High Yield Savings Account Interest Rates

Are you looking for a high interest savings account where you can stash your cash to earn a better return on your money than you could at your local bank? Then check out this list of bank accounts below. We will keep this list up to date with the current rates and links to reviews of some of the best high yield savings accounts in the nation. Simply enter the appropriate information such as the amount of your initial deposit and the type of account you are seeking and click “Update Results.” You will then have a list of great online and brick and mortar banks to choose from. They are all covered by the FDIC and have no fees or minimum balances unless noted.

Other High Interest Savings Account Rates & Options:

All of these banks offer online savings accounts for easy access to your money wherever you are. They are all covered by the FDIC and have no fees or minimum balances unless noted. The following products represent both savings accounts and money market accounts, as noted.

FNBO Direct Online Savings AccountFNBO Direct. FNBO Offers free online savings, checking, and CDs. Rated the top online bank in 2008 by Kiplinger’s and has a 4 out of 5 star rating from Bankrate’s Safe and Sound Ratings. For more information, visit: https://www.fnbodirect.com/

Discover Bank Online Savings AccountDiscover Bank. Discover Bank offers excellent interest rates and a user-friendly interface. The Discover Bank Online Savings Account has a $500 opening deposit plus no minimum balance. Also available: money market accounts, certificates of deposit (CD) and an IRA CD. For more information, visit our Discover Bank review.

Click here to start saving with Capital One 360Capital One 360. Formerly known as ING Direct, Capital One 360 features many user-friendly benefits. You can open an online savings account, CDs, a high interest checking account, and the ability to link your account to ShareBuilder, an online brokerage. Users can also create up to 30 sub-accounts, making it easy to create savings goals. For more information, visit our Capital One 360 Review.

Ally BankAlly Bank. Ally Bank offers savings accounts, free checking accounts, and CDs, including a no penalty CD. Ally Bank also offers the ability to create sub-accounts for targeted savings, making it easy for you to manage and achieve your savings goals. For more information, see our Ally Bank Review.

American Express Personal Savings AccountAmerican Express Savings. American Express Personal Savings Accounts currently offer high interest rates on savings accounts, checking accounts, money market accounts, and CDs. For more information, visit our American Express Savings Account Review.

CIT Bank Savings AccountCIT Bank. CIT Bank offers best in class interest rates, with a bonus rate for balances over $25,000. In addition to high interest rates, CIT Bank offers a cariety of accounts, including traditional savings accounts, children’s savings accounts, checking, CDs, and more. For more information, visit: www.bankoncit.com

EverBank Online Savings AccountEverBank. $1,500 initial-deposit requirement. Features Bonus Rate for first three months of opening account. No-fees for online or mobile banking, . Also available: CD’s high interest checking, Money market account, more. For more information visit: www.everbank.com.

HSBC Advance - Strategy 120x60HSBC Advance. Known as the “international bank,” HSBC Advance has over 10,000 branches located worldwide, including an extensive ATM network both here in the States and overseas. There are over 450 brick and mortar branches and 350,000 ATM machines in the US. Over 10,000 branches worldwide. This is a great option for world travelers due to its convenience and low minimum opening balance ($1). For more information, view our HSBC Advance Savings Account Review.

Smarty Pig Online Savings AccountSmartyPig. SmartyPig is a high interest savings account that offers account holders the opportunity to select savings goals and redeem their savings for the cash in their account, or exchange it for discounted gift cards, some with savings up to 14% off face value. It is easy to set up an account with SmartyPig, but the highest interest rates are reserved for balances less than $50,000. If your balance exceeds this limit, the entire account earns a lower interest rate, making this account only good for balances less than $50,000. FDIC insured. No minimum balance, no fees. For more information, please see our Smarty Pig review.

Sallie Mae Online Savings AccountSallie Mae. Sallie Mae is well known for their student loans and other loan options, but they also run a top notch savings account, with very competitive interest rates and a few bonus features not found elsewhere. One of the more attractive features which sets Sallie Mae apart from the pack is their bonus for Upromise accounts. The consumer banking section is a new addition to the Sallie Mae lineup, but they bring a long history of financial management and are FDIC insured. No minimum balance, no fees, and a 10% annual match on Upromise® earnings make Sallie Mae a winner. For more information, visit our Sallie Mae Review.

Zions Bank Online Savings AccountZion’s Bank. Zion’s Bank is a full banking suite with online savings, checking and money market accounts, business savings and checking accounts, credit cards loans and mortgages, and more. You can view our Zions Bank Savings Account Review for more detailed information about Zion’s Bank and their products.

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