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Free iPod touch and Printer with Apple Education Discount


School is starting back up, and now is the time to find great deals on back to school computers. Perhaps the best deal going on right now is the free iPod touch ($299 value) or free iPod nano ($199) and $100 rebate on a printer with the purchase of an Apple Computer. The deal is available under the Apple Education Discount to eligible students and teachers. Now through September 7, 2010, qualified individuals will be eligible to receive a free 8 GB iPod Touch ($229) or 16 GB iPod nano ($199), and a free printer (up to $100) with the purchase of an eligible Mac computer. Free iPod Touch with MacBook Purchase

Free iPod Touch with Purchase of MacBook or other Mac Computer

Apple Online StoreMy sister graduated high school this spring, and took advantage of this offer a few weeks ago. She is heading off to college with a brand new computer that will easily last her throughout her college years. She bought a MacBook, an iPod touch, and an Apple printer. Both the iPod touch and printer were free after rebate (a savings of $400!).

This offer is available at Apple Stores or online: Buy a Mac for college and get a free iPod touch. Order online and get free shipping. Exp 9/07/10.

How to get a free iPod touch

All you need to do to take advantage of this offer is:

  • Qualify for the education discount (see eligibility below)
  • Shop for a Mac computer (MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, or Mac Pro) using your education discount
  • Buy an iPod (purchase an 8GB iPod touch or 8GB iPod nano with your Mac and get up to $299 back after rebate)
  • Buy a printer if you want a one (not necessary to take advantage of the free iPod!)
  • Get your rebate. After you receive your Mac and iPod, submit your rebate online by October 15.

Eligibility. The Back to School offer is available at the Apple Store for Education and is open to college students and their parents, plus Faculty and Staff of all grade levels. The deal is also available to any employee of a public or private K–12 institution, employees of public or private for-profit or nonprofit preschools, qualified homeschoolers, school board members who are currently serving as elected or appointed members, and PTA or PTO executives currently serving as elected or appointed officers. (see official terms for more details).

Purchase requirements. The first thing you will need to do is buy the right computer. Eligible computers include the MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac. The next thing to know is that the free iPod and printer come in the form of rebates, so you will need to purchase those up front. However, you will receive a rebate on the purchase price a few weeks later. Don’t forget to mail in your rebate forms! ;)

Send in your rebate paperwork. This is the most important step! After you receive your Mac and iPod, submit your rebate online by October 08, 2009. You have up to a month to send in the rebate, but do it right when you get home and don’t worry about it!

There is more than just a free iPod!

Purchase a new Mac (Macbook, Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac) at the Apple Store for Education and:

  • get up to 10% discount
  • get a free 8G iPod touch or 8G iPod nano
  • get up to $100 off select printers
  • get up to 50% off Apple software
  • get $30 off your first year of MobileMe
  • get free engraving
  • get free shipping.

The best part is, you can stack these offers on top of other offers that are currently available, so be sure to Shop Apple Store and look for other ongoing promotions.

Some of the other current deals include:

*All Apple-certified refurbished products undergo a stringent refurbishment process prior to being offered for sale. They:

  • Perform and look like new Apple products
  • Come in new packaging and include all manuals and accessories, nothing is missing
  • Are covered by Apple’s standard one-year limited warranty — the exact same as a new product
  • Are eligible for AppleCare extended coverage for up to 2 years of world-class support on iPhone, iPod and Apple TV (up to 3 years on Mac)

Personally, I have no problem buying refurbished electronics to save money. Especially when they have the quality and warranty coverage that Apple provides.

Published or updated August 16, 2010.
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