Free Summer Fun

by Ryan Guina

Are you looking for some free summer entertainment? Here are a few great ways to get out of the house and enjoy the summer without spending a lot of money!

Free Summer Activities

Local parks: There are parks in almost every community. Some have the traditional slide, swings, etc, and some offer more – including ball parks, soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts, nature walks, bike trails and more. Go catch a Little League game, take a long walk, or take your kids to the playground. There is fun for everyone!

State and national parks: We have several good national parks in our area. My wife and I enjoy strapping on the backpack and going for a long hike along the river. We can be gone all afternoon and have a great time. The setting is also perfect for a picnic. The exercise is great and we always sleep very well that night too!

Local events/music: Our city sponsors a weekly music and light show every Friday night during the summer. The event takes place alongside a river, and you can bring food and drinks or buy refreshments from the food vendors if you get hungry. Following the live band is a laser show. It is fun for the entire family.

Carnivals, Festivals, and Fairs: My wife and I recently went to a street festival with live music and tons of carnival style food. We had a great time! While entrance to many of these type events can be free, they will get you on the price of food, rides, etc. It works out much better if you eat before you go, or bring your own food if they allow it – some do.

Library: Many libraries offer free memberships. If not, the cost is usually minimal. This is a great opportunity to get out of the heat and catch up on some reading. Many libraries also have free Internet access and allow you to check out DVDs or CDs along with your books.

Museums: Many local museums are free, and many of them are full of local or regional history. I am a big fan of history and I love museums of all kinds.

Ozzfest: Hard rock fans rejoice! Tickets to this year’s Ozzfest are free. More than 428,000 tickets have already been distributed. This is definitely not for the entire family, but it should be a good time if heavy metal is what you like.

    Of course, this list is not all inclusive – it just covers some of the fun and free things you can do with your friends and family this summer. You don’t need a lot of money to have fun, all you need is your imagination and some good company!

    Published or updated February 26, 2011.
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