$200 Free Groceries, Over Halfway There

by Ryan Guina

A couple weeks ago I wrote about how to get over $200 in free groceries using the deals that Kroger and several other grocery store chains are offering to entice people to spend their economic stimulus checks. Right now, and until July 31, several grocery store chains are offering a 10% bonus if you buy gift cards at their store.

Kroger is the closest store to us, and this deal is only offered in $300 increments, with a max of 4 gift cards per person. With the 10% bonus, the $300 gift cards are worth $330. So customers can buy gift cards in the following increments: $300 gift card worth $330, $600 worth $660, $900 worth $990, and $1200 worth $1320.

I bought my first set of gift cards and made $128

Yesterday, my wife and I went to Kroger to get groceries and I bought 2 $300 gift cards for $600. They are worth $660, so I made an immediate $60 in free groceries. I also used my Chase Freedom® Visa – $100 Bonus Cash Back, which offers additional cash back on groceries and gas, and 1% on everything else. This gave me an additional $18 in cash back which I will receive on my statement. The Chase Freedom® MasterCard card is featured under both the rewards credit cards and the 0% interest credit cards categories.

The other $50 came from a $50 sign-up bonus which you get after your first purchase after using the Chase Freedom® MasterCard Note: The $50 sign up bonus has since expired). If you wait until you have $200 cash back rewards to redeem your money, you can an additional $50, which will be a $250 check. So if I hold off awhile longer I can get more cash back. There is no annual fee for the card, which makes this an even better deal!

Why did I only buy 2 Kroger gift cards?

I only bought 2 cards because the Chase Freedom® Visa – $100 Bonus Cash Back + 0% Intro APR offers extra cash back rebate for the first $600 you spend per month in your top 3 “Everyday Spending Categories.” Gas and groceries are two of the “Everyday Spending Categories,” (the other category covers a lot of different things). Note: the cash rewards program for the Chase card has since been updated.

I also pay my credit card bill in full every month and I would rather spend $600 now vs. $1200. Next month I will go back and buy two more gift cards so I can get more free groceries and more cash back. :)

Two more gift cards will cost me another $600, but will give me $60 in free groceries, and as long as I wait until next month, I will get another $18 cash back on my credit card. Another $78 for free. That puts a smile on my face. :)

Published or updated September 3, 2014.
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1 Dividend Growth Investor

Wow, you are 18% ahead of inflation. My only question is whether knowing that you are getting a bargain actually makes you spend more money?


2 Ryan


I don’t think it makes me spend more money. I don’t even think about having the gift card until I pull it out to pay. It could have that affect on some people though, so I can understand that concern.


3 Jesse

Nice writeup, but Im not sure I would spend that much on groceries is my main problem :)


4 Ron@TheWisdomJournal

Wow. You’re racking up the groceries! Given what the media says will happen to food prices over the next 6 months, this is a great idea.


5 Jarhead

Jesse if there is no expiration on the gift cards it is the way to go as you are always going to need to eat. It is definately worth doing if you have the $600 bucks now as Ryan says it is free money.


6 Ray@TipHero

This is a great deal and would like to point out that this offer is good at other Kroger grocery store brands. We bought ours through Fred Meyers which are located throughout the Pacific Northwest.

My family spends quite a bit on grociers so we maxed the $1200 limit. I told my friend about the offer but since he didn’t shop at Fred Meyers offered to let us use his rewards card to buy an additional $1200.


7 Ryan


It looks like you’ll be in groceries for a long time! Way to take advantage of a great deal! By the way, a lot of people also don’t know that the Kroger gift cards are good at Barclay Jeweler, Fred Meyer Jewelers, and Littman Jewelers. The gift cards are also good at those locations so you can get a nice discount on jewelry if you want!


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