

Discount oil changes. Our local grocery store prints coupons on the back of their receipts. Every time I need an oil change in my car, about every 4,000 miles, I use the coupon from the grocery store. The coupon is for Firestone, so I know it’s decent quality. How much does it cost? $10.99, plus the option for a $5 tire rotation. After the oil change, tire rotation, oil disposal fees, and taxes, I get out the door for less than $20. The regular price for these services at Firestone and most other places would cost me over $40. What a great savings! ๐Ÿ™‚

Our grocery store receipts also have buy one get one free movie tickets for Tuesday nights (a low traffic night).

Save 15% at J.C. Penny. Another of my favorites is J.C. Penny. Their coupon requires you to fill out a short Internet survey (about 5 minutes). Afterward, you can print out a coupon for 15% of any total purchase withing the next 30 days. That’s total purchase, not one item ๐Ÿ™‚

You have up to 30 days to take the survey, and up to 30 days to use the coupon. So, if you shop at JCP fairly often, you can time it so that you are always saving 15% on your purchases (after the initial purchase of course!)

There are many other stores and restaurants that have similar coupons and offers, so keep your eyes open, and make sure you check out that receipt before throwing it out!

Edit to add another deal: The CheeseCake Factory gave us a free $10 gift card for filling out a short survey. Excellent deal!

Published or updated December 9, 2010.
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