Dispelling The Do Not Call List Rumors

by Ryan Guina

I hate telemarketers. With a passion. OK, maybe I don’t hate telemarketers, but I hate the job they perform. I don’t want them to contact me at all -it is a waste of my time and theirs.

The good news is – you have rights which can eliminate almost all telemarketing phone calls to your house! All you have to do is call the National Do Not Call Registry, or register on-line. It is that easy!

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Do Not Call List Quick Facts

National Do Not Call ListThere is a lot of misinformation out there, so I’d like to clear up a few rumors concerning the Do Not Call Registry:

Rumor 1: The Do Not Call List expired. False. Telephone numbers added to the Do Not Call Registry were originally set to expire after 5 years. The 5 year mark was recently reached for those who signed up in the first days of the program, but Congress put a hold on expirations pending further action on their end. From the National DNC Registry webpage:

Your registration will not expire. The Federal Trade Commission will not drop any telephone numbers from the National Do Not Call Registry based on a five-year expiration period pending final Congressional or agency action on whether to make registration permanent.

Rumor 2: It costs money to register your phone number. False. The DNC Registry is free to sign up for. If you receive a solicitation offering to add your phone number for a fee, it is probably a scam!

Rumor 3: I received an e-mail that stated cell phone numbers are going public next week and I need to register my cell phone before I get telemarketing phone calls! False! This is a popular chain mail internet rumor. In fact, telemarketing to cell phone numbers has always been illegal in most cases and will remain so! “FCC regulations prohibit telemarketers from using automated dialers to call cell phone numbers. Automated dialers are standard in the industry, so most telemarketers don’t call consumers on their cell phones without their consent.”

Rumor 4: Cell Phones have to be added to a separate Do Not Call Registry. False. There is only one registry, and you can register your cell phone number there if you like. However, in most cases, telemarketing calls to your cell phone are illegal anyway. I have never had a telemarketing phone call to my cell phone, but go ahead and register your number if it makes you feel better.

Rumor 5: No more registrations will be allowed after this time next week, month, year, etc! False. This is another popular internet rumor. There is no cut-off date or deadline for registrations.

Rumor 6: Placing your number on the registry will stop all telemarketing phone calls. Unfortunately, False. It will stop most, but not all unsolicited phone calls. Phone calls from charities, political organizations, and surveys are allowed, as well as phone calls from companies with which you already do business, or those to whom you’ve provided express agreement in writing to receive their calls.

Rumor 7: Each violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act is punishable by a $500 fine – payable to you. TRUE! Each time a telemarketer calls you, you can sue them in small claims court for $500. If you can prove it, you stand a very good chance of winning! Read a great article about the process of suing telemarketers. Some people make very good money doing this (read: several thousand dollars per year!)

true facts about the Do Not Call registry:

The following information is true about the Do Not Call list.

  • The Do Not Call Registry is managed by the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Business to Business call are not covered under the registry.
  • Your number will be added to the registry within 1 day after submitting your number, but it takes 31 days before telemarketers are required to remove your number from their lists and stop phone calls.
  • You can opt in or out at any time. (But who would want to opt out?) 😉
  • You can only register up to 3 phones in your name at any one time. That’s fine by me though, I can only talk on 3 at one time before I get my conversations mixed up. 😉
  • A business may call you for up to 18 months after your last purchase or delivery from it, or your last payment to it, unless you ask the company not to call again.
  • The registry covers phone calls no matter where they originate from – including overseas!
  • The Do Not Call list can help you avoid identity theft by limiting your exposure to unwanted and potentially malicious phone calls.

For more information about the Do Not Call Registry, check out the Do Not Call Registry Q&A page.

Worried about identity theft?

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Published or updated May 12, 2015.
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1 Mrs. Micah

I agree–why would I want to opt out? I hadn’t heard some of these before…I’m glad Congress is stalling the expiration. 🙂


2 Drew

DNC lists clearly fall short of their intention… websites like http://www.everycall.us or http://800notes.com are clear alternatives that people can use to expose telemarketers and bring them to their knees!


3 David LaManna

How do you say you have not gotten a telemarketing call on your cell phone? I got a new cell and number in Jan. 2012 and only two people have my number, my wife and son. I am also registered on the do not call list. I have had to change my number three times already. I have not gotten one call or text message from my wife or son, nor have I made a call or sent a text message from my phone. The phone is just for emergencies. I get three to four unsolicited texts and calls every other day. I file complaints on the do not call list, but I still get these calls. I do not have a text plan so I have to call verizon to remove these charges. It is an absolute pain in the neck and a nuisance Just yesterday 04/04/2012 I received 5 phone calls and one text, all unsolicited.
Best regards,
David LaManna


4 Ryan Guina

I’m sorry to hear about your experience, David. I’ve never had these problems with nay of my cell phone plans. The only recommendation I can make is to inform the callers you have a cell phone and they can’t contact you, then report them if they continue to call.


5 Dale Johnson

If you recieved no Telemarketing calls or Texts on your Cellphone, you are indeed unique. Everyone I know has recieved multiple Telemarketing Calls and Texts over the years, including myeslf, my two daughters, Son-in-law, all 3 of my Grandkids, 4 Brothers, 3 Sisters, their spouses and decendents. That’s well over 75 people right there. Same for all of these people’s friends and THEIR relatives as well.

While it may be illegal, since when have Telemarketers ever followed the law, as evidenced by the 10’s of thousands of violations of the DNC list every day?

To say your “fact” about cellphones is not a FACT is an understatement. The fact that you never recieved a call is not Empirican Evidence of anything except your good fortune so be grateful and tell people what they need to do when they recieve these illegal calls.


6 Kevin

The idea that telemarketers don’t call cell phones is completely wrong. I get so many (even though I have been on the registry since 2005) that I answer the phone “This is Kevin” because the auto-dialers are expecting a Hello before patching you through. When I hear silence, I hang-up.


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