Gas Prices Falling Even More…

by Ryan Guina

Today’s recent CNN Money article, Gasoline: How Low Will it Go?,  states gas prices may fall more than $.50 a gallon through July, 4th. After that, prices will depend on hurricane season and unforeseen incidents such as war, natural disasters, etc.

If you would have asked people a month ago how they would feel if they read the headline “Gasoline: How Low Will it Go?”, most of them would have laughed at you. But that is today’s headline, and if I’m laughing, it’s only because I like the sound of it. 😉

Gas prices in my area peaked a couple weeks ago at just over $3.50 per gallon. Yesterday I filled my tank at $2.88.  It’s very encouraging to see gas prices drop, and another $.50 decrease in the price per gallon will be greatly welcomed. 🙂

These lower gas prices are even better when you take advantage of other ways to save money on gas, including using rewards credit cards and gas credit cards.

Published or updated May 7, 2010.
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1 dong

The thing is if you were in the know, you would’ve known gas prices were set to fall. The higher gas prices were all related to some unplanned outages at refineries…


2 Ryan

Of course there were unplanned outages at refineries. They coincided perfectly with the week preceding Memorial Day weekend and the beginning of high school graduation season. 😉


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