Gamefly Free Trial Offer and Review

by Ryan Guina

GameFly is offering new customers a FREE 10 Day Trial! GameFly is the “NetFlix of Video Games” and offers customers a chance to rent video games without late fees or due dates. Oh, and shipping is free both ways!

Gamefly Free Trial

To get your free trial to GameFly, simply click the banner to the right, or this link: GameFly FREE Trial.

Why sign up for GameFly? If you are a gamer who loves video games, but hates shelling out $60 bucks for a game you will beat in a couple days and never play again, then GameFly is for you. With GameFly, you rent a game and can keep it as long as you want. When you beat the game or tire of it, send it back and get another game. That’s a much cheaper option than buying a handful of new games every month!

Gamefly rolled out a competitor to Netflix’s movies in the mail service in 2014.  The advantage to this over the streaming services is that you can get the latest movies in the mail as soon as they are released.  So instead of treking out to the Redbox to pick up and then return your movie, you can have the movie come directly to your home and then mail it back out when you are done with it.  While the movie selection is pretty extensive the real treat is that you can get the latest releases with the movie service and the Gamelfy 30-Day free trial is a great way to get a feel for whether this service is right for you.

How Does GameFly Work?

If you are familiar with the way Netflix used to work back in the days before streaming video then you are going to be right at home with GameFly.

GameFly Free trial how it works

GameFly – The Netflix of Video Games

If you never got on the Netflix mail service or do not remember the “good ole days” then this is how it works:

  1. You pay a monthly subscription fee based on the number of games or movies that you want to have out at the same time.
  2. Keep a que of games that you want to play.  When you send one game back in through the provided envelope the next one comes automatically.
  3. Keep the games as long as you like.  Only return them when you are done with them.

The games and movies are kept at distribution centers across the country.  When I first started with this type of subscription I found out that I lived within one day of the warehouse.  This meant that when I dropped my game off in the mailbox in the morning, the next game or movie would be back in my mailbox in at most two days.  It made scheduling out the next entertainment much easier.

Plans Offered

There are two plans that you can get through GameFly once the current free trial period of 30 days.  The first is $15.95 per month and includes one game or movie rental at a time.  The other plan is $22.95 per month and includes two games or movies out at the same time.

When I was using this type of service regularly I would always opt for the larger service.  The reason is that I could play the game or watch one movie while the other was being shipped back and forth to the distribution center.  Having a child has cut into my game playing time so I have reduced this down to a cheaper plan since I don’t miss the time I have in between shipments.

Benefits of GameFly membership


GameFly has the largest selection of video game rentals, with more than 8,000 titles including all the new releases and classics.  They started their

Games for all systems

GameFly has games for PlayStation® 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation® 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation® 2, PlayStation® Vita, PSP, Xbox One, Xbox, GameCube, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy Advance.

Buy on discounts

GameFly also sells used games, which can be a great way to buy your favorite titles at a discounted price.


GameFly delivers games to your door. Shipping is free both ways. And there are NO LATE FEES ever!  You can try out all the latest titles and make sure they are games that you want instead of being stuck with a dud.

After the Intro Period

Once your free trial and intro pricing end, you will be able to continue at full price, or you can cancel by phone or online at any time. Full price is $15.95 per month for one game or $22.95 for two games at a time. With free shipping both ways, no late fees, and no due dates, both plans offer a solid value for your gaming dollar.

Great Deals on Used Games

The other benefit is the ability to buy great games at solid discounts. GameFly offers used games for all major gaming systems, including online games, and games for PCs and Macs. Prices start in the bargain bin at less than $10, and you can search for games by genre, style, platform, price, and more. It’s a much better bargain than buying used games from some of the brick and mortar stores out there!

Get your FREE GameFly trial:

Happy Gaming!

NEW Gamefly Streaming Service

Gamefly has started a new streaming service where you can stream packs of video games to your television.  The service currently only works with the Amazon Fire TV streaming  box and you will have to have a compatible controller to be able to play the games.  This service is still in its infancy with only 35 games available but it should be an interesting model to see if it can take on the big consoles.

Published or updated July 22, 2015.
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1 Nosgoth1979

Free trials are great, and I had Gamefly for a while, so I don’t mean any disrespect, but what’s the value of a 10 day free trial with a by-mail service? I mean after you place one in your queue, order it, and receive it in the mail, how long will you be able to play it before you have to have it back in the mailbox? Still though, I enjoyed having Gamefly while I was subscribed. Paying the monthly fee is better than buying 1-2 $60 games a month.

The only reason I cancelled was because my employer, DISH Network, released the Blockbuster Movie Pass which is way better for me in every way. Kind of like having Gamefly and Netflix rolled into one, and costing much less. I get movies and games by mail, with the option of in-store exchanges (very handy if you rent a game and immediately hate it), instant streaming, and a bunch of high definition movie channels. It just isn’t a comparison.

2 Ryan

I agree, 10 days isn’t very long for a trial, but they also offer a discount on their monthly service when you first sign up. It’s just long enough to try the service to see if you like the selection and how it works, and maybe long enough to beat a game before you decide to cancel or continue with the service.

Btw, Netflix recently added games to their by mail service as well, so it’s worth looking into if you are a Netflix user or fan.

3 Nosgoth1979

Thanks for the reply Ryan. I wasn’t aware that Netflix had added games with their by-mail service, when I left they didn’t have that so I’m skeptical they’d have a wide selection in such a short time-frame. Still though, that’s cool that they’re trying, it’s something I’d wanted to see from them for a long time. But I’m actually much happier now with the Blockbuster Movie Pass anyway. Blockbuster gets a lot of the new releases (movies) about a month earlier than the other services, and I’m a bit finicky about the games I like to play, so the ability to swap them in a store is invaluable. Also I have to say, if you can beat a game and get it back within that trial, well you are a more skilled gamer than I, LOL.

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