I am Officially Job Searching

by Ryan Guina

A couple weeks ago I talked about not being satisfied at work and I wondered if it was time for a career change. In that article, I wrote that I was happy with my coworkers, had a reasonable salary, a good commute, and a few other positive key factors; everything was fine except the actual work I was doing.

Job search - Looking for a new job

I’m officially looking for a job!

Several months ago I reached a professional plateau in my current role, and I need a new challenge to continue to grow professionally and maintain my interest. I have worked with my manager and his boss to find something within the company, and I have expressed my situation to them numerous times. Unfortunately, there just isn’t anything within the company right now that will meet my professional needs and align those with the company’s needs. So I have officially decided to begin my job search.

Why I’ve decided to move on. In January, I wrote 10 signs it’s time for a new job. When I looked at these questions again and answered them truthfully, I didn’t like the answer I gave to some of them.

  • I do not feel like I am continually growing and improving professionally.
  • My current position is a job, not a career (though my manager would say otherwise)
  • I’m not satisfied with my job duties; I believe I have more to offer.
  • I dread going to work and it is affecting my attitude outside of work.
  • Lack of Opportunity. This is the most important one for me. I am at a stage in my career where opportunity and growth are more important to me than the number on my paycheck. If I take advantage of opportunity, the money will follow.

My plan for my job search. Obviously, I can’t go to my management and tell them I am looking for a job. I also don’t plan on sharing this news with too many people I work with (the fewer the better!). Over the next few days, weeks, or however long it takes, I will quietly begin looking at new companies and I will start making sure everything is in order at work – assignments completed, continuity books in order, etc. I want to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

Stay tuned. Later this week, I will do a little update about how I plan job searching while currently employed, and give a few updates about how I am doing my job search. I hope you’ll come back!

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Published or updated December 26, 2012.
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1 Nathan

Wow! I wish you the best of luck.

You show integrity in your work, wrapping up your work so that it ends in a low-stress exit.

I am just about finished living the same story. People and company are great (aside from the typical frustrations found in any company). Can’t say that I dread coming in each morning.

Found the next job in my career and three weeks notice is served tomorrow. Have wound down reliance on my services (by training other people in subtle ways) at my current employer.

Very exciting.

All the best to you.



Best of luck on your search! You’re in a position that allows you to keep looking until you find what you like.


3 Ryan

Nathan, congratulations on finding a new position. That is very exciting and I wish you the best!

I recently started training people on my tasks and involving other people whenever possible. There are a few tasks I perform that will involve a little more detailed training, but I can manage to do that after they find my replacement, assuming I find a new position! Thanks for the kind words and the best of luck to you in your new job!

FFB, they say the best time to find a job is when you already have one! I’m hoping that this holds true for me! I’ll be sure to share updates. πŸ™‚


4 Laura

I’m on the job hunt as well. The main issue is the cost of living in our current area. the wages do not match the area’s cost of living. I enjoy my job and my coworkers, but it would be better to try out a different area.

I wish you well on the job hunt. You have agood reason to look around.


5 deepali

Good luck! I waffle about my job all the time. It’s great in all respects, but sometimes I just am not feeling the desk job. πŸ™‚


6 Ron@TheWisdomJournal

I’m with you on this. I’ve been looking for quite a while, and have been on several interviews, but nothing materialized that interested me

I’ve worked though some executive recruiters but my industry (housing) is suffering right now. The MBA hasn’t helped either πŸ™

I’m still plugging along in the hopes that my current situation will change for the better. There’s a new guy coming up through the ranks that plays tennis with the CEO. All eyes are on him and he seems like someone I could enjoy working with. We shall see.


7 Mrs. Micah

Good luck, Ryan. I hope you find something that doesn’t just pay the bills but fulfills you as well. πŸ™‚


8 SingleGuyMoney

Good Luck on the job hunt Ryan. It’s important to do something that makes you happy.


9 Ryan

Laura, Good luck on your job search! I hope you find what you are looking for!

deepali, I know what you mean. I used to work outdoors for a living. The elements could be rough at times, but the variety was nice. πŸ™‚

Ron, I wish you the best in your job search! Having an MBA with a lot of experience should get you in the door. You’ll find something. πŸ™‚

Mrs. Micah, that’s the goal. πŸ˜‰

Single Guy, Thanks. I’m hoping to find something soon. In the meantime, I am gainfully employed, so I have no true complaints.


10 fathersez

All the best! I am sure you will go about this methodically.

I am in the process of helping my daughters in their maiden job search.

I look forward to hearing and learning from you on the steps you are taking.



11 Brip Blap

Ryan, good luck. I’ll throw some cold water on things, though, by pointing out that if you have a good commute, good coworkers, decent pay, etc. you’re ahead of 90% of the population. I’m in a similar situation – my job bores me to tears, but it pays well, I like my coworkers, a “late night” for me is leaving at 6:00, and I seldom work 5-day weeks. I debate constantly whether the problem is my job – or me. I’m not sure (in my case) whether a change in jobs would be enough to excite me, or whether I’d really need a complete change in career. A change in career is a big change.

I guess what I’m getting at is make sure you can make a big change, and don’t let yourself be constrained by things like commute, coworkers, pay, etc., because then you’re just switching for the sake of the 6-month honeymoon. I went through this mental battle recently and these days I’m trying to accept my job and developing my avocation (writing) instead.

Now after all of that downbeat talk – good luck! πŸ™‚


12 Ryan

Brip Blap, Thanks for your viewpoint. I’ve looked at my situation from this perspective, and I realize I am lucky to have the position I do. My compensation is fair, and the commute and coworkers are what have kept me around this long. The issue I am facing is that not only is my job boring, but I am not growing professionally and there isn’t very much opportunity at my current company (and I’ve even tried to make opportunity and position myself for growth and more responsibility). I’m not planning on jumping on the first offer I receive just to leave. I plan on making sure the situation is one that satisfies most or all of my professional needs.

Thankfully, I’ve got my avocation to fall back on as well. My blogs keep my very busy and give me the creative outlet I need. πŸ™‚


13 KMunoz

Good luck in the search! I look forward to reading about your job search while you still have one. I recently graduated from college and am at my first “real” job, and while I’m not planning on moving on for a year or two at least, it’d be very valuable information.


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