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by Ryan Guina

I received a check from Ebates a couple days ago. It’s a little hard to see in this picture, but the check is for $121.80. That’s not bad for rebates on purchases I would have made anyway and for referring a few people!

If you are not familiar with Ebates, it’s an online shopping portal that pays you a rebate when you open an account, click on a link in the Ebates website, and shop like you normally would. It doesn’t cost you a thing to use, and purchases don’t cost anything extra – in fact, many of them come with discounts you won’t find elsewhere!

ebates check

Get paid to shop with Ebates.com!

So what’s the catch, you might ask? There isn’t one. Ebates and similar companies have agreements with the companies they work with In return for sending the websites and stores traffic and paying customers, the companies give Ebates a commission. Ebates, in turn, gives its users a commission as well. The stores are happy because they got business in an increasingly competitive environment, you are happy because you got a discount and a rebate, and Ebates plays the happy middleman.

Overall, my experience with Ebates has been incredibly positive. In the six or seven years I have been an Ebates member, I have only had one transaction that wasn’t recorded – and that was back in 2007. In other words, the platform and technology have grown by leaps and bounds since I have been a member! In fact, I rarely make an online purchase now without first checking to see if I can get a rebate through EBates or a similar company (FatWallet is another good recommendation).

How to make money with Ebates

The process is very easy. Just sign up for a free Ebates account, start shopping from the Ebates website (use their links and coupons to go to the stores where you want to shop), and make purchases as you normally would. Ebates tracks the purchases you make and sends you a rebate. You can also get a few dollars for referring new members to Ebates.

One thing to note is that checks are only sent out every three months, so you may have to wait awhile from the time you make your purchase until you receive your rebate or referral bonus. But as you can see from the check above, the wait may just be worth it!

Not all checks are this large by the way. My previous check was about $15. It is much higher this time around because in the past few months I visited Ebates before buying a Dell computer, Mother’s Day Flowers, sporting goods, and several other fairly large ticket items. Still, a few bucks here and there can add up quickly.

Join now and get a $10 rebate after your first purchase. Ebates always offers a $5 bonus rebate  to new members after they make their first purchase, but for a limited time, Ebates is offering new members $10 for signing up and making their first purchase. To thank the referring person, Ebates sends them $10 as well. It’s a winning situation all around! (note: the $10 offer is subject to change at any time, but the lowest I have seen it is $5).

Ebates is just one method I use to save money and make free money.

Published or updated January 18, 2013.
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