Haven’t Filed Your Taxes Yet? You’re Not Alone!

by Ryan Guina

Have you filed your taxes yet? I just finished my taxes this week. Unfortunately, the news was not good – my wife and I owe $1,100. But we will get $1,200 for the economic stimulus rebate in May, so that will make up for it (economic stimulus rebate check schedule).

file late taxes - who filed last?

Are you going to file late taxes this year?

I had a feeling our tax situation would result in us owing money to the IRS this year, which is one of the reasons I put it off for so long! Well, it appears as though I am not the only person pushing the envelope. Every year, millions of people wait until the last few weeks to file their taxes, and many hundreds of thousands wait until the final days!

If you haven’t filed yet, you’re not alone! With the tax deadline of April 15 right around the corner, Intuit, the maker of Turbo Tax products, again tallied last-minute online tax filings to find out which American cities are the biggest procrastinators when it comes to filing federal income tax returns.

Top 10 US Cities Most Likely to Procrastinate on Their Taxes:

The following list includes the TOP 10 TAX PROCRASTINATING CITIES IN AMERICA determined by the number of tax returns electronically filed online via the Turbo Tax Online service (previous year ranking in parenthesis):

1. Chicago, Ill. – (#2) – Chicago hasn’t won a championship worth talking about since MJ was in town. Finally, they have something to be proud about!

2. New York, N.Y. – (#5) – The Giants may be number one in pro football, but New York is second on the list of late filers.

3. Houston, Texas – (#1) – Houstonians have topped this list 3 times in 7 years. If only their baseball team were as consistent at winning!

5.Austin, Texas – (#4) These guys have the best excuse of the bunch – they’re too busy rocking out at the SXSW Festivals to worry about taxes!

4. San Francisco, Calif. – (#5) – It looks like San Franciscans were so enamored with Barry Bonds last year, they almost forgot to file their taxes. Luckily, most of them filed in time. Mr. Bonds on the other hand, was investigated for tax evasion for not reporting memorabilia sales… Some celebrities are definitely not role models!

6. San Diego, Calif. – (#6) – Baseball, boat shows, and the beautiful ocean. It’s easy to forget tax season when you live in paradise!

7. Seattle, Wash. – (#8) I blame it on Bill Gates. I’m kidding, I just couldn’t think of anything snappy to say for Seattle. I did enjoy it when I visited a few years ago, but I missed out on the Jimi Hendrix Museum. That’s my excuse to go back!

8. Las Vegas, Nev. – (#11) – I can think of at least 2 dozen things I’d rather do in Las Vegas instead of taxes. Yep, I think I’d wait until the last minute as well!

9. San Antonio, Texas – (#7) – Every year in April, San Antonio holds Fiesta, a week long party celebrating the Hispanic culture. The food, music, beer, and atmosphere are excellent! Just another reason to delay filing taxes!

10. Los Angeles, Calif. – (#12) – Apparently Los Angelinos were busy chasing Britney Spears all over town and waited until the deadline to file their taxes. At least they didn’t let the forlorn Britney file their taxes for them.

Still haven’t filed your taxes?

That’s OK. The good news is you don’t have to file late taxes – you have some options. The first thing you can do is bite the bullet and file your taxes. Here are some resources for filing your federal taxes for free, and here is how you can file your state taxes. If you still don’t have enough time to file your taxes, then consider filing an extension. Just keep in mind that you need to pay any taxes owed before the April 15 deadline, and you must file your taxes by October 15th or they will be considered late and you may owe penalties and fees.

Published or updated October 22, 2012.
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1 Dividend growth investor

I haven’t filed my taxes yet as well. That’s because some people made a wrong W2, and it has taken them a while to correct it and send it to me.
But at least I have prepared my taxes and I just need to “send” them.

There’s an ongoing debate which is better – a tax refund or owing taxes to IRS. If you have the resources having to pay to the IRS at year end means that you actually received a loan from the govt. If $1000 would put a whole through your finances though, you would love to get refunds ( who cares about losing $50 of interest). Most people that I know who get refunds are terrible at money management so for them getting a refund is good, because otherwise they would have had to borrow against credit cards ( at 15-20% APR for them)..


2 wealthy_1

We always file on April 15. My friend is an accountant and she does our taxes. We just sent the information to her last week. On April 14 either my husband or I will go pick up the package. We always owe. I think that’s why we always wait until the last day.


3 Lee

We’ve done our taxes already, but owe about $1,200., so we’re waiting until we get the money to be able to send it. We should have it by the end of next week, hopefully.
This is the first time we’ve waited so long to send our return. Usually, we’ve got it sent by mid-February. This year was sure different. We owe more because we made more, but it doesn’t feel like it…(thankfully, we should get a 1,500. rebate, so that’ll help.)


4 Mrs. Micah

I’ve got ours pretty much ready except for that last W-2. If I’d done it earlier, though, maybe that W-2 wouldn’t have escaped.


5 Ryan

Lee, I know what you mean! My wife and I are in the same boat, which is why we owe $1,100. We get a $1,200 rebate, so it’s a wash, but we still have to wait a month or two to get the money. I’ll mail our check to the IRS next week. I want to make sure they get it in plenty of time.


6 Ryan

DGI, I can’t say which is better. If you owe every year, but are prepared to give that money back, then earning a few extra bucks interest is better. If it puts you in a financial bind, then it is definitely not better!


7 El Cheapo

I surpised that LA didn’t rank any higher. Most of my co-workers are late filers and have been that way over the last few years. As a former Chicago-ian, I think the delays are due to not actually digging out of the snow until late-March and probably one of the worst USPS in the nation. Haha


8 Dividends4Life

I have got to work on my taxes today! I always put it off due to their complexities around some of my investments (MLPs, K-1s, etc.) My 2008 goal is to find a way to simplify taxes!

Best Wishes,


9 David

It’s tax time? 😉

Just submitted today…and we owe more than $1,100! Thanks for the mention Ryan.


10 Shanti @ Antishay

Hahaa… I live in Seattle and have completed my taxes, but have yet to file! That is pretty interesting… you could say that it’s because there is so much rain here, people get depressed and don’t get around to doing much of anything sometimes? I couldn’t say this for myself, but it is true of a large part of the society here. Doesn’t Seattle have the highest suicide rate in the country? I’m not sure on that one…


11 Alan

Yeah it seems like everyone I know has to pay this year. It’s horrible, you pay all year and then as a final blow they ask for more at the end of the year. Best luck with all your taxes. Thankful I don’t owe as much as some of the figures here, nevertheless …


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