I Saved $250 Just By Asking For It…

by Ryan Guina

I got my cable bill a couple months ago, and noticed my rates were jacked up over $20 more per month. Needless to say, I was less than pleased. In my opinion, no one should have to pay over $100 per month for basic cable and cable internet!

So, I did the only thing I could – I waited a month and called to ask them to lower my charges. (I have Time Warner and I have read in forums they don’t always give you the discount back to back; it is easier to pay full rates for a month, then ask for the reduced prices).

So I paid that month, and called the day my cable bill arrived the following month. The conversation literally took 5 minutes, including connection time. The prices are locked in for 12 months, and the end, I will be saving just over $21/per month, which comes out to just over $250 per year! Note: I did the same thing last year, and saved $288 with one phone call. However, the rates raised a little this year.

I also got a little bold and asked if they would extend the offer for two years, but the CSR told me she could, but that I probably would be better off if I didn’t. It turns out that if you agree to the prices for two years, you are required to sign a contract and pay early termination fees if you want to opt out. That was very kind of her!

The only thing I love more than free money, is saving money! 😉

Note: If this doesn’t work for you as easily as it did for me, I recommend asking for the retentions office and ask them if they can do anything. Mention the current deals their competitors are offering, and you just might be in luck! No matter what though – be polite! That will get you much further than being a jerk about it!

Published or updated March 24, 2008.
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1 Ron@TheWisdomJournal

I wonder if we can get this done with Suddenlink (formerly Cox Communications)? It’s worth a try anyway!

Thanks, Ryan!


2 SavingDiva

I will have to call to keep my internet price down in a few weeks. Lucky for me, AT&T has moved to the area, so I should be able to compare prices and try to get that price through my cable company.


3 debtdieter

Very good advice, I work for a phone company here in Australia and we do have teams in place just to ‘save’ customers, so always ask!


4 Becky@FamilyandFinances

I have Time Warner and we did the same thing a couple of months ago. We didn’t even pay for the full month first. My husband hardly got the words out of his mouth before the CSR said she’d put the price back to what we had been paying before!


5 Know The Ledge

This is great advice, sometimes all we have to do is ask the companies we do business with for a special offer and they’ll provide it.

I’ve done this with my primary credit card for the past two years. I told them that a different card had lowered my rate and they gave me a 12 month special low APR.


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