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Ryan Guina HeadshotHello, my name is Ryan Guina, and I am the founder and editor of Cash Money Life.

We appreciate and welcome comments, reader questions, article ideas and tips, media inquiries, and advertising inquiries. Please read the following details before contacting me. It will save us both a lot of time!

About writing for Cash Money Life: Due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive, we only accept guest articles from bloggers we already have a personal or working relationship with (The good news is I’m easy to get to know! Get to know me and your odds of landing a guest post are much better).

We rarely accept unsolicited guest post requests. We do not accept guest posts from commercial websites, guest articles written solely for SEO purposes, or articles promoting payday loans, cash advances, debt consolidation, credit repair, forex, binary options, or similar products or services.

We may have paid writing positions available on a per-article basis. If you are interested in being a staff writer, please see our writing requirements page for more information. Please send examples of your relevant work, such as a link to your website or articles you have written for similar sites.

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Please use the following contact form if you wish to send me a message.