Citi Price Rewind – Save Money AFTER Making a Purchase

by Ryan Guina

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I love it when credit card companies get competitive with each other. For all the bad press credit cards get, there is a lot of good to be had, if you use credit cards correctly. Citi Price Rewind is the latest example of how consumers win when they use credit cards the right way. Citi Price Rewind is a price protection program that works for consumers.

Citi Price Rewind – How it Works

Here is how it works:

  1. Make a qualified purchase entirely with an eligible Citi credit card in a store or online. Examples of common items Citi Price Rewind covers include electronics, appliances, clothing and toys. Full description of coverage and eligible Citi consumer credit cards, as well as exclusions and limitations, is included on
  2. Register an item on, including where and when it was purchased and the price paid.
  3. For 30 calendar days after the purchase, Citi Price Rewind will search hundreds of retailers’ sites for a lower price on the same item.
  4. If a price that is at least $25 lower than what was paid is found, the cardmember will receive an email notifying them they qualify to request a refund.
  5. Once the customer files an eligible claim, a check refunding the difference in price will be sent to the Citi cardmember. Citi cardmembers can enjoy savings of up to $250 per item and up to $1,000 annually.

Citi Price Rewind Details

Citi Price Rewind

Citi Price Rewind – save money on purchases you already made.

As you can see from the image above, there are a few things you need to be aware of: you need to register a Citi consumer credit card (business cards are ineligible for Price Rewind at this time). Once you make a qualified purchase, you need to register it at Citi, and their automated software will do the rest, automatically scanning the internet for a lower price. This happens around the clock for the next 30 days. If they find a price that is $25 or more less than your purchase price, you will receive the difference. There are limits, of course. You can only receive a refund of up to $250 per receipt, and $1,000 per year. Both of those are significant savings, however, and well worth using this service.

What is covered under Price Rewind? Great question. Like all good programs, there are exclusions. Most of them clearly make sense, such as boats, motorized vehicles, land, consumables, services, and other items. You can get a full list on the Price Rewind Description of Coverage. The Description of Coverage also covers details for how to make a claim for the refund, and several other important items.

Thoughts about Price Rewind

Overall, I think this is a great service for Citi customers, especially with Christmas (and Black Friday!) right around the corner. The advertised deals throughout the Christmas holiday season will certainly be lower than many purchases made in the next few days and weeks. This makes it easy to shop responsibly, without having to spend hours trying to save $25.

Published or updated December 14, 2015.
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1 Jon @ MoneySmartGuides

This is a pretty neat idea. I know when I bought our flat screen TVs, I was checking out the ads every Sunday for the next month to see if I could go back and get the store I bought from to match the lower price. I think of all the time I would have saved if I could just register the purchase and let Citi do the work. Of course I would still have to submit the receipt too.

I think this makes great sense for those that actually check to see if there is a lower price. For many others, they won’t take the time to either register the purchase or submit the receipt, just like with rebates.


2 Ryan Guina

I agree Jon – it’s a useful tool for people who are price-conscious. It’s even easier than trying to stay up to date with all the prices on your own though, since they do the work for you. I think it is worth it for any relatively large purchase – especially for electronics!


3 Randall Hill

I tried the Citi Card Price Rewind and have been very disappointed. I purchased a refrigerator and stove from Home Depot in October. I got a email from the Citicard reference the Price rewind program. So I thought I would try it. It was Thanksgiving weekend(Black Friday). I logged onto the the Home Depot website and sure enough the exact same model GE refrigerator was on sale for $100.00 less and the exact same model stove was on sale for $202.00 less. So I entered the information into the price rewind website and it started searching (yeah right). The stove it did find $25.00 cheaper but could find the refrigerator any cheaper even though I am looking at the Home Depot ads. So I cancel the on-line search and manuelly fill out the form and send in all the information including copies of the Home depot sale with the cheaper prices. Both my “claims” were denied stating “price difference less than $25.00” even after they have the ads included with the claim. The the rewind program is just marketing and they have no intent to honor the program. I have used my Citicard for close to $10,000 in purchases this year, but will not use it any longer. Dont fall for the hype and dont waste your time trying to use the service.

Unhappy CitiCard Holder,
Randall Hill


4 Manfred

This is just a marketing trick. Citibank delegates everything to an insurance company. Like any insurance company they try to do everything to evade the need to pay. They require a lot of documentation you normally don’t have as a regular shopper. I bought a door at Home Depot, which they actually were able to find for a cheaper price. However, they failed to send the e-mail notification, so consequently I missed the 60 days to file the claim. Then I uploaded the documents and faxed them several times (Home Depot receipt), but either they never received it or the content did not satisfy them. They repeatedly requested the exact model number despite I had sent them everything I had gotten from Home Depot. Apparently the details requested by the insurance company are not part of a regular shopping receipt, so you are in a catch 22. In summary: I think it is a hoax.


5 Angel

This sounds like a great deal but I started a price rewind on a laptop I purchased from Best Buy. I logged in to track my claim and saw that Citi found the same laptop for $52 less only one week before the 30 day tracking expired so I uploaded my receipt and waited. When the tracking period expired, they sent me the email on their findings claiming they didn’t find a lower price. They obviously have no intention of honoring this program! Fraud!


6 Ouroborus

Looking at the fine print, there are a lot of things that don’t count. The main one is discount prices. You can’t make claims on things you got on discount. If you paid full price on your purchase, it doesn’t count if the other, cheaper seller is offering the product on discount.

They also don’t list the retailers they scan. I suspect they instead just match your claims with other peoples’ claims.


7 Ann Miller

Citi Price rewind is a joke. After responding and sending added information that was requested, I’m told that the TV that I purchased was not the same product that was registered, not true!! I have been a very good customer up until now. It’s a joke, nothing but smoke and mirrors, don’t waste your time on this scam!!!



8 Marc

I was notified by email by Citi Prize rewind that my laptop price was about $500.00 cheaper of what I paid and in order to receive the $500.00 I had to file a claim which I did within the time limit.
After a long time ( I purchased my laptop on10/12/2014 ) no answer by citi prize rewind ; after several phone calls I was told citi prize never received my claim even though I was given a claim number.
I resubmitted the claim and was told it would take a week or 2 to “acknowledge” the receipt of the claim.
One day out of the blue I received a letter dated 03/09/2015 stating : “as of this date, we have not received the completed benefit form”.
After new phone calls I was told it was an automatic computer generating letter and to disregard it and ” I have to understand to be patient because of the holidays and the number of requests….”.
On 03/18/2015 I was notified by letter : ” Your claim for benefits under the citi prize rewind program has been received but denied as the items are not the same model….”.
Based on the claim form provided by citi rewind program it was exactly the same item, but was told that ONE LETTER WAS DIFFERENT THEREFORE THE CLAIM WAS DENIED .



9 tonylatt

Farce. They emailed me about a possible price rewind on a Movado model 3600005 watch I bought at Macy’s. I said go ahead. They responded that THEY found it online for $100 less. I supplied the receipt and tag info showing the model number. I waited the required time and got a letter that the model wasn’t the same. THEY FOUND IT and it was the same model. I called to get an explanation and all I got was it wasn’t the same model. I use that card for all of my purchase but because of this deception I am cancelling my account for that credit card and will get one elsewhere. A total waste of time.


10 MK

This program is a joke! I sent them all the information required and they sent me a letter asking for the same thing again. Who has the time to do things manually, post the letter and be asked to do it twice? They don’t let you do it online even if they offer it. When you try to do it, you get a message saying they have a “problem” with the request. I have being getting the same message for a year! Every single time I try to use the online option!
It’s misleading in all senses and a HUGE disappointment!


11 Veronica

I agree with all of the comments that this program is a HOAX. I have mailed out many claims along with all of the required documents, but they keep mailing back letters asking me to show proves of credit card transaction of the purchase or prove that the item is not used for business or commercial gain. In general, they do not want re-credit my claims as advertised.

This program is a FRAUD, trying to trick consumers into thinking that they can buy products at a full price and will be reimburse in the future, but they will not honor it when you actually submit a claim. I like Citi card a lot before, but from now on, I will consider using other credit card company like Discover, American Express, etc,. at least they actually give you some real rewards back without the big hassle like Citi Rewind.


12 Joe

Citi Price Rewind is a complete joke! They never have the item you are looking for so you basically have to track the price yourself. Their claims support staff is incompetent and a waste of time. If this is a main factor driving your decision to get a Citi Card, I strongly encourage you to reconsider.


13 Thomas Tran

I have been loyal to Citi for 25 years. Just like other comments here, I find Citi Price Rewind is a joke (don’t make promise if you can’t keep). To make long story short, I also tried to take advantage of the Citi Price Rewind promo. I registered my purchase, submitted my receipt, chose a correct model name and all, got notice after some 90 days of lowest price seek period, alerted me to submit the claims. I logged in and submitted the claim and have been waiting, waiting, and waiting, but no refund check was sent to me. So I called and spoke to a Citi Price Rewind rep (most of them are not nice) and even to the supervisor said one of my items need proof that I purchased and installed, so she recommended I take a pic of the bar code tag inside of the unit. I took a pic then faxed to the number she gave as “lead dept” but still nothing happened. Same as to my other items claimed. I think this is a scam from Citi Price Rewind.

Oh, I received a email for online survey and I let my opinion out. I got the phone from Citi Sr. Account Manager named “Betty Herbert” and she sounded wonderful at first, but then she said she will help to straighten thing out and want to do 3-way calling to Citi Price Rewind and got transfer 3 times and each time I had to explain the same thing over and over.
1) my first item refund suppose 295.00
2) my second item suppose 95.00
3) my third item suppose 68.10

Anyway, during all these calls with Citi Price Rewind put me on hold and all and the Sr. Acct Mgr magically was no longer on the line.

I even called her and left her the voice mail to call me back and that was on 2/29/2016 and today is 3/6/2016. I still have not received a call back from the Sr. Acct Mgr.

People nowadays are too much in their job title and do not really serve as the job title function.

It is a shame for me to continue to use Citi and and starting use my other cards. Thank you Citi for not follow up to your standard!!! Don’t make a promise if you can’t keep it.


14 Lindsay

I’ve used Price Rewind several times in 2015 and have always had good results. However, I have ALWAYS found the lower price myself and mailed in the required form with receipts etc. When I mail the information in I make sure to highlight all required fields on my receipt AND the lower priced item. I have successfully gotten rewinds for $10-$130 (these include phone cases, a bike, workout clothes). I have found that their list isn’t specific enough and does not include very many sites for price comparison so I always do it myself. I just sent in paperwork to get a $200 refund on a MacBook; we’ll see if their track record holds up.


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