How Capital Gains Taxes Work

by Miranda Marquit June 18, 2012

When you sell an investment for more than you bought it for, the government wants a cut of the gains. You are required to pay taxes on your gains when you realize them, understanding that there are different rates, depending on how long you have held the investment. You pay capital gains taxes only on […]

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How Long to Keep Tax Records

by Kevin Mulligan June 1, 2012

With tax day behind you it can be easy to forget about all of that paperwork until next year. You can’t just stuff the tax return in a drawer for the rest of time because you’ll eventually run out of space. Shredding (or worse yet, throwing away) your tax returns can be detrimental if it […]

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How to Adjust Your Federal Income Tax Withholding on Your Paycheck Using Form W-4

by Kevin Mulligan May 22, 2012

It’s only been a few weeks since many people rushed to file their taxes before the tax deadline in April. Were you surprised this year at how much you got back from the government? Or did you end up paying a lot of extra tax instead of getting a refund? Being on either end of […]

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I Need My Tax Refund!

by Ryan Guina February 15, 2012

Actually, I don’t need my tax refund, not right away anyhow. But I’ve been hearing this comment frequently since tax season started, and even more frequently since the IRS announced the tax refund schedule. It seems as though this year the IRS implemented new anti-fraud measures in their tax software, which is designed to prevent […]

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Are You Ready for the New 1099-K?

by Miranda Marquit January 23, 2012

Starting this year, for tax year 2011, there is a new 1099 form in town. Many of us are already familiar with the 1099-MISC, especially if we work from home as contractors. The 1099 is meant for income that comes, in a fairly regular way, from sources that aren’t considered a “regular” job (which will issue […]

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Year End Tax Tips

by Ryan Guina December 7, 2011

The end of the year is rushing to a close, which means now is the time to finish your plans for saving money on your taxes. While there are some things you can do after December 31st to lower your tax obligations, most things must be accomplished by the year’s end. These year end tax […]

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An Explanation of the Flat Tax Proposals

by Emily Guy Birken November 8, 2011

I am old enough to remember Steve Forbes’s failed bids for the presidency back in 1996 and 2000, and young enough to have thought that his flat tax plan (which was the cornerstone of his campaign) was a startling new idea. Seeing new incarnations of the flat tax every four years as the race the […]

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