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Gamefly Free Trial

by Ryan Guina

GameFly is offering new customers a FREE 10 Day Trial! GameFly is the “NetFlix of Video Games” and offers customers a chance to rent video games without late fees or due dates. Oh, and shipping is free both ways!

Gamefly Free Trial

To get your free trial to GameFly, simply click the banner to the right, or this link: GameFly FREE Trial.

Why sign up for GameFly? If you are a gamer who loves video games, but hates shelling out $60 bucks for a game you will beat in a couple days and never play again, then GameFly is for you. With GameFly, you rent a game and can keep it as long as you want. When you beat the game or tire of it, send it back and get another game. That’s a much cheaper option than buying a handful of new games every month!

GameFly Free trial how it works

GameFly – The Netflix of Video Games

Benefits of GameFly membership:

  • Selection: GameFly has the largest selection of video game rentals, with more than 8,000 titles including all the new releases and classics.
  • Games for all systems: GameFly has games for PlayStation® 3, PlayStation® 2, PSP, Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii, GameCube, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy Advance.
  • Value: Plans start for as low as $7.95 month for one game or $11.95 for two games at a time.
  • Buy on discounts. GameFly also sells used games, which can be a great way to buy your favorite titles at a discounted rice.
  • Convenience: GameFly delivers games to your door. Shipping is free both ways. And there are NO LATE FEES ever!

After the intro period. Once your free trial and intro pricing end, you will be able to continue at full price, or you can cancel by phone or online at any time. Full price is $15.95 per month for one game or $22.95 for two games at a time. With free shipping both ways, no late fees, and no due dates, both plans offer a solid value for your gaming dollar.

Great deals on used games. The other benefit is the ability to buy great games at solid discounts. GameFly offers used games for all major gaming systems, including online games, and games for PCs and Macs. Prices start in the bargain bin at less than $10, and you can search for games by genre, style, platform, price, and more. It’s a much better bargain than buying used games from some of the brick and mortar stores out there!

Get your FREE GameFly trial:

Happy Gaming!

Published or updated January 8, 2013.
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