Life Is A Stradivarius Violin

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You’ve heard of Stradivarius violins haven’t you? There are instruments that were built in the 1700’s and are considered some of the greatest sounding violins in existence. These violins have been known to sell for millions of dollars as their beauty is virtually unmatched!

Why do I mention this? Because life is like a Stradivarius violin!

As wonderful as they are, collectors and musicians must be extremely careful when using a Stradivarius. As a musician uses the violin the risk wearing down the instrument over time. Care must also be taken in handling and transporting the instrument. There is also risk of it getting stolen. Think about it – If someone told you your car was worth $20 million you would become the most careful driver in the world! You probably wouldn’t even take the car out for a drive. (Work with me here, if I had a $20 million car I’d be selling it ASAP!).

And therein lies a problem – Use the instrument and you risk damaging it or devaluing it. There are only so many out there and to lose any would be a shame. Once one is gone it’s gone!

But in locking i away the world misses out on it’s true beauty – it’s sound! An instrument is meant to be played not stored away. What’s the point of an instrument if it isn’t heard?

So what does a collector do? He has to balance it’s use. Keep it stored away and bring it out for special use so the listeners remember how beautiful it is.

And this is where our lives and finances come into play – Balance.

We only get so much money coming into our lives. If we use up our income it’s gone. You have to work to earn more. So we save. But if all we do is save then what’s the point of the money? We miss out on a lot if the money is socked away and we live a Spartan life. We need to live and should enjoy what our work produces.

So what to do? We have a similar situation as the violin collector. We need to strike a balance. We need to save money for the future so we have it when we need it. At the same time we should spend and enjoy life now.

How do we accomplish that?

  • Always put away something for the future.
  • Figure out what you truly love and use your money for that. Ask yourself when you spend if what you’re buying is worth the work time it takes to earn.
  • Live but don’t waste. Strike a balance so you enjoy your life now but still put away enough to enjoy life later.

Just like a Stradivarius violin your life is beautiful and precious. You need to live but also balance your life and finances so you can enjoy life not just now but in your golden years as well!

This is a guest article from FFB, who writes about personal finance and related topics at Free From Broke.

Published or updated November 30, 2010.
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1 Miranda

I love this idea of comparing life to a fine collector’s item. After all, you only get one life! And it isn’t always about the money.


2 ChristianPF

completely off topic, but I heard that the reason the wood in those instruments has stayed so great is because he urinated on the wood. No joke! So, I am not sure how that works into the analogy ๐Ÿ˜‰



Umm, ick? How’s this for analogy – life is precious and use what you have to your best ability?


4 DDFD at DivorcedDadFrugalDad

Nice analogy!



Thanks so much for the opportunity to share this article with your readers! I would have responded earlier but this happened to post the day my wife gave birth to our precious daughter!

See, life is beautiful and precious!


6 Ryan

Congrats, FFB. ๐Ÿ™‚


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