WU Pay – Secure Online Shopping Without a Credit Card

by Ryan Guina

I’m a big fan of credit cards because I love the cash back, fraud protection, and other benefits. But I know that a lot of people don’t care to use them for various reasons. If you are one of those people, then I recommend checking out eBillme for your online shopping (note: eBillme has been acquired by Westerun Union, and is now known as WU Pay). Previous accounts were transferred seamlessly to the new system and the old functionality remains the same!

WU Pay is a free service that gives shoppers the ability to shop online without giving out any personal information, including your credit card or debit card number. This protects you from identity theft, fraud, and lost or stolen information.

WU Pay - shop online without a credit card

How WU Pay works

WU Pay is easy to use – just do your normal shopping at any of the more than 800 online merchants that support WU Pay, then select the WU Pay option when you check out. You will then receive an e-mail with your bill, which you can then pay straight from your bank account using bill pay – just like you would a regular bill such as your utility or telephone. You can pay WU Pay from over 17,000 banks and 75,000 walk-in locations.

Here is an illustration of how WU Pay works:

How does WU Pay work?

Once you send your online payment to WU Pay, they send the money to the merchant. It’s quick, easy, and free, and you don’t need to worry about sending any personal or financial information online.

Where can you use WU Pay? It is available at over 800 online merchants including Sears, Kmart, buy.com, tigerdirect.com, shoebuy.com, and others. For a full list of merchants, visit http://www.westernunion.com/wupay.

Benefits of using WU Pay

  • Probably the most secure way to shop online. Because you don’t enter any financial information on any vendor website, you aren’t at risk of having your information lost, stolen, or intercepted.
  • Cash Back Rewards. Just shop at your favorite online retailer, pay with WU Pay, and start earning 1% cash back for every order at participating merchants. You can redeem the cash for purchases at WU Pay merchant sites once you’ve earned $10 or more in rewards.
  • Additional benefits: Best Price Guarantee, Satisfaction guarantee, Fraud Protection, Shipping Protection.

Have you used WU Pay? If so, I would love to hear your experiences.

Published or updated August 15, 2012.
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1 Financial Samurai

Very interesting service. Thnx for highlighting.

I just use a 1% cash back that goes 100% towards paying down the principal in my primary mortgage every year. I think it’s effective and keeps me disciplined.

CC’s are a great way to help keep track one one’s finances.


2 Ryan

FS, I use a 1% cash back credit card as well, and I get several hundred dollars back per year (it also has higher cash back in certain categories). It’s very easy to track spending with credit cards because I can download the transactions directly into Quicken. However, some people don’t like credit cards, and some people shouldn’t use them. So this is a great way to shop online without worrying about racking up credit card debt or worrying about online security. (millions of credit card numbers are stolen each year from security breaches).


3 fredct

Okay, but you are sharing your personal, private information with eBillMe, right? So you are still “sending… personal or financial information online”. By sending your bank account information you’re actually giving them direct access to your cash, rather than a credit card where the direct access is only to the bank’s money.

It really depends on how much you trust eBillMe instead of the vendor. And it can be a perfectly good idea. But in the end it’s exchange one risk for a different one.


4 Ryan

No, it’s the same as using your bank’s bill pay feature. You basically have your bank send eBillme an electronic check. eBillme never accesses you bank account or anything else – just they just receive a payment from your bank. it’s the same as paying your cable bill or any other bill from your bank’s online bill pay.


5 fredct

I stand corrected. That seems like a good service for those highly concerned about fraud. Would it be true that your stuff doesn’t ship until eBillMe receives the payment, registers it, & sends it along to the merchant (or does eBillMe put themselves at risk in the meantime)? Even so, a day or two of delay isn’t bad if you don’t have, or don’t want to use, credit cards.


6 Samer Forzley

Thanks for the post Partick, and to clarify a couple if the points

You are correct, you do not share any information with eBillme, all you have to do is pay the eBill we send you and and that is it. You can pay the bill two ways:

1) Go to your own banks website, login and pay it, just like you pay any utility bill using online bill pay
2) Take that same eBill, to any one of more than 75000 walkin locations, like a Walmart, CVS, 7-eleven, and pay with actual cash.

in either case, eBillme or the merchant does not get any of your personal information.

We ship when we get the money, usually form the time you pay, its within a day.

Now Ryan I know you are a fan of cash back but cash back is not just for credit cards, with eBillme you get a 1% cash back with your purchases, and don’t forget our buyer protection program which not just includes 100% no fraud guarantee, but it also includes a best price guarantee and a Satisfaction guarantee. For example: you buy a TV, within 90 days you find it anywhere (online or offline) cheaper, you let us know, and we will give you the difference.


7 Jaiveer Singh Bangar

good site we dont have a credit card so this site is perfect


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