25 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50

by Ryan Guina

With Thanksgiving a happy memory, now is the perfect time to sit down, relax and plan out your holiday shopping for the year.  Take out a pen and paper and write down everyone you’ll need to by gifts for this Christmas.   Create a budget on just how much you’re willing to spend and STICK TO IT.  Once your list is complete, you’re ready to go holiday shopping!

The key to a great holiday shopper is knowing how to extend your budget and how to wow with the gifts you buy.  We’ll help you with the latter in this article, as we’ve compiled 25 great Christmas gift ideas under $50.  All of these gifts can be purchased online and if you look hard enough, you might be able to find them even cheaper with the use of online coupon codes.  The list has Christmas gift ideas for mom, dad, siblings friend coworkers and pretty much anyone else you would want to buy a Christmas gift for.  Merry Christmas!

Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50

1. Back to Basics Egg and Muffin Toaster (Walmart: $34.00) – Cooking eggs on your stove can be tough and messy so why not cook them in your toaster?  Believe it or not this toaster has room for your egg while you’re toasting.  Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

2. Hand Selected Red and White Wines from Napa Valley (Tasting Room: $29.99) – Before you go thinking you can give out six gifts with one purchase, these are only tasting bottles, each with 50ml.  You can handpick any six bottles you want to form your set, and then have it shipped right to your door.

3. ProActive Sports Trunk It Golf Gear Organizer (Amazon: $32.99) – I wish I had one of these (hint, hint) because for the golfer, it’s quite a hassle to get everything you need into one organized space.  A golf bag just won’t cut it and this organizer is perfect.

4. Sushi Serving Board with Chopsticks (Crate and Barrel: $19.95) – Have to be honest that I’m not the biggest fan of sushi but I’m the minority.  This gift is one of the more inexpensive on our list and if you know a Sushi lover, or a cook, this makes for a great gift.

5. Stylish Engraved Pill Box (Gift Tree: $34.95) – This gift is obviously geared for the older generation with the ability to engrave the box with anything of your choosing.  While this might not be the most exciting gift you’ll give this Christmas, it’s fills a necessity in style.

6. NFL Team Grill Cover (NFL Shop: $44.99) – Barbecue and sports go hand and hand so rather than leave your grill out in the rain where it can rust, take a look at purchases an NFL team grill cover.  Just make sure you get the right team because the wrong one will probably end up in the fire.

7. Slouchy Hoody w/ Headphones (Karma Loop: $42.00) – Another gift that accomplishes two things at one, this hooded sweatshirt provides heat and music at the same time.  Pockets in the front make sure you can fit your iPod or any other MP3 player comfortably.

8. High Tech Money Jar (Discovery Store: $14.99) – As a kid, I had a number of different money banks, all that did something different.  I loved to watch the coins fall down the shoot, light things up and make cool sounds.  This bank actually keeps track of the money inside it, so you won’t have to count your change!

9. Bubble Wall Mount Fish Tank (Amazon: $19.44) – If you have a friend in need of a pick-me-up, a fish is a great idea.  Regular fish bowls are pretty boring though, so why not get something you can mount on any wall!  Installation is easy and hassle free.

10. Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch (EToys: $49.99) – One of the more expensive gifts on our list, the junior spy watch is every kids dream.  Little do they know that working for the government in real life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be but they won’t need to know that for a long time.

11. Black Finish 5 Piece Fireplace Set (Bed Bath and Beyond: $49.99) – Again specific to colder climates, a fireplace set ensures that fires are not only beautiful places for warmth but also safe.  A good fire needs oxygen and there’s nothing stupider than trying to move burning logs around with your hands.

12. Sharper Image Foot Massager (Macy’s: $49.99) – The perfect gift for any wife or girlfriend, this foot massager also has a slickness to it, with it’s black and red design.  Not really the foot massaging type, I’ll certainly be buying one of these this year!

13. Emerson Refractor Telescope w/ Tripod (Bed Bath and Beyond: $19.99) – This isn’t your “look for new planets” type telescope, but for just under $20, you can get a clear picture of sporting events, birds, or anything else within a solid mile.  Don’t use it to spy on your neighbors though.

14. Woman’s Cable Boot Slipper (Target: $14.99) – I had the girlfriends help on this one because this doesn’t seem to be the most awesome of gifts but she absolutely loves it.  Just goes to show you that men don’t understand what women want sometimes.

15. Charter Club Blanket, Reservseable Sherpa Throw (Macys: $34.99) – Normally $80.00, this blanket/throw is perfect for colder climates during winter nights.  It comes is a variety of colors and is comprised of machine-washable polyester

16. VTech Touch Mobi Go Learning System (Toys R Us: $49.99) – Giving this gift to a child might not bring an applause but giving it to a parent of a child (so they can use it to teach) is probably a better idea.  VTech has created an interactive teaching tool that most children should love to learn from.

17. Shower Clock Radio and Mirror (Macy’s: $44.99) –  Another gift of many talents, this device is perfect for the wanna be singers who love to belt a high tone in the shower.  It doubles as a mirror so you can shave while singing.  Might be a bit dangerous though, so proceed with caution.

18. Classic Continental Rucksack (LL Bean: $39.50) – I wish I was more of an outdoorsman but sadly, that’s not the case.  Nevertheless, any good mountain climber or camper needs a place to keep all of their clothing and gadgets and this rucksack certainly does a nice job.

19. Faux Leather Envelop Laptop Case (Macy’s: $29.00) – This laptop case is perfect when taking a long trip, as it’s slick and sleek.  Laptops are easily damaged during transport (and more specifically during flight) so rather than buying an extended few-hundred dollar warranty, this will do.

20. Apple iPod 2gb Shuffle Bundle with Accessory Kit (Walmart: $49.98) – The most expensive gift on our list, you can obtain the newest model of the Apple iPod 2gb Shuffle with an accessory kit containing everything you need.  This gift has the potential to cost more than $50 however, depending on just how many extra accessories you choose.

21. Romantic Snood (Macy’s: $39.00) – I was wondering what a snood was before this, but apparently it’s a scarf/hoodie combination, perfect for women who like to be cold in style.  The reviews are all from women who love it, so that would suggest this is a strong wife/girlfriend buy.

22. 12 Piece Kitchen Aid Cutlery Set (Target: $49.99) – Having a good knife in the kitchen is important to making a good mean and if you can’t afford the absolute best (which in my opinion is Cutco) then you should look for durable, long lasting, high performance knives.  And here they are.

23. Tek Nek Rock and Ride Pony (KMart: $29.99) – Another thoughtful gift for a young child, the Tek Nek Rock and Rid Pony walks, gallops, sings and does a lot of other cool things too.  Don’t get the wrong idea though, this Pony is not for riding.

24. Silver Plated Frame Collection from Martha Stewart (Macy’s: $19.99) –  It’s best to stay neutral with gifts to co-workers and a silver plated picture frame does just that.  This isn’t from Martha’s prison collection but it’s still a nice gift.

25. JBL Duet Computer Speakers (Gifts.com: $36.56) – Last but not least, anyone with a computer would love a set of cool speakers they could use everyday.  The most important feature of any set of speakers is the sound, and these guarantee to provide top quality performance.

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Published or updated February 23, 2012.
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