How Much Does a Nintendo Wii Cost?

by Ryan Guina

nintendo-wii.jpgHow much does a Nintendo Wii cost? Well, the list price is about $249. Right now you can buy a Nintendo Wii on Amazon for about $160. The Wii is the hottest gift on the market right now, and the price is so high because availability is low. Apparently, Nintendo “misjudged” the demand for the Wii this holiday season. Or maybe it’s just a great marketing ploy.

Why is it so popular? The Wii is so popular because it is a revolutionary gaming system – unlike anything else on the market. It is interactive, and works on user movements in a way that no other system can. You swing the controller like a tennis racket to play tennis games, and you use an underhand motion with the controller to bowl. Sensors in the controller and unit interact with the television to give the player a realistic, interactive experience. Everyone who plays the machine loves it.

Some of the more popular games include Dance Dance Revolution, which has an interactive dance floor, Guitar Hero, which utilizes a guitar shaped controller, most of the sports games like tennis and bowling, and several other games which use guns based on laser technology.

So how much does the Nintendo Wii cost?

The Unit: Unless you can find a Wii at the list price of about $250, the gaming console will currently set you back around $450. But that is only part of the cost…

Don’t forget the controllers: The Wii, like most gaming systems, is more fun when you play it with other people. Unfortunately, the system does not come with enough controllers to go around. Some games can play up to four people at a time, so depending on which package you purchase, you should also expect to shell out about $30-40 per extra controller. Don’t forget some of the specialized controllers for games such as Guitar Hero ($170 for the game pack), Dance Dance Revolution($40 for the pad, or $100+ for the bundle), Wii Nunchuck Controller($20), or a Wii gun controller ($15+) for various shooting games. You can also purchase a Wii Classic Controller($19), Wii Remote Controller($40), Wii Controller Charge Station ($30). If you want to cover almost everything at once, you can buy the Total Action Kit($99), that comes with a steering wheel, golf putter, tennis racket, baseball bat, two swords, and a gun. There are also boxing gloves available.

Now for some games: Most games will set you back anywhere from $30-50. In addition to the great games mentioned above, no Nintendo collection is complete without at least one Super Mario game or at least one game from the The Legend of Zelda series. The Wii also has a lot of great sports games. If you want to save some money and purchase some great games, Nintendo has made its entire inventory of games available for download and play on the Wii. There are a lot of great bargains on the older games, some of which can be had for as little as $5!

Accessories anyone? Nintendo Wii accessories include memory cards, non-slip grips, console stands, carrying cases, game cases, and tethers to keep people from accidentally throwing the controller across the room.

Other Costs? I suppose if you wanted to get technical, there is the associated cost of electricity, or the opportunity cost of spending several hours playing games when you could be doing something “productive.” But the Nintendo Wii is one example of a gaming system that is productive. Play one for a few hours and you will realize that you are getting real exercise and probably relieving more stress than you thought possible. And even when you add all the costs together, those two benefits alone are worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

What is the total cost of a Nintendo Wii and some games?

Total cost of Wii: almost $1000.

This figure assumes the purchase of a Nintendo Wii system at $160 (which is currently the easiest way to purchase it), Dance Dance Revolution game pack ($120), Guitar Hero game pack ($170), 3 extra controllers (3 x $15), and 4 other games (avg of $40 ea = $160). Your costs can easily cross the magic $1,000 mark if you buy specialized controllers or other accessories.

The best part is, you can mix and match your gaming requirements, so you may end up spending much less than this for your system if you decide to buy one. If buying a Nintendo Wii is on your wish list this Christmas, I wish you the best of luck in finding one!

Is the true cost of a Wii over $1,000,000?!?

Read how not buying a Nintendo Wii can make you a millionaire! (just be sure to change the words model train to Nintendo Wii throughout the article!). ๐Ÿ˜‰

Published or updated August 26, 2016.
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1 Eden

I bought mine at normal retail price in July. I paid about $340 for the Wii and an extra Wii-mote and two games (one game includes the Wii-mote.

I also bought Guitar Hero at regular retail price- only $90.

The Wii is actually the least expensive of the current generation gaming systems, though the graphics are rather poor by comparison.

Moral of the story- don’t wait until Christmas to buy a Wii!

2 Free From Broke

I can’t speak about the actual gaming but it sounds like the Wii is revolutionary in the way they are able to market it and get people to spend so much!

3 Ryan

I think Nintendo probably restricted production on purpose to create a higher demand on their product. This will guarantee each unit sells, and also create a sense of urgency to spend money on the items where Nintendo really makes their profits – the games and accessories. The profit margin is only about $50 on a Wii console. But games and accessories can be large moneymakers.

4 Mrs. Micah

Wiis are really good, but I don’t think I’d pay $1000 for one. Or even $400. I’ll be posting about their supply and demand issues tonight/tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

5 Johnson

The controller is actually $39.99 but I am selling my wii. I personally don’t like it and figure it is an investment.

6 Ryan

I went by the prices I found on because that is something everyone can go by across the US. As far as an investment goes – if you can turn it and make some money, more power to you! I have a feeling that in a few months they will be very easy to find though, so I would sell it soon!

7 Danny Tsang

I bought my Wii at $249 retail price. I actually bought two at the same time and resold the other at $350 brining my cost to $149. After factoring in resale value after I get tired of it…Say $100, my cost to own it is only $49 plus an additional controller and games. Say I keep it for 5-7 years it comes out to a few bucks a month.

For every toy that you buy, there is a smarter way to do it if you get creative. Games and accessories can be purchased used and they can also be resold when you get tired of them. The depreciation you suffer is simply a cost for that entertainment.

8 Ryan

Hi Danny,

Selling the other one for a quick profit is a great way to reduce your cost. I have a friend who did the same thing. My goal was to let people know that when you add up everything, it is much more than the $250 for the console. You need a few games and accessories to truly tap its potential.

9 Nick

i am planing to get one but i don’t know where to get one

10 Nick

never mind i found a place

11 cbear

i hope i get a wii this christmas all my friends ve it and it is so awsome!

12 cbear

opps i ment my friends have it not ve it. lol!

13 Ciara

Last I saw, the wii console was still $249. at Micro Center. They’re online, if you don’t have one in your city.

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