Free Books for the Amazon Kindle

by Ryan Guina

I bought an iPod Touch last week and one of the first apps I downloaded from the iTunes store was the Amazon Kindle app, which allows you to sync your Amazon Kindle and your iPod Touch or iPhone. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can use your Touch or iPhone as a reader.

I borrow most of the books I read from the library, but there are times when I want to take a book with me when I travel, so this feature comes in handy. A kindle can also come in handy if you want to keep a book and reread it or use it for reference.

I wanted to try out the Kindle App on my iPod Touch, but I didn’t want to spend $10 on a book if I didn’t enjoy the reading experience (most best sellers are $9.99 at Amazon). So I looked for some free books to try it out. Most of the free books are older books where the copyright has expired, but there are some new books as well. I downloaded a couple collections of short stories and other books to try it out, and while reading a book on the iPod Touch is not the same as reading a  paperback book, or even a Kindle because of the smaller screen, it is a convenient way of carrying around multiple books. I read a couple stories from the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and downloaded the Bible for reference and I enjoyed it enough to download a few more books.

Free Books for the Amazon Kindle

You can download books for the Kindle from many places, but the most convenient location is from Amazon because you can order with one click and have it automatically uploaded to your Kindle, iPod, or iPhone the next time you have access to wi-fi service. The following list is of free Kindle books you can download directly from Amazon (Amazon features multiple selections for many of these authors).

A short selection of free classics on the Kindle:

And for the baseball fan:

Wow! Creating this list brought back memories of high school lit classes… Not sure if that is a good thing or not! There are hundreds of more free books for the Kindle, especially if you are willing to search from a site other than There are thousands of books that only cost a dollar or two, so you can create an impressive library with a small amount of money.

Other places to get free Kindle books

Again, I listed these books from Amazon because you can download it almost instantly to your Kindle, iPod Touch, or iPhone the next time you sign on. You will need to manually upload books from other sources. Some other great places to find free books that are compatible with the Kindle include Project Gutenberg (nearly 30,000 free titles),, Fictionwise (A Barnes & Noble company, 43 titles).

Published or updated February 16, 2012.
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I really want a Kindle 2 for Christmas this year. Last year I didn’t really want one, but now I love the idea of $9.99 books. With the recent price decrease I think that I can now justify the purchase. But, I really hope that future generations of this device cost in the low $100s.


2 Manshu

What a coincidence! I wrote about the Kindle App and how it doesn’t cannibalize the Kindle only today.

I liked using the iPhone to read books. It’s good if you want something for short bursts, but I don’t think it can be used for longer. I don’t do a lot of that kind of reading so it’s not a problem for me.


3 Meredith

I was all set to suggest “Free” by Chris Anderson as another free Kindle book, but I just checked and the price has gone up to $9.99 – apparently it was a limited time offer when I downloaded it back in July. Ironic that they’re now charging for it, because the book discusses in depth why digital content can and should be free of charge.


4 Ryan

Meredith, Thanks for sharing, even though it is no longer available. Amazon runs a lot of specials, so I tried to limit the list to the classics which will probably remain free indefinitely because they can be found free in other places such as Project Gutenberg. The free books bring Amazon more customers in the long run. 😉


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