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Slate® from Chase – No Balance Transfer Fee

by Michael

While it’s becoming more and more difficult to create a unique credit card these days, Chase introduced feature known as Blueprint(SM) a few years ago that continues to be one of a kind.  One of the cards that includes the Blueprint feature is the Slate® from Chase, and Blueprint(SM) might not even be the coolest feature available to consumers.  Without further adieu, I introduce the most responsible credit card on the market today, the Slate® from Chase.

The very first feature that pops out with the Slate® from Chase is the 0% intro APR on purchases AND balance transfers for 15 months.  This intro opportunity applies to consumers with excellent and good credit and also includes a low purchase, which again, is dependent on your credit history.

The best part of the balance transfer offer? There is no balance transfer fee! This can save you thousands of dollars in interest over a 15-month period, making this a great tool for getting out of debt, or for saving money while you restructure your finances. Note: The no balance transfer fee offer is only good for the first 60 days you own the card. After that, there is a 3% charge for balance transfers, with a minimum charge of $5. So make sure you have your information ready to transfer your balance as soon as you open your new account!

Beyond the lengthy intro offer, Slate® from Chase offers Blueprint(SM), a feature that allows cardholders to track and pay individual purchases, if they so choose.  Four primary features are included with the Blueprint(SM) feature and they are:

  • Full Pay (Avoid Paying Interest) – Avoid paying interest in categories you choose, when you pay them in full each month.
  • Finish It (Pay Down Your Balance Faster) – Help pay down your balance faster.
  • Split (Pay Off Larger Purchases) – Pay off larger items on your own terms, separated on your statement.
  • Track It (See Spending Trends At a Glance) – See spending trends and track your progress.

Slate® from Chase also has no annual fee so any money saved from the intro period and Blueprint(SM) is not given back with costly annual fees.  But even with the positives, there is one glaring negative and it comes in the form of no rewards program.  The benefit of the Slate® from Chase lies with the low interest opportunity and thus, no rewards program is offer.  Purchases made do not receive cash back or points towards future gifts so remember that if you decide to take advantage of this offer.

With intro rates changing on a weekly basis, there’s no telling just how long the 15 month opportunity will last.  If receiving rewards isn’t your thing, and your more concerned with interest free purchases and balance transfers, consider applying for the Slate® from Chase.

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Published or updated May 9, 2013.
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