Economic Stimulus Payments Going Out a Week Early

by Ryan Guina

The IRS announced today that they will send out economic stimulus payments starting this Monday, April 28th. This is almost a week earlier than the originally planned date of May 2nd. The reason given for the early send off? To stimulate the economy.

Actually, that is the whole reason for the stimulus to begin with, but I guess they think 4 days will make a huge difference on the economy. It might make a difference for some people, but I’m not so sure it will turn the tide for our economy.

The IRS will be able to distribute the stimulus rebate checks earlier than previously scheduled due to a new computer program they have in place.

According to CNN, “As of next week, 800,000 tax filers daily will begin to have their checks directly deposited Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. No checks will be distributed Thursday, and 5 million payments will be made Friday.”

The original schedule for the economic stimulus rebate check release:

The rebates will be sent out according to the last to digits of the tax filers Social Security Number (these dates assume you filed your taxes by the April 15th deadline).

economic stimulus rebate schedule

If your tax return was filed after the April 15 deadline, your rebate checks may be delayed until approximately two weeks after you receive your refund (if you receive a refund). Since it normally takes the IRS about 2 weeks to process most tax returns, it should take about a month after you file to receive your rebate check.

What is the new rebate schedule?

Logic would dictate that the rest of the dates would be moved up 4-5 days, but the official release has not be announced. Because the IRS has the new computer system in place, it may be possible that they are sent out earlier than anticipated.

For more information, check out the Economic Stimulus Package Frequently Asked Questions.

Published or updated April 7, 2011.
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1 key

This the first site to answer my questions completely. Thx

2 shanti

will my rebate be deposit on my H&R block? Also if not why. And if I filed in feb will it be in the beging of mayif not when.

3 Ryan

Shanti, no, it will not be deposited to your H&R Block. The IRS will only send rebate checks to the tax payer. You should receive your rebate in May.

4 key

Actually if u got it direct deposited they will deposit it the same account. You wouldn’t need to change your address to receive the check. You certainly wouldn’t need to change it on this site. He is just answering questions.

5 Elizabeth A

I had my Income Taxes direct deposited into my checking account. Since then, I’ve moved into a new apartment. I am getting my change of address now and hoping this won’t go to my prior address. Are they going to be direct deposited or paper checks.

Please let me know if a post-office change of address will be sufficient for your records, or if I should get on a specific web-site to do my change of address? I don’t see a place on this site to do it.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Acosta

6 Eric

I wonder how things would have worked if the stimulus credit was a secret and the money was deposited in taxpayers’ account all at once? That would cause an interesting flood of conspiracy theories!

7 Pam

I am a divorced mom of 2 young children who live with me. Every other year my ex gets to claim ONE as a dependant,(this was his year)will he get the $300.00 for her, or will I because she lives with me. Thanks for your reply.


8 Tammy

Pam Unfortunatly since your ex claimed one of the kids this year he will get the extra $300 for her.

9 mee mee

Is there a number or website to call so that i can make it direct deposit and get it sooner?

10 Ryan

mee mee, unfortunately, you had to elect for direct deposit when you filed your taxes; it’s too late to change it now.

11 Ryan

Elizabeth A, If you had your refund direct deposited, it will not matter that you moved to a new address. If you need to update your address for the rebate check, you will need to contact the IRS.

12 key

No one asked me anything about this check when I had my taxes done. So how would it have been an option? The stimulus checks are going out the same way as the refunds.

13 Barbara

Where is the money coming from to fund the “economic stimulus” package??

14 Ryan


President Bush and Congress voted to change the tax laws to reduce the lowest income brackets. The result is a change in the tax code that will eliminate the 10% bracket from 10% to zero for the first $6,000 of taxable income in 2008. But the government decided to do this based on tax filer’s 2007 taxes so they could distribute this money so tax payers would spend it now and (hopefully) boost the economy.

15 jay

I did the stimulus calculator on website. According to that I will only be getting $438. I made at least 13000 last year, why am I not getting the full $600?

16 Michael

I checked out the stimulus payment calculator and I am getting $300..I will just pay down my student loan with it..I only owe $900 and I am done with all student loans

17 Ryan

Jay, I don’t have an answer for you because I do not have your information. I recommend contacting the IRS or a tax professional.

Michael, Congrats on getting close to knocking out your student loans!

18 Megan G

To whom,
My federal tax refund, in error, went to my student loan company- I am currently waiting for the money to reach ASA and then they will refund it to me. Will the same happen with my economic stimulus check? Just getting sick of having to wait for my money!!!

19 Ryan

Megan, I can’t say whether your rebate will be incorrectly deposited or not. I would contact the IRS as they are the only people with insight into your tax refund and rebate.

20 denise

If I went thru an agency to file like H&r block and I got a paper check, will my catagory be under paper check and will it go to my home or that agency?

21 ki

I went through a private tax preparer, and had my taxes directly deposited. But I had him automatically deduct his charges out of my taxes. So it went to his account to have deductions taken out, then it was routed to my account direct deposit. Will my payment be directly deposited into his account or mine? and then he will have to cut me a check? I called the irs they said they had his account info on file. But I did receive my taxes direct deposit after his fees was deducted by his bank.

22 cynthia

I filed 2007 taxes as married and I am still married. We are getting a divorce and we had our tax preparer this year split our 07 refund in 1/2 into 2 accts. will the stimulas rebate go into the 2 accts like our taxes? or will he get the check mailed?

23 joshua

Did anyone receive there stimeulus through direct deposite today?

24 shara

I looked this morning to see if I received my stimuls payment direct deposited, but I didn’t get it…I could use it on food and gas since everything is so high….my last two numbers of ssn is 23….does that make a difference, if so, when can I expect to receive my money?

25 chrissysm

joshua since the last 2 of yoyr ss is 23 yes it makes a diffrence.. since the goverment decided to send checks out early you should recive yous on may 5th instead of may 9th

26 mrhart

my banker said, I may not see it till after 500 when the bank closed, ya just gotta keep checking

27 joshua

my last 2 our 12

28 shara

May 5th!!!! I was hoping for at least Friday, May 2nd….but that’s okay, mine estimated $900 (me and my child)


my last two numbers of my ss is 09 when will i get my check

30 Karen

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should have gotten it today but it’s not there

31 Jennifer

I noticed Ryan mentioned that the direct deposit will only take place if I elected to do so when I originally filed. I had my tax refuned deposited directly, but I do not recall being given an option to say that I wanted my stimulus to be as well. How were people given that option?

32 Karen

I thought ours would be in the bank this morning but not so. We did not receive a letter. Did anyone else not get a letter? Who do we contact if they missed us?

33 shara

I thought the same thing…I thought we were getting it today…someone else told me I will receive it on the 5th…my last numbers of my ssn is 23…what is yours?

34 Robyn Lorom

This is not the actual IRS website, merely a place for comments, there really isnt anyone that can update your records here. You will get your paymetn direct deposited, no worries about the move.

35 Robyn Lorom

The IRS is supposed to be making payments today, tuesday, wednesday and Friday. The first batch of SS’s should get it sometime this week. I noticed no one answered the question about temporary accounts used when filing taxes. I, too used an online preparer (HR BLock) and they assigned a temporary bank account to receive my refund, which they then subtracted their fee and the remainder was direct deposited. Did the IRS overlook this factor, and thus all sorts of payments will bounce back because the temporary accounts are no longer in use?

36 Rosiezetta

Will this money be as income for us in 2008?

37 ki

hey everyone, they said all driect deposits will be completed mon, tues, wed nothing going out on thurs. and Friday they will deposit the remainder of the 8million left to disburse. So all dorect deposit will receive ours this week Mon, Tues, Wed or Fri. Now, Robyn my tax preparer was a personal preparer who has his own tax business his account is still valid he told me it would come to his acct and then he will cut me a check, for me to call around the time it’s scheduled to be deposited and see if its in his acct. But also they said we were suppose to be receiving letters to say how much our rebates would be for. So that means we will end up getting the money before the letter I’m thinking

38 lucinda

when will last digits 48 go out?

39 hannah

If I filed an injured spouse form and the IRS is still processing my tax return, does that mean I won’t get my stimulus payment until AFTER they process it, even though I’m supposed to get it today?

40 annie

If any one needs to change the address they have you must fill out a form 8822 u can get it at the IRS website . Hope that helps some ppl.

41 Lorne

I read online on two different sites that EVERYONE will have their rebates by May 2nd regardless of their social security number. Is this true

42 Jill

I read that we will all get our direct deposits by May 2nd as well. Seems the IRS is sending things out early, but doesn’t want to be too specific. I am truly hoping that Bush set this up so that the IRS can pay all direct deposits by 5/2/08. The information that has been posted on the internet has varied somewhat so it is hard to tell.

43 Terri

Does anyone know how it will work if you did the H&R block credit card for this year ? but normally did direct deposit.???

44 Kathrine

I have a question. My husband and I filed jointly. He works and I do not. (I am a stay at home mother with no income) He as calculated will be getting 600.00 from the stimulus payments. All along I have assumed i will be getting a check. But now Im worried i wont be. Does anyone know if I will?

45 Bonnie

I am bummed. I didn’t get mine today either. My last 2 of my SS# are 01 and I did direct deposit with my return this year. So I called the IRS this afternoon. Apparently the only people getting the early direct deposit are ones who filed a 1040EZ.
I filed 1040A because I have kids. I guess they figure only single people with no kids need the money earlier? IRS told me that the next direct deposit will not be until May 2.

46 Jill

I am under the impression that you have to file a 2007 tax return to qualify for any type of stimulus rebate. Dpepending on your husband’s tax liability, he can get up to $1200 I think with a married return plus extra for the children. Are you sure that he is only getting $600

47 Kathrine

Yes, I used the irs calculator and it stated he will get 600.00. But when I did mine (0 was my answer for every field) but clicked filing jointly it said I did not qualify for a payment at all. Do you think I will get anything?

48 Jill

Do you have his actual tax return? On mine it said on one of the pages what my stimated tax return was. Maybe you could read through the return. I used Turbo tax for mine. Did your husband have any tax liability? If you did not file a retunr for 2007 and did not make any income, then no I do not think that you will receive your own individual tax rebate. However, it seems that you should get more for your husbands return expecially if you have children. How many children do you have and what are their ages?

49 Alan

To do with the May 2nd date, the dates May 9 and 16th are also present in the reports. And these dates are being reported by small media news outlets.

50 Ron

Just FYI for everyone, I found this IRS web page and from what I can see, it answers most of the questions asked here except any info about the IRS changing the direct deposit dates.,,id=179181,00.html

51 Robyn Lorom

I have the same tax situation as Katharine. The amount for the kids is locked in at 300.00 each, regardless of how many there are, and how much you made. The amount for the adults is the amount of tax liability you have, up to 1200.0. Look on your tax return for the amount of tax you were charged before child tax credit, and all other credits. If it is over 1200.00 you will get the full 1200. If it is under 1200 you will get the number shown. It does not matter that you did not make any money as a SAHM, only that you filed jointly and are allowed the 1200.00 cap. The amount of tax liability you have on your return, up to 1200.00, is the amount you will get, pluss 300 for each child regardless of age if they were listed as dependents. I read a lot about this. Still curious to see how I will get mine, as I used simple pay with HR block and the IRS has their bank account info instead of mine..

52 deb

i have since closed my acount that i used for my direct deposit , so will this delay my check by mail?

53 tracy

I read that all direct deposits will be made by May 2nd. They are disbursing funds on 4 days Mon, Tues, Wed, and the bulk of them Friday. So I am hoping it will come through this week like they say.

54 Kim

My Husband and I went thur H&R Block , did one of the things where we got our return in a few days , but had it direct deposited. This does mean our Stimulus will be direct deposit as well , right ?

55 Kim

My oldest Daughter moved since her 07 return was recieved. She filled out a change of address with the postal system. I called IRS and asked did she need to change her address with them in order to recieve the Stimulus rebate check , and was told as long as it was done thur the postal system she will recieve her check , does this sound right ?

56 Lou

I have to agree with Bonnie’s posting. When I contacted the IRS on Monday 04/28/08 I was told that if you did not receive the early deposit on Monday you were going to get it as scheduled. Dang Turbo Tax, made me do a regular 1040 and not the 1040EZ and I am single. CRAP did I miss out!!!

But I am not sure why most people do not do a Direct Deposit for their income tax return to start with.

57 Trent Hamm

It looks like we’ll be receiving our check in the next week or so – we’re very early on the list.

58 christy

does anyone know why my husband and i are only getting 1200 we filed together and have two children i am a stay at home mom that doesnt have anything to do with it does it

59 Robyn Lorom

Hi Christy. Have you got a tasx return handy? Look for your tax liabilty. The maount of tax you were subject to pay before they factored in the child tax credit. If this number is over 1200. you get 1200. If it is under, take the number listed and add it to 600.00, the amount you are getting for your kids.

60 Robyn Lorom

Well, for anyone who is owndering, as I am, after a breif conversation with HR Block I was told that if I used any of their banking products I would automatically get a check in the mail, even if my refund was direct deposited into my account. That goes for simple pay or the cards, etc. Hope this helps!

61 tee

i carried my grandparent does that count for 300.00

62 ki

WASHINGTON (AP) – About 800,000 taxpayers will have a little more money in their bank accounts by the end of the day today.

The IRS began making direct deposits this morning. The government plans on 800,000 such transactions each day, today, tomorrow and Wednesday. After a break on Thursday, 5 million direct deposits will be made on Friday.

The first paper checks will be mailed by the IRS on Friday, May 9th.

The rebates, which are expected to reach 130 million households, include 600 dollars for an individual and 1,200 dollars per couple. Families with children will get 300 dollars for each child.

They are part of a 168-billion dollar stimulus package that the administration hopes will spur consumer spending and revive the economy

63 hannah

yes, as long as you filed jointly and the income on your tax return was more than $3,000, you should be getting the full $1,200.

64 tracy

has anyone received theirs as of yet? I don’t know of anyone who has yet.

65 reese

Yea, I havent received my direct deposit my no# ends in o4 yesterday or today nothing yet! Its the oke doke again from the government.

66 reese

Someone please let me know if they received direct deposit as of yet.

67 Sheila

I used Turbo tax and had my return direct deposited. But turbo tax has the money sent to an account so they can take out their fee’s and then they direct deposit it to your account. Does that mean I have to wait for a paper check?

68 cindi

SS ends with 02, as of 1045 am haven’t received stimulus in my acct.

69 peaches

I went to Jackson Hewitt and I received my
federal check in a paper check through the
mail. I put down head of household with two
children that falls under the earned income
credit. How much will I receive?

70 Robyn Lorom

Peaches, most likely you paid zero taxes this year right? You didnt mention another earner. If you have more than 3,000 of income you will receive a check for the amount of tax you paid this year, PLUS, 300 per child. You may get about 6-700. Just an assumption based on what little infor you gave. Scroll up and look at my other posts for more info.

71 Kathrine

He may get the 1200. All this is confusing to be honest. We filed the 1040EZ. Im really hoping to see some money in the bank today. No one I know has seem a dime yet from this.

72 Christina

I am employed with H&R Block, and I have seen several questions on here regarding the rebate check and our products. From our understanding if you used any of our products(RAL,IRAL,RAC), your check will be mailed to you in paper form, This is true also if you used our Emerald Card. Another place to look at information regarding this is H&R Block’s website.

73 Kristi

We filed initially thru Turbo Tax and did RAL then we had to file an amended return and for that we got a paper check – Any idea how I will receive the stimulus check.

74 jillianl

last 2 digits 00 did direct deposit but still have not gotten the payment. Any ideas?

75 Kathrine

I guess all you can do is keep checking. It could all depend on your bank and when it will show the deposit. Also I guess it depends on if you filed via turbo tax and other systems for filing your taxes. But if you did it just mail in with DD then I do not see why you dont have yours yet. We haven’t gotten our yet either. No one I know has as of yet. I hope I have helped you in some small way.

76 Frances

hello my ssn is 11 and I was wondering when I should receive my check. I had my tax refund direct deposited so will I receive my rebate direct deposited

77 T

you know i am having the same question. i called the IRS this morning and they said that as long as my DD information was on my 1040a form than it would be direct deposit.. and that was coming from a rep from the IRS.

78 Ryan

For those who have not yet received their checks:

There have been some reports of people who have not yet received their checks. This could be an IRS issue, or an issue with your bank not immediately reporting direct deposits. The IRS has reported that over 8 million people will be paid by Friday. If you should have received your deposit but have not by that time, I would contact the IRS.

79 shara

When I have contacted the IRS, I only received an automatic message…is there another number for me to physically get in contact with a representative?

80 Ryan

Lorne, No, not everyone will receive their rebate on May 2nd. The majority of people who will receive their rebate in the first batch via direct deposit will receive it by May 2. However, there will still be a lot of people who receive their rebate after that – particularly if the IRS is still processing your tax return or if you will receive payment via mail.

81 Ryan


Those who file jointly are counted as two separate rebates, even if it is only one income. Thee is a good chance you will receive a rebate, provided your income level met the requirements.

82 Kathrine

Im a stay at home mother I dont make anything.

83 Lorne

I recieved my tax return via direct deposit. I have a lot of bills to pay by may 5th and I was/am counting on the money being there by then. Hopefully I will be one the people who recieve their direct deposit by then.

84 Rosiezetta

What is the small amount a single person can get with two dependent and the largest amount a marriage couple can get with three dependent.

85 Cynthia

I asked a question early and no one responded. I am married going through a divorce we had jackson hewitt file our taxes for 2007 and had 1/2 the money split into 2 accts. I have a restraining order on him so there is no contact. I am no longer at my residence if they mail check. I have called jackson hewitt, checked the irs web site, and tried to call. I’m hoping that it will split and go into the 2 accts like our 07 taxes did??? Anyone have any anwers??

86 Cynthia

Ryan, Our money was direct deposited in half.

87 Ryan

Hello Cynthia,

I responded earlier via e-mail. I understand your tax return was direct deposited into 2 accounts. However, I am not certain there is an option to do the rebates that way. They will probably be sent to the person whose SSN the taxes were filed under if the taxes were filed jointly.

The only thing I can do is say is to try calling the IRS again.

88 holly

I work for H and R block and from what we where told you will be getting a check in the mail.

89 holly

That is if you get a Refund anticipation loan a Refund anticipation check or it deposited on the H and r Block card.

90 Shirl

I filed with Turbo 1040A, then was told because it didn’t have a physical signature, I had to use another form and mail in with my signature. I get no refund, but am entitled to the $300.00 because of receiving SS. My last two numbers are 05 and I have NOT received my rebate. Anyone have any ideas why it isn’t here yet?…Thanks

91 Quentin

my wife and i filed our taxes through liberty taxes and we went back into liberty tax to pick up our check a week later when will i get my rebate back my ss# end in 11

92 Ron


According to the IRS notice:

Q. I used Direct Deposit to split my refund betweeen several accounts when I filed my tax return. What will happen to my Stimulus Payment? Will it go to just one of the accounts?

A. If you elected to split your refund between several accounts, you will not receive your Stimulus Payment by Direct Deposit. Instead, you will receive a paper check.

93 kristi

I am not trying to be rude by any means, so I am sorry if someone takes it the wrong way. I have read all of these posts thus far. If you scroll up to the article above, you will see the sceduled dates for both direct deposits and paper checks being mailed to you. This schedule I believe has been out for a couple weeks now. It will state by last 2 of your social security number when you should be expecting it. My last 2 are 10 and I still have yet to receive mine! So when it comes, I guess it comes. Personally I kinda wish they would have never stated that they were sending them out earlier because everyone is in an uproar because it is not in their account as of yet…They stated 4 days earlier…well mine was supposed to go in May 2nd according to my last 2 of my social, so that meant it should be in my account on April 28th and it is still not in my account. My rant really was if you are curious on when yours will be deposited…The answers is really WHO KNOWS!!!!!! The other answers is to just keep checking your bank account I guess because Bush decided to announce the early release of the funds but has not released a schedule on the new release…

94 sheila

I heard on the radio early today that every one , including people that are getting paper checks should recieve them with in the fisrt week of May, Is that true? I looked on the IRS website and it still has the original schedule up.I also read a little while ago there is a new schedule with more accurate info, anyone know anything about that?

95 Tonya

the new schedule is
Rebate delivery schedule
Direct-deposit payment All sent by May 2
Paper check
If the last two digits of your Social Security number are: Your tax rebate check should be in the mail by:
00-09 May 16
10-18 May 23
19-25 May 30
26-38 June 6
39-51 June 13
52-63 June 20
64-75 June 27
76-87 July 4
88-99 July 11

96 Robyn Lorom

Tonya, can you cite your source?

97 Rob

If I filed a return using Turbo tax and chose for my tax return to be direct deposited,will my stimulas check be direct deposited into my account or will i get a hard check because they use another bank to deposit your refund and take out thier fees before you get it? or worse yet will they get my check?

98 Ryan

Rob, if your refund was direct deposited into your account, you should receive your rebate the same way.

99 Ryan

Shirl, it may take a few days for the IRS to process all the returns. There will be 8 million returns done by May 2, however, if the IRS received your signature late, it may take a little while longer. Good luck.

Quentin, if you received a paper check for your refund, you will receive a paper check for your rebate, and it might still be a few weeks until you receive it.

Kristi, I agree, the IRS made a huge uproar when it wasn’t necessary.

Sheila, No, it is not true that everyone will receive their checks in the first week of May. There will be 8 million direct deposits done by May 2, then the IRS will continue with direct deposits and begin paper checks soon after that. Then for those who filed later, rebate checks will be sent out as they are completed.

100 reese

Have anyone received there checks as of yet

101 Joey

OK, so I filed with Turbo Tax, and never sent in my signature. The last two of my social are 00, and I am yet to receive the “rebate.” What do I need to do!! I really need this ASAP…

102 Kris

I am a stay at home Mom and my Husband Works. We filed Married filing Jointly. I read above to check your tax liability and if it is over 1200 you will get it. Where is my Tax liability listed on my tax form?

103 Kathrine

We are in the same situation. When you find this information out please let me know.

104 AU

I have a question for my mother. She is on ss disabilty. She went to HR to file w/ them even though her income wasnt enough so that she will get the stimulus. My question is this, I have received a letter from IRS stating I will get a refund. She has yet to recieve this same letter. Do you think HR made a mistake with her tax, or is it because she filed taxes a month after me??

105 Kris

This is all the information I can find on Tax Liability. It looks like it is line 57 on your tax form.

Here are some reasons the IRS may send you less than the maximum:

You are single and your net income tax liability is less than $600. (On Form 1040, your net income tax liability is Line 57, plus the amount on Line 52.)

You are married and your net income tax liability is less than $1,200.

You are single and your adjusted gross income (AGI) is more than $75,000. (On Form 1040, this is Line 37.)

You are married filing a joint return and your AGI is more than $150,000.

You owe back taxes.

You have federal debts such as unpaid student loans or child-support obligations.

106 Kristy

My husbands last 2 digits are 04 and my are 34, and we both still havent’ gotten ours as of today (4/30/08). I wish they would have never said anything about getting them early. By the looks of the “early schedule” we both should have gotten ours. Hopefully by Friday they will be in there.

107 Kathrine


I have been told by several people that we stay at home moms since we have no income will not be getting anything out of this. That even though we have filed jointly it is still considered separate in way of rebate qualifications. I have received so many answers to my question about if I personally am going to see any money. Mostly I get no.

This whole check ordeal is a major mess. In our situation if we are going o get anything our husbands will get in it under their last numbers.

108 Lacey

I have not received mine either and my husband last numbers are 01. We thought we were gonna get it Monday and now its Wed. We did have our income taxes direct deposited. I’m being as patient as I can be with this. As anyone received theirs yet.

109 Robyn Lorom

I wish they had never come out with a new schedule, it has everyone crazy, including me. Many of you are asking the same questions. Look up into this message board and you will find your answer. If you are married and your husband is the only one that made money, as long as you filed jointly you will receive your maximum tax liability if under 1200, and 1200 if it is over. If you have garnishments, are over or under the minimum or maximum limits of income, your rebate will be adjusted accordingly. Stay at home mom,s we do get some money. It is the 1200.00 that couples receive. If you made over 3000 last year and paid tax, you get everything you were liable for, before child tax credit, back in the rebate. You also get 300 per child. So many people are still saying, I am 25, have a dog and a cat, 3 children and made $10,000 how much will I get. Read the posts people. Look on your tax form, count your kids. No one I know thus far has gotten a rebate. Its probably a big scheme to get people to spend their money before they get it, and then never recieve it, allowing banks to step in and offer high interest loans to cover our overages. You never know.

110 Robyn Lorom

Oh yes and for those who are wondering, if you used a tax product like turbo tax, the only information the IRS has is the temporary account number the product submitted to process your return. You will not get direct deposit. The only way you get direct deposit is if the IRS has your actual bank info. All others will get a paper check. Unless you asked to have yours split, and then I believe it will be a paper check anyway.

111 Teresa

I filed 1040A direct deposit. Last two ssn is 00. AS of 10:50est today. I have yet to receive my rebate. I really thought it would of been in my account by now. Should not of even stated they were going to be early. I just hope its atleast in there by Friday.

112 Joey

Robyn, so how do we know if the IRS has our actual “bank info?” And if we are getting a paper check when should this be received? Why would you be penalized for using such a popular tax product such as Turbo Tax?

113 dmc226

Robyn, I am as frustrated as you are and now even more so, reading these posts. My husband and I have not received ours yet and my SS is 19, by the new schedule I would have thought I would have gotten mine on Monday. The government shouldn’t have gotten everyone’s hopes up by stating that direct deposits would be going out early. At the same time, I think that speculating on conspiracies is also not the right route to go either and will in no way make anyone feel any better considering this country’s financial situation.

I do know someone who got their rebate on Monday, his SS is 03, however; I don’t believe that his SS had anything to do with it. I read a post above that 1040EZ’s were getting their’s first and so far out of my whole group of friends, it holds true since he would have been the only one that would have done a 1040EZ. So yes, I do know someone that already got their rebate and so yes we will be getting all of ours eventually. As much as it sucks, we will all just need to be patient.

114 dmc226

Joey, I believe that if you look at your tax return it should have your DD bank info on the bottom of the return. This is how it would look had you not used Turbo Tax. I believe what Robyn is referring to is if you had your Turbo Tax charges taken out of the return, they create a temp account under their name to take those charges out. I think that if you paid the charges separately, via credit card, etc., you should be ok. I would go with whatever is on your tax return because that is what is submitted to the IRS.

115 Denise

I done my taxes online through the taxact website and I also used direct deposit. I stll haven’t received the deposit. Will I be getting a paper check now?

116 Hope

I did not do direct deposit but I did rapid refund w/Jackson & Hewitt, so I would imagine I would get a check via mail around the 16th of May my last 2 is ’20’.

I would like to know if I can get some clarification; is it true that the individual receives $600 plus $300/child?

Also, I have been going back & forth w/the IRS from my 06 return it was settled & closed w/owing nothing, now it is open again, but nothing needs to be done @ this time. I understand that to mean at this date & time I do not OWE the IRS any monies, is it safe to say I would get my rebate?

117 Hope

I did not do direct deposit but I did rapid refund w/Jackson & Hewitt, so I would imagine I would get a check via mail around the 16th of May my last 2 is ‘20?.

I would like to know if I can get some clarification; is it true that the individual receives $600 plus $300/child?

Also, I have been going back & forth w/the IRS from my 06 return it was settled & closed w/owing nothing, now it is open again, but nothing needs to be done @ this time. I understand that to mean at this date & time I do not OWE the IRS any monies, is it safe to say I would get my rebate?

118 Jeannie

Like Bonnie, have kids and did a 1040A so no early deposit for me either, evidently! (Was hoping Monday due to ss last digts of 02.) Of course, like the usual IRS way of doing things, I should have KNOWN that it can’t be THAT simple. I guess I’ll believe this money is coming when I get it IN MY HANDS and not a minute before. Ugghhhhh….

119 Katerina

Hopefully this will clarify the questions re: turbo tax (or other similar tax program) and direct deposits. If you had the filing processing fees deducted out of your return or did a refund anticipation loan, you will get a mailed check even if you received your return via direct deposit. Otherwise, if you used turbo tax and paid the fees out of your credit card, then you will receive the stimulus via direct deposit.

info can be found here:
or here:
also lots of q&a here:

also, if you had your refund split into several accounts, you will receive a mailed check.,,id=181997,00.html

120 Robin

I am a single mother filing head of household and have a 19 year old son who is not working and going to college.
Do I get the extra 300.00 for him?

121 dmc226

Here is some extra information regarding the rebate and Turbo Tax. It looks like you will not receive it direct deposit only if you chose to have your fees directly taken out of the refund itself and did not pay via credit card.

122 Joey

ok so now this is very conflicting information… does any one know the real answer to those who filed with Turbo Tax? either if you had your fees taken out of the refund, or if you paid via credit card????????

123 Katerina

Not to be rude joey, but did you click on the links i provided above? they are from turbo tax and it will answer your questions. if on turbo tax, you paid the fees with your own credit card, then you will get direct deposit. if you had turbo tax take the fees out of your refund, you will get a paper check even if you had your refund direct deposited. if you had the fees deducted out of your refund, turbo tax goes thru santa barbara bank & trust. i remember i did it that way a fee years ago and i believe on my bank statement it showed a deposit from SBB&T, whereas this year i paid myself and the deposit came from the US TREASURY. that may be also one way to tell if you are getting a paper check or not.

124 lisha

if u carry a dependent other than a child do u still recieve 300.00 because u carry them as a dependent, or does age or relation matter for dependents

125 Joey


Hi. Thank you very much for answering my question! No, actually I did not see your previous posting with the links. If you would be so kind as to repost those please? That would be awesome.! Thanks again

126 Joey

Direct from Turbo Tax:

Will my economic stimulus payment be direct deposited into the same bank account?
No. With the recent enactment of the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, TurboTax does not ask for deposit information for your economic stimulus payment.

The IRS says taxpayers who use certain financial transactions with third parties to obtain their refunds will receive their rebates by mail—even if they got or will get their refunds by direct deposit.

127 Rosie

I called the irs and they said only the people who filed with 1040EZ will get it before. Everyone else will be on the normal schedule.

128 Kathrine

We filed the 1040EZ and we haven’t gotten anything yet.

129 Renea

Ive heard so many different things about this stimulus payment. I went 2 H&R Block & had my refund put on the Emerald Card & they are telling me that is like a bank account because I have a savings account with them. I dont know if my stimulus payment will be on my card or not I kind of hope so because I need the money. I filed my 2007 tax return on 1/4/08 before the IRS started accepting the returns. I will get the money when I get it. Also the way I understand the new payment schedule is that all direct deposits will be done by 5/2/08 and all paper checks will start getting mailed by 5/9/08 if any one knows any different please let me know your information.

130 Robyn Lorom

Someone asked what qualifies a dependent to get the 300.00 rebate. All dependents that meet the requirements for the child tax credit will be considered a dependent for the purpose of this program. There is no limit to the number of dependents, as in the EIC program.

131 Robyn Lorom

Someone asked where to find what information .w0as submitted to the IRS for the purpose of DD, your direct deposit information is located in the refund section of your return, near the bottom, there is a field for a routing (RTN) number and account number. If they are unfamiliar, then likely the tax product you used issued you a temporary bank account for the purpose of receiving your refund, then deducted their fees and forwarded the rest to you. In these cases, a paper check will be issued. This goes for cards as well.

132 Nanette

I was just wondering since my ex-husband is so far behind on his child support will his stimulas rebate come to me or to him??

133 tracy

Hey Nanette we are both in the same boat, and I believe we will be getting that one too. Did you receive his tax refund?

134 Kristi

I don’t know if this will help anyone, but I used to work collections for US Department of Education. The stimulus will be offset (garnished) to anyone who has an outstanding defaulted student loan through the US Dept of Education. Mostly because they are affiliated with the IRS. As far as child support, that is a state thing and would not be taken from the stimulus due to the stimulus coming from the government not from your particular state you live in. I have had numerous people at my work ask that same question and one person called the IRS to verify his would not be taken due to him owing back child support. Sorry guys but looks as if no more money from the ex! Sucks I know because my son’s father is behind as well with his child support! Would’ve been nice!!

135 Kristi

I am assuming if you owe back FEDERAL taxes, not STATE taxes, yours will be taken as well. I am not 100% positive of this so don’t quote me, However, I am 100% in regards to US Dept of ED! But if the US Dept of Ed is taking their money from the stimulus I am guessing the IRS will be taking their money for back FEDERAL taxes as well!

136 Pier

my ss# ends in 75 but I filed through HR Block in early feb. Will I still have to wait till june to get my paper check.

137 samuelmanos

the date that said it would be mail is may 23th . but should we get our rebate check.we filled married jointly and we have 3 kids

138 Mike

Sometimes i even wonder if people pay attention to anything going on around them people no a days are to impatient. Questions like if “i didnt have my refund direct deposited will mine be direct deposited” is kind of a silly question . I reccommend people start paying better attention. FYI they irs has a schedule that states they will be sent by a certain day which doesnt mean it is going to be there that day. im looking at gettin 1800 back but honestly none of this will be spent on luxuries ill use it for bills. I dont see how this check will help anything it has just out our country farther in to debt. sorry about the rant ok my question kinda related. Why doesnt the government address the fact that the gas companies? our country is struggling but they continue to have record setting profits why not push back on the gas companies and tax them more or insist since they are profitting so much that they give the US a break by giving prices a break? Reality is gas prices go up then food goes up material costs go up everything goes up and noone can afford anything and inevitably the gas company stop making moey so would it not be smart for the government to push into that direction??????????

139 tracy

Ditto Mike, Mine will be spent on bills whatever the amount is.

140 Hope

Mike – I agree, I actually believe those that have a bigger income would if they received a stimulus check would benefit by being able to put the money away. Unlike someone such as myself who will do what other said they would do pay off what ever is lingering or try to at least get a $0- balance to start the process all over again in a few weeks…lol

141 Kristen

I have a small student loan that is not past due at all. Will I still get a check or will my money go to pay towards my student loan? i am a little confused about if it will still go towards my loan if it is in good standing?

142 Renea

I agree with mike. all of my money is going on bills. I am so far behind on them I dont know what 2 do. I am a single mother of a 2 year old little boy that I dont get 2 spend alot of time with because I am working 50-60 per week just 2 pay the bills. I dont get any help from the government because thay say I make 2 much money but in reality I have 2 work so many hours just 2 pay the bills and if I am lucky enough buy a few groceries. My son and I are barely making it no thanks to the high prices of everything. any one have any suggestions. I live in Tennessee

143 Jamie

If there is a child support arrearage owed to you of over $500 and the regular tax refund was taken then the stimulus check will be taken as well. Hope that helps…

Also… if I have direct deposit and don’t get the check when I should have what do I do?

144 Adam B.

I just gasped when I read some recent posts about filing with Turbotax direct deposit, but having the small fee taken out of my return instead of a credit card.. I did not realize the IRS would send you a paper check in that case! Oh nooo, lol… I was expecting that money very soon but since I had the temp account created with Santa Barbara Bank they won’t foward it to my real bank account? This is very disheartening considering my last 2 digits are 92, so I know now that I won’t get the check for another month in a half or so.. Wow what a disaster, stupid turbo tax!

145 Teresa

New posting on the IRS website. You can go on there and check the status of your rebate now. There should of had this on there before now, it would of helped. It lets you know exactly when your getting it, and how its being sent. Also, it’s only if you have filed your return more then six weeks ago that it can give you the information. You also have to know your ssn, filing status, and exemptions. I now know that I’m getting mine tomorrow, not early like I thought.

146 Adam B.

Teresa thanks for posting that, it would have helped but when i put my information in, it said it didn’t have any information on my rebate.. Wtf?

147 Adam B.

This is incredibly frustrating for me. I typed in all the correct information and it comes up with absolutely nothing.. What am I doing wrong?

148 Teresa

Here is where I went. It also states that you have to of filed you return 6 weeks or more for it to work. Also, your exemptions, including yourself have to be right. First time I tried I forgot to add myself.

149 Teresa

Also, Here is the information it gives if you have a problem. Hope it helps.

IRS Hours of Service:
Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 726.
From outside the US call 215-516-2000.
TTY/TDD: 1-800-829-4059

150 GLB


Want to know about my stimulus check experience?
I thought I would share the experience of someone who’s social ends in *07*

1. I filed my taxes via turbo tax having the cost deducted from my return on 02/10/2008

2. I received my refund 02/21/2008

3. I did not ever receive the initial letter that went out regarding the stimulus, I called the 800 number for the IRS and spoke to a Mrs Barnes who said many people did not get it and that it was no big deal. She also said the 2nd letter letting you know how much you are getting will not be coming out for a few weeks as they are behind. This was 04/30/2008

4. I have a late, not defaulted student loan (that I can now pay woo hoo)

5. Monday – Wednesday, nothing posted as a stimulus payment.

6. This morning I logged into my bank, they show me pending deposits dated for 05/02/2008, there was my husbands check and our stimulus refund!

So be patient, they are coming. I hope this helps someone who is questioning their rebate Have a great day!
7 hours ago – 3 days left to answer.

151 Lorne

I heard again on the radio that everyone who filed a 1040EX before april 15th ( I did mine first week in March should have their rebates by May 2nd. The news anchor stated that all DD will be finished by May 2nd. Does anyone know if this is true? I keep hearing different things from the news, websites, etc

152 sally

I have heard the same thing(that all DD will be in by May 2nd). I would like to know if this true or not.

153 Lorne

I did my tax refund through HRBlock. They filed electronically using a 1040ez and i got my refund via direct deposit. Does that mean I will get my stimulas packave via direct deposit

154 Darleen

my sister got her’s last friday, has 2 kids and a husband, did not file 1040ez and last 2 ss is 02, so the people who are saying only ez filers are getting there’s first is not correct.

155 Darleen

what is the last 2 digits of ss?

156 Michelle

Are you saying that you went through turbo tax and had your fees deducted by turbo tax, and got the money deposited into sbbt, and than santa barbara bank deposited the money into your bank account? We were all told that if we had the fees taken out of our return and went through sbbt, that is a temporary account and it won’t be deposited into our bank information that we provided. You stated that you went through turbo tax, and had you fees taken out, and you received your direct deposit for you stimulus…

157 Michelle

to GLB the question above was to GLB who said they used Turbo tax, and had their fees deducted from their refund but received a direct deposit…can you clarify that as to whether you went throught Santa barbra bank, and they deposited the money into your account? we were told if we had the fees deducted and sbbt opened a temporary account for us and than deposited our money into our accounts that we would be getting paper checks, not direct deposit for our stimulus checks.????????????????????????? Confused…

158 tracy

hey everybody the number to check the status of your rebate is 1.800.829.1040, listen until you hear “to check your rebate status” then put in your filing status and then number of exemptions and S.S. number. I just called and it said no information can given at this time for my rebate. If it says that, it means it has not been processed as of yet just like when we called to check on tax returns it said that until it was actually processed, then it changed. Hope this helps

159 Ron

Here is the IRS web page posted today. It provides the “Where’s My Stimulus Payment” as well as the scedule. As shown on the top of the Direct Deposit schedule, “Payments will be transmitted no later than:” and you can find the date your payment will be sent by based on the last two of your SSN. Hope this helps.,,id=177937,00.html

160 Sha

People Please! Why all this griping about not getting the money when expected…when it’s FREE money you had no right to expect or count on in the first place? Sure, we all have bills to pay, but if we weren’t getting this money, we’d manage somehow, right? So stop panicking, keep checking your bank account and thank God for the extra bounty when it does show in your account.

161 reese

I looked this morning in acct. not refund last ss is o4 still nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

162 reese

I looked this morning in acct. no refund last ss is o4 still nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAY 2nd

163 Ryan

Reese, There is a new rebate tracker on the IRS site. You can read more about it and other information here:

164 tj

I had my income taxes direct deposited to my green dot prepaid card. My last 2 are 96. When will I recieve my rebate and will it be on my card or a paper check?

165 Robin

I called the IRS yesterday because the economic stimulus info on their website was telling me I couldn’t be id’d. She told me that it is not working on their website and is not working for the IRS either. They have been bombarded with phone calls. I did get some info that may be helpful to some:
1) If you owe money to the IRS, your check will be taken by them
2) If you are being audited, your check will be put on hold pending how much money you owe them
3) The extra money for dependents is only good if you have a child claimed on taxes under 17. Even if they are still in high school and are over 17, you do not get the extra 300.00
4) They can put your SSN into their computer system and tell you how much you are getting, but they can’t give you an exact date. My last two numbers are 28 and the woman told me I will have my money next week.

166 GLB

I copied that info from another site, i did not post it .. i have not received my check … but if she went thru turbo tax and had money deducted from check it was santa barbara cuz that who turbo tax uses

167 GLB

I copied that info from another site, i did not post it .. i have not received my check … but if she went thru turbo tax and had money deducted from Refund it was santa barbara cuz that who turbo tax uses

168 beverly

this is cut and paste from the turbo tax site:

what if I paid to file my 2007 taxes with my refund money using Santa Barbara Bank & Trust?

Even if you have received or will receive your tax refund by direct deposit to your bank account, the IRS will not do the same for your tax rebate in this instance. It will mail your rebate instead.

In its preparations for issuing rebates, the IRS decided that taxpayers who entered into financial transactions with third parties, such as Santa Barbara Bank & Trust (the taxpayer and TurboTax being the first two parties), would receive their rebates by mail.

This applies only to TurboTax customers who used the “refund transfer” or RT service when filing their 2007 tax returns. The service lets you pay for your tax preparation and/or e-filing from your refund proceeds, for an additional fee, under an agreement with the bank. This allows customers to pay using their refunds, rather than credit cards.

This IRS decision also applies to taxpayers who used “refund anticipation loans” or RALs (loans made to tax filers against their expected refunds) on their 2007 returns. TurboTax does not offer RALs.

I was expecting a direct deposit but i guess i get a paper check.

169 Nicole

I really hope my stimulous payment will be deposited today, as I could really use the money.

I am married, filed jointly with my husband and have one child. I mailed our 1040 on April 15. I owed money and my check was IMMEDIATELY deducted out of my account (within a week). I did enter my account information on our form specifically to get our stimulous money early. Because our payment has already been cleared, I assume that our taxes have been processed.

I should hope the government can deposit as quickly as they withdrawl. Sadly, from reading the above posts, it seems highly unlikely.

170 Anderson

I am a stay at home mom, I do not have any income for myself. My husband and I filed married joint with two kids. According to the IRS calculator, we are suppose to receive $1800. So, just because I don’t work, it didn’t change the status of the $1200 for married couples.

171 Teresa

My refund was in my account this morning…yeah! Direct deposit, turbo tax, last two ssn 00.

172 michael

here is the number for the rebate hotline. 1-866-234-2942

173 shara

My numbers are 23…so I guess I will get mine on May 9th as scheduled….Not a few days early either….

174 beverly

our last two are 31 maybe that means we will get ours today also, but i doubt it.

175 Cathy

I just called IRS as our SS ends in 18 and we have not gotten our deposit; yet we did get our initial return directly deposited. Turns out that if you used Turbo Tax to file this year there is a glitch in their system which erases your bank info, therefore anyone using Turbo Tax will be getting paper checks instead.

176 Cathy

I was told by IRS this morning that most people who used Turbo Tax won’t be getting their Stimulus directly deposited. They have a glitch which only allowed for one direct deposit. 🙁 now waiting for paper check.

177 Robin

I was told by the IRS that if I direct deposit in Turbo Tax, the Stimulus payment is direct deposit. She verified it by looking up my SSN on her computer.

178 Samantha

ssn 21. we owe. we did ours direct dep. i called today and she was not too enthusiastic about me calling (but who would in the case). all she said was that what we owe will be deducted and to expect the remainder by May 23rd. not much help, but i didnt expect much.

179 dmc226

Cathy, I used Turbo Tax, direct deposit (paid fees directly with a CC) and I received my rebate today in my bank account.

180 Lorne

what time does the IRS send out the direct deposits for today? OR will they be sending them at all day today?

181 ceelgee

The IRS really shouldn’t have announced this new date. People are waiting for money and not getting it. My ssn is 14 and I still haven’t gotten anything.

182 maribel

my last ss# are 18 and i have just checked my bank acct. and NOTHING!!!!! DOSE ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM??????

183 ceelgee

I called the IRS and they said that we should be checking our accounts up until midnight. If it isn’t received, call the IRS on May 7th. All this for a few extra dollars. I don’t consider this free money because I work all year just to get a refund, therefore it is well earned and deserved.

184 Teresa

I used Turbo tax, and had direct deposit, and my refund was in my account this morning. Heard nothing about glitch with Turbo Tax.

185 Teresa

My last two ssn is 00, and I just got mine this morning. Never got it early like they had stated, but I’m still glad I got it. It seems like they have some issues to work out if they do this again.

186 kelly

I used turbo tax and went through santa barbara bank to pay for my tax fees, my last #’s are 06 and i have not recieved any money yet. everyone i know who used turbo tax has not recieved theres either!!

187 debbie

Theresa you said you used turbo tax and had direct deposit and got your rebate this morning, did you pay for your fees with turbo tax or did you use a Credit card and one more question, did you use the free file? Some are saying they used turbo tax and got the rebates and others say no. I know with the free file you dont have to pay to do the taxes.The IRS should come out and tell everyone in detail what the rules are so we can stop waiting if needed.

188 Chrissy

This is NOT true to fact. I actually read an article that stated the same info and then as I kept researching, it only appears that things are moving ahead ONE week earlier and NOT all direct deposits will be completed on or before Friday.
Sorry – I really wish that was the case because my last two digits are 81.

189 debbie

theresa did you pay for your taxes to file on turbo tax or did you do the free file?

190 Ryan

Lorne, I’m not sure what time. If you were scheduled to receive your rebate in the first batch, but have not yet received it, please be patient. Keep in mind that the payment is scheduled to be received by the date listed, but that it may arrive in the late afternoon and take additional time before it registers with your bank. Depending on your bank’s policies it may take several hours, or even a day or two before it clears.

191 kelly

What if I paid to file my 2007 taxes with my refund money using Santa Barbara Bank & Trust?
Even if you have received or will receive your tax refund by direct deposit to your bank account, the IRS will not do the same for your tax rebate in this instance. It will mail your rebate instead.

In its preparations for issuing rebates, the IRS decided that taxpayers who entered into financial transactions with third parties, such as Santa Barbara Bank & Trust (the taxpayer and TurboTax being the first two parties), would receive their rebates by mail.

This applies only to TurboTax customers who used the “refund transfer” or RT service when filing their 2007 tax returns. The service lets you pay for your tax preparation and/or e-filing from your refund proceeds, for an additional fee, under an agreement with the bank. This allows customers to pay using their refunds, rather than credit cards.

This IRS decision also applies to taxpayers who used “refund anticipation loans” or RALs (loans made to tax filers against their expected refunds) on their 2007 returns. TurboTax does not offer RALs.

Got this from turbo tax!!!

192 Ryan

AU, You do not need to receive a letter to receive the rebate – the letter is only a reminder frm the government. If the filer qualifies for the rebate, it will be sent automatically by the IRS.

193 Lorne

I was expecting it by May 2nd ( when I heard it on the news) because I have bills to pay. now I am going to figure out how to keep my power on. The government announced this stimulus package, yet I am still unclear how a few extra dollars in our pocket is going to help the economy. All it will do is help pay a bill or two. We work all year for this money and the government should have released it all at the same time, instead of spreading it out over a period of a few weeks. Its the least they could do for all the taxes we have to pay.

194 Ryan

Hope, Yes, you should receive the rebate via the mail. Yes, it is true that the individual receives $600 plus $300/child, provided income levels and the other criteria are met.

If you don’t owe the IRS any money, you should receive the rebate, but if your old tax return is still open, it may be delayed. I wish you the best!

195 Ryan


The $300 is only for dependents under the age of 17. Sorry.

196 darleen

let me ask a question, my daughter just turned 17 at the end of april, I thought they meant under 17 for the file year of 2007?

197 Ron

Correction, NOT everyone will receive theirs by today. As stated on the IRS schedule I post below, depending on you SSN, Economic Stimulus Payments will be “TRANSMITTED NO LATER THAN” not “RECEIVED” by the date shown.

The IRS guarantees “Transmitting” the Stimulus payment by today only for those with SSN ending with 00-20. ALL Direct Deposits will be “Transmitted” by May 16. Even if your SSN does end in todays range, does not mean you will get it today. Your bank may receive the transmission today but depending on how they handle direct deposits, and when they recive it, it still may take a few days to show in your account. The IRS says if you have not recieved it within 5 days of expecting it, then give them a call. Most banks will even say on their signs that “Deposits may not be available for immediate withdrawl”. And thats with you actually handing them the cash!!!

My Source,,id=180250,00.html

As for everyone stressing, there really is no point. We all have bills. Worrying about when we all get this money isn’t going to make this money get here any faster. Nor is everyone calling the IRS about it. There is obviously different info coming from the IRS in regards to the same questions. 2 people get 2 differents answers on the same question. That may be the fault of the IRS not giving their employees the right info, but that still will not change when it comes. Just look at the schedule. If you don’t receive it within 5 days of the date it says it should be transmitted by, then call them. If they say you are getting a check. Why go off on them when there is nothing you or they can do to change it.

You can find out why, so that next year, you don’t make the same mistakes. Examples of what to do to receive you ESP via Direct Deposit would be not getting a RAL, not having your fees taken out of products like TurboTax, H&R Block and not owing the IRS, Student loans, Child Support, etc. I use the FREE efile version of TaxAct and have for years. No fees. Never been wrong. And I know it is direct deposited into MY account. Most states have FREE Efile also. It will not work through TaxAct without paying, but it really isn’t that much more going to your states website and using their FREE efile. I do the taxes for some of my family and they pay NOTHING to any of those products and get their money in less than a week.

And people need quit being so lazy. People need to READ. Most of the questions on here have already been asked many times above, answered above or in the FAQ. Asking the same questions over and over will only give you the same answers everyone else has already received. If people see that others got differet answers and something isn’t clear, then logic would say that that answer is unknown and to either do the research yourself or find a differnt source. If you get less than expected, nobody here is going to know EXACTLY why. We can make assumtions based on the info you give, but you may leave info out that even you don’t know that may explain it. You may have a penalty fee or owed interest. The only ones that can answer that question is the IRS!


198 Ryan


Yes, the end of 2007. You should be fine.

199 Ryan


Well said. 😉

200 Chrissy

In response to RON:

Way to go!!! :::)))

201 Ron

When filing with most paid products like TaxAct, TurboTax and even H&R Block, if you elected Direct Deposit and you are unsure if it will go to the temorary account from that software or your own account, there are a few main ways to check. One is to look at your printed return from your tax product. It should show your Direct Deposit info at the bottom of your return. If it doesn’t, then your Tax product may have used a tempory account for your return. Another is to check your bank statement from when you received your TAX Refund. I filed with the free TaxAct and my statement shows “US TREASURY 220 TAX REFUND”. So I know my refund came directly from the IRS to my account and not from some other “temporary account”. If your statement is not available, you can also talk to an IRS rep and see what account info they have on file for your Direct Deposit. If it is not your account, then your Tax product may have used their own “Temporary account”, then transferred it to yours.

In regards to TJ question.

Most prepaid cards like Green Dot back your card with a “Checking Account”. When you provide this account info to employers, IRS, you almost always select the account type as “checking”. As far as Direct Deposits go, they act just like normal checking accounts. Only without the checks and full priviledges. I have used Green Dot, Money Network, and Netspend. My Tax Refund was actually refunded to me using my Money Network card so I believe that as long as their are no other circumstances to prevent it, and the IRS used your Green Dot account info on your tax return, then it should go there. Check your Green Dot account info and look for “US TREASURY 220 TAX REFUND”. Then you know they have that account info on file.

202 Mary

I have never heard of a bank not making cash deposited available for withdrawal immediately. Now where it’s available may be limited, i.e., you may not have it available for debit card purchases, etc. but you can withdraw from the bank’s ATM. However, not making it available at all, isn’t something I have ever come across. I’m an accountant and my first job was at the corporate offices of a bank.

203 michelle

I called the IRS to update my address and phone number in the system as well as to getting some detail on the stimulus. I think that some may feel very mislead. I filed my return through TAXACT and my return was direct deposited into my checking account. Per the IRS although my deposit was filed electronically and was set up for direct deposit I will be getting a paper check in the mail and with the last of my ss being 55 it wont be until june 20th. I guess I just have a little confusion with the particular software. Per the IRS rep when you are using those services the refund is sent back to the processor then sent to the account of choice.

But I find it truly funny with some of the notes on here today some have filed through other software programs turbotax, as one of them and a few say they receieved a direct deposit refund this week.

there are to many stories and situations on here you don’t if they are all true.

All i know is that I can wait for a while. cause I dont have the 900.00 now and i sure wont have it after I get.. The rent and utilities will

204 Lorne

Ok, now I am really confused. I used HR Block for my taxes. They took their portion out of my refund.I had my refund DD into my bank account. Does that mean I am going to get a paper check? If so that sucks cause my ssn ends in 91

205 Robyn Lorom

Ugh, I was gone all day, and I come back to the same messages. Does anyone know when I will get this, if I have a turtle can I claim him for the refund, If I only made money by selling my gnomes at the flea market will I get a check, if I direct deposited my refund into my grandmother’s account will a tiny man in a circus outfit deliver my rebate in cash? I like what Rob Said. Read everything, then scroll down and ask a question. Better yet, use the wisdom of the internet, and answer your own question, and post the answer. I haven’t gotten my rebate yet, and probably wont until June 20th because I used HR Block. It’s just as well, I would have used all that money right away on new gnomes for my turtle habitat…

206 Lorne

Sorry guys didnt mean to post twice

207 Keith

Riddle me this batman!!

I files electronicly in feb. I recieved my refund DD at the end of feb. The DD came from
“US TREASURY 220 TAX REFUND”. My SSN ends in 12 and I qualify for a stimulas package per the IRS calculator. I did not file with H & R Block or any other advance service. I have a CPA that files for me. I do not have any offsets or back taxes that would effect me, again per the IRS. I checked with my bank (US Bank) and they said there is no holds on IRS stimulas deposits. I believe I have covered everything, and still no payment. I called the IRS they say they show nothing, but that the Department of Treasury is the entity that is sending it to them. (202-874-6740 not an automated number) they say they show nothing as well. No explanation no reason nothing just we show nothing. If someone has answers please let me know.


208 Bonnie

Me too! I used turbotax/direct deposit and haven’t gotten mine yet either. My last 2 of my SS# is 01.
The IRS website is now telling me I won’t get mine until May 9th. I wish they would get their you know what together. I am really bummed now.

209 Lorne

i called the IRS just now. since I used HRBLOCK and they took the money out of my refund they will mail me a check. Due to my last 2 of my ssn ending in 91 it wont be mailed in 7/11

210 Keith

At least they tell you something. they tell me that they do not know what is going on with my refund

211 Keith

At least they tell you something. All I get is I Don’t Know

212 Mike

Why is everyone saying that if you did your taxes on turbo tax and had your refund direct deposited that you will not recieve your stimulus payment the same way? This is false when you file on turba tax it asks it you want to recieve your stimulus check the same way if you didnt see this option try opening turba tax baxk up and there will be an option to do so. Im still confused why everyone is so excited about this check and not worried about the gas prices rising more and more does everyone relize when gas prices go up everything does and gas prices rising also effects companies we work for and will enevitably put business out of business when will the people of this world stop walking around like robots and stand up i think us as americans need to stop letting our corrupt government destroy us. Has any ever noticed that the people n charge are old and close to their death beds and dont care what happens in the future because they wont have to deal with it cuz they will be gone. How can they say that your vote counts but yet in the end its up to the super delegates who make the final decision and these super delegates are going to vote for whomever benefits them the most not who is going to benefit our country. you hear talk about chinas human rights not being all that great but i promise you the chinese people are takin care of better than we are. The us slogan is land of the free home of the brave ha in a hundred years that slogan should be land of the naive home of the thief money corrupts everything. there are to many chiefs in our country making decisions i think people should be able to vote on bills rather thena house full of bickering politicians whom are affected by anything because when they retire they still make what they are making before retirement never having to worry. The more it goes on the more this country looks like a joke and we wonder why people in other countries dislike americans. Its time to think my friends.

213 Mike

darleen if she just turned 17 she was under 17 in 2007 she is considered a dependant

214 Teresa

Debbie…I didn’t have any fees. I used the free file. Hope this helps.

215 me

this works.. it won’t tell you anything if your payment wasn’t processed yet.. 🙂 i’ll let you know on the 6th!

216 Mitch

Jay, The payment really depends on your “tax liability” for 2007 (the tax on your taxable income). The $600 and $1200 figures are maximums.

217 kelly

ok got some news for everyone who like me was wondering when will i get my check? there are different time frames on all these web sites even the IRS. I went to the deparment of treasury site it says starting the 9th they will go out in the mail..i trust there time schedule over all the others since there the ones sending them out..hope this helps!!

218 Lorne

dont trust the payment calculator on the irs website. it said i would be getting bacak 600.00 but when i called the irs they told me only 300

219 Sheila

No, qualifying children had to be 17 or under by December 31, 2007 to get the additional $300.

220 Lenore

Hi, Im wonderig if anyone who thought they were to get their rebate on May 2, and did not, checked the IRS website about when you might receive. I did and it said they had no info on ours it could take two weeks. our social ends in 15. How long should one wait before trying to call someone? Any ideas?

221 reese

Hi lenore yea the same thing with me and I was told that because of santa barbara banking system I will get a mail check which would be here by may 9 because of my ss# o4.

222 lisa

We did turbotax online. We had to pay this year. I paid for my e-filing with a credit card and mailed in a check for our tax payment.

Turbotax – i remember it stated that we qualified for the stimulus payment. It must of asked for my direct deposit info at that time, because when i looked on the hard copies that i printed for our records, it shows my bank info along with the amount i owed.

So, based on all the comments i just read, i’m hoping some of you were misinformed, because we are due for our deposit 5/9, i’m hoping to get ours as much as everyone else.

If its only one direct deposit per file, we are good, because we had to pay anyhow.

The bank info is on the form because turbotax asked for it.

If we get ours directly deposited by next Sat a.m. i’ll write back. I just can’t see why turbotax would ask for our bank info especially if we owed, unless they were on the ball and knew that our stimulus payment would be deposited vs paper check.

I’ll just have to wait and see

223 Angela

To Ron:

Thank you so much for the information about where to look to be sure where your refund came from. I did think to look at my bank statement to see if I paid with a CC (which I did) but never thought about look to see where my deposit came from! I am 93 and was concerned as well when I saw all of the discussion about third party sites as I use TacAct. Thank you for your diligence.

224 darleen

My brother called me and said that his was in his account saturday morning showing pending, his last 2 ss is 59, my husbands is 47, I’m thinking it might depend on your bank when they want to post it. He also though he was getting 600 but got 300. Just wanted to let you guys know something.

225 Miss B.

My husband and I have one child age 16,we all live together. Does this mean our stimulus check should be $1,500? And is it true that it COULD be sent sooner than when it says on the s.s.# chart?

226 Sheila

Miss B ~

It doesn’t mean it SHOULD be, it means it COULD be $1500, that would be the maximum for your family but it COULD be lower depending on your tax liability. We have a family of 4, husband/wife filing jointly and 2 qualifying children but ours is only $1200, not the max $1800.

As far as when, it COULD be done sooner but at this point no one really knows.

227 linda

hi. my husband and i flied our taxes with liberity tax and got direct deposit. would we get our rebate like it said for our ss number which is may 5th.?

228 tracy

My personal tax preparer told me that payment would be the same as how my tax refund was deposited, it went to his account 1st had deductions made then routed to mine. He said that this year he used a different bank in which is not a temporary account, so everyone who had taxes prepared by him and the deductions automatically deducted from his account and then routed direct deposit to theirs we will receive it the same way. It will go to his bank but no fees deducted this time and then to mine account. Because of the way he has it set up this year.

229 Ryan


If the website gave you an estimate of two weeks, you might just wait that long and check again. Or you could check sooner, because the information may be updated more quickly. At this point, I’m not sure anyone knows, and patience is your best bet. I hope it works out well.

230 Ryan

Miss B.,

The rebate could be that much, but it could also be less depending on income factors and other issues. I recommend using the official stimulus rebate calculator, or contacting the IRS.

As for getting it early, it could happen, but I wouldn’t count on it. There are still a lot of people who are reporting getting it late when they should have received it this past week. Good luck.

231 Ryan


I can’t tell you exactly when you will receive your rebate. I recommend using the the stimulus payment tracker. However, the tracker won’t work until after the date you were supposed to receive your rebate, so be sure to wait until the scheduled sate or later.

232 RON


233 Ryan


You will need to look at your tax return and if you requested a refund or paid you tax bill via direct deposit, you will likely receive your rebate via direct deposit. Otherwise, you will receive it by mail.

There are some other issues that could cause you to receive a rebate via the mail as well, namely if you chose to receive your rebate via a 3rd party, or in the form of a prepaid debt card, or something similar.

234 Hope

RON: Check on your tax return; most of the time it will show on your return if you gave a voided check to the tax preparer.

Also if you read on the IRS website it tells you that if you’ve done a return via Jackson & Hewitt, HR Block, etc. your money will be mailed not direct deposited even though you may have selected direct deposit w/the preparer.

235 Debbi

Two weeks ago I checked the payment calculator and it estimated my check to be $1,800.00. I put the same information in today and the estimate is now $1,200.00. Has there been a change in the past two weeks that we’re not being notified of?

236 robert a. longstaff

i had my rebate check deposited to my checking account by direct deposit back in feb. when will my stimulus rebate come my last 2 digits are 51 of my ssn

237 Jeff

My last two digits are 13, and now its May 5th. I filed my return with direct deposit in Febuary, and recieved my direct deposit for that just two weeks after. However, I have not recieved my direct deposit of this check. I do meet the income levels, and I don’t owe any back taxes….so where is my money George???

238 Ryan


The schedule has your date listed by May 9th. If you haven’t received it by Monday the 12th, I would try using the official stimulus payment tracker on the IRS site to see where it is.

239 Ryan


There is no change that I am aware of… Sorry I can’t be of more help.

240 Ryan


Try using the official stimulus payment tracker on the IRS site. That should give you some info regarding your rebate. If that doesn’t work, I recommend contacting the IRS.

241 Janice

I read on the IRS (on the tracking homepage) that if ANY preparation or filing fees were duducted from your refund, OR if you filed for a rapid refund, you will be receiving a paper check. This says to me that EVEN IF YOU FILED BEFORE APRIL 15TH, AND EVEN IF YOU OPTED FOR DIRECT DEPOSIT, but you fall in the this catergory, your stimulus check will be mailed. Yet another “turn” from the info initially given! Does this apply if you used a website like Taxslayer or some of the others who charge you an up front fee that you pay to use the website, but no other fees were actually deducted from your 2008 tax return?

242 Brandy Fuller

I tried the rebate tracker tool on the IRS website and it didn’t have any information. I just called the IRS rebate information line at: 1-800-829-0528 and used extention 726.
Their hours are from 9am-10pm.
They told me that mine would be deposited into my account on 5-9-08.

So if the website is giving you problems just give them a call. They will tell you the amount that is being deposited and the date.

I hope this helps everyone!!.. Good luck.

243 Ron

Ok TaxAct and Turbotax users. Since their is so many asking about this info, and many different answers here, I wrote TaxAct and TurboTax about Direct Deposit for this years Economic Stimulus payment. Here is the info each has sent me.

As for both products, if you used their “FREE” products or filing, and had no fees associated with using their products or services taken out of your refund, then any Direct Deposit Info you provided them should be the same info the IRS has on file and therefore your Economic Stimulus Payment would be sent to the same account, as long as there are no other reasons to prevent Direct Deposit.

Dear TaxACT(R) Customer:

If you paid your filing/software fees with a credit card during filing, your Stimulus payment will be direct deposited to the same account as your federal refund.

If you chose to have your fees paid from your refund, you enter into an agreement with a 3rd party bank (Republic Bank) that provides that service. Because the IRS is not working through the 3rd party banks to process the Stimulus Payments, you will receive your refund by paper check.

TurboTax Customer,
Please see the following URL for the information you requested.

“Quote”-Will my economic stimulus payment be direct deposited into the same bank account?
No. With the recent enactment of the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, TurboTax does not ask for deposit information for your economic stimulus payment.

Although the IRS encouraged tax filers to elect to have their rebates deposited directly into their bank accounts, some filers will only be able to receive theirs by mail. They include filers who conducted certain financial transactions, such as paying filing fees from the proceeds of their tax refunds, using third parties, such as SBB&T.

I hope this info helps to clear the confusion for those of you that have used these products.

244 Stacy

I filed my taxes through Turbo Tax and Santa Barbara Bank and Trust Refund. Does that mean I will not get my directly deposited? I am calling the IRS…

245 Robyn Lorom

I am not sure you are asking the question because you truly believe it hasn’t been asked already, or you ignorantly did not read the answer right above your comment. People read the posts befoer asking questions! Thank you Brandy for that advice. Ron, I had been wondering this myself and while I wasn’t 100% positive it was true, considering the fact that the woman at HR Block could not be definitive, I now know that I will get my money in time for and all that. Janice, log into your account with the software that you used to file your r eturn. View your return (could open in a new window with Adobe) Look for the refund section and a field with a RTN routing number and an account number that was furnished to the IRS for the purpose of receiving your tax refund. IF it matches the account you currently hold, not a temporary account created specifically for your refund and then closed, then you will get a DD rebate. If it doesnt match and you do not recognize the numbers, a check will be mailed. I was one of the first people to file my taxes this year and will be one of the last to receive a rebate..Oh well, it won’t be in my pocket long anyway 🙂

246 Rob Dott

My tax refund was a direct deposit this year. I have yet to receive my stimulus payment…and when I went to the IRS site, it said I was scheduled to receive it May 16. According to my SSN I should have been in the first group. (Last two numbers 07)…should I be concerned?

247 CArolAnn

My last two digits are 02 and I still have not received my check.

248 CSS

I am trying to call 1-800-829-0528 and it says that the number is not available in my calling area. I live in Alabama, what’s going on?

249 Janice

Thanks Robyn……appreciate the reply!

250 Mike

NOt a good number should be 18008291040

251 Stephanie G

Hi! I was wondering if you paid your filing fees with Turbo Tax by credit card or did you just have them take it out of your refund (and go through Santa Barbara Bank & Trust)? I think that it will make a difference as to whether or not you get it direct deposited or mailed to you. Any info would greatly be appreciated.

252 tracy

hey guys, I called 1.800.829.1040 last night and spoke to a live person who was VERY nice gave me all the info I needed ( my total amount of stimulus payment and the deposit date) which will be friday. I also checked the site last night and it worked!!!!! it told me how much and when the it will be deposited after all last week it said didnt have any info. So try it a a few days before you are scheduled to receive it. Also, he told me that it depends on what form you used tofile with like 1040A or 1040EZ,etc. that also determines who gets it first he said

253 Ryan


I wouldn’t be concerned. If the IRS has your date as May 16th, that probably means yours will be mailed instead of direct deposit. If you don’t receive it within a week or so of that date, I recommend contacting the IRS.

254 Ryan

Stephanie G,

If you used a credit card to pay and elected for a direct deposit, then you should receive your rebate via direct deposit. If you paid your fees from the refund, you will likely receive a paper check.

255 Ryan

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Here is more information about How the Economic Stimulus Check Affects your 2008 Tax Return and about Personal Tax Breaks in the 2009 Economic Stimulus Plan.


Ryan 🙂

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