Chase Bank $200 Coupon Code for New Chase Checking Account

Several years ago I took advantage of the $100 Chase Freedom® Visa credit card offer. If you signed up for the credit card, you earned a $100 cash bonus after making a purchase. I’ve used the card as my main credit card for the last few years, but I’ve never opened a savings or checking account with Chase Bank, even though they have tried multiple times to entice me to open an account. Every month they send me one or more coupons to open a new Chase Checking Account with them. Their location isn’t very convenient to me and I already have a few savings and checking accounts, so instead of throwing the coupon away, I thought I would share it – first come first serve!

Chase Checking $200 New Account Bonus

chase checking coupon code - earn $200 when you open a new account

You can earn $200 when you open a new account!

To receive the new account bonus from Chase Checking, all you need to do is open a new Chase Total Checking (SM) account with the following coupon code:

  • 3679815486190940 ($125 Bonus)
  • 3703308368442173 ($125 Bonus)
  • 3907611731377441 ($100 Checking Account Bonus + $25 Savings Account Bonus)
  • 3945249193260073 ($125 Bonus)
  • 3945249563650109 ($125 Bonus)
  • 4436142700253122 ($200 Bonus)
  • 4406745546982413 ($150 Bonus)
  • 4479069168563311 ($200 Bonus)
  • 4487556140162063 ($200 Bonus)
  • 4543152022265121 ($200 Bonus)
  • 4574517601380846 ($200 Bonus)
  • 4566399151012943 ($200 Bonus)
  • 4597518347085799 ($200 Bonus)
  • PX2676292RG4J92Y ($200 Bonus)
  • XA22447922C6VTV2 ($200 Bonus)

This code is good for a cash bonus of up to $200 if you open the Chase Total Checking (SM) account with a minimum of $100. You actually have up to 60 days to deposit the $100 into your account, so you can open the account right away, then fund it later. You will receive your bonus within 10 days. (Good online at or in person).

This code will only be good for one use, so it is first come first serve! I will add a new Chase Bank bonus code each time I receive one in the mail.

Note: If the Chase Checking coupon code listed above does not work, it may have already been used. I’ve read that some people have had luck with using expired codes by changing the numbers at the end. Just play around a little bit and you might get lucky!

Other terms to receive the $200 new account bonus:

  • Use a valid coupon code
  • Must open with a minimum $100 deposit
  • Bonus will show up within 10 days
  • Account must be left open for a minimum of 6 months or the bonus will be debited from the account upon account closing.
  • Bonus will be considered interest and will be reported to the IRS via IRS Form 1099-INT.
  • High School Checking, College Checking, Chase Access Checking, and New Jersey Consumer Checking Accounts are not eligible.

There you go – $200 for ten minutes work – not bad!

More about the Chase Total Checking Account

Comes with:

  • FREE Chase Debit Card
  • FREE Online Banking and Online Bill Pay1
  • FREE Chase Mobile® Banking2
  • FREE Account Alerts3
  • FREE access to 17,500 Chase ATMs and 5,500 branches

Note: There is a monthly service fee which varies by location, which can be waived if you set up direct deposits of $500 or more, or if you maintain a minim daily balance of $1,500 or more, or an average daily balance of $5,000 in linked deposits or investments.

Best savings account interest rates: Here is a list of current interest rates if you are looking for the best interest rates. Visit any of the banks below for more information.


  1. miry says

    do you have any codes??? :( i have 3 days to redeem one… i got one thru their website but it says it has to be submitted at the time of opening the account

    • says

      miry, try using one of the numbers on the list, but changing the last digit up or down a number or two. That has worked for some people in the past.

  2. Diahann Sibley-Messeguer says

    Tried all of these codes today & have 21 days to submit a valid one. If you receive one, would you mind sharing please? Thanks!

    • says

      The codes must have been used. Some people have reported success by changing some of the later numbers in the series. Another option is to go to the bank. Many times they will give you the opening bonus if you ask in person – especially if you are already a Chase credit card user.

  3. lily says

    I just used one of the available promo code to open a new account with Chase yesterday. Got the $200 incentive offer for opening a checking account. Also got $150 offer for opening new saving account. Thanks for sharing the promo. codes.

  4. Lilacia says

    April 26, 2013: I got an offer for $125 bonus when opening a Chase Total Checking account. The code is: HX9722376K6E9TLK. I hope this helps someone! ^^

  5. Nora says

    New Chase checking customers can get $100 when they open a new Chase Total Checking account* and make 5 qualifying transactions a month for 6 months. Plus, you can get these great benefits:
    $100 cash Coupon code: 5150895694747792

    To open your account, bring this coupon to any Chase branch.
    Expires 5/31/2013.

  6. Nikole says

    Here is a link for the 200 with direct deposit link from chase. It expires May 15th!

    Enjoy the extra money!

  7. Zelenka says

    Direct link to $200 coupon. If page did not open in first time, do not close page, open new tab copy and paste this link to address bar again. Enjoy.

  8. Dan says

    1. I called the customer service agents today, and they said they do a “hard” pull on your credit (hard inquiry) which affects you credit score. Another website said they do a soft pull for this checking account -Chase Total Checking (SM).

    Do you have any information to confirm it either way?

    2. Do you have to have direct deposit to redeem the $200? Can you circumvent the direct deposit by another method, such as a minimum balance?

    Thanks so much!

    • says

      Hi Dan, I’m not sure about the hard credit pull. I didn’t check my credit report when I opened my Chase account. As for direct deposit, you will need to read the terms on your account. The bonus I signed up for did not require a direct deposit, but they sometimes do. It all depends on the offer at the time you sign up. The good news is it is clearly stated on the paperwork when you sign up.

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