Bartering: A Tool for Small Business

Barter for goods and services

You’ve probably heard stories of bartering. Back in the day, you might exchange something you had for something that you needed. This “something” could be goods or services. In simpler times, a cobbler might re-sole a pair of shoes in return for a specific amount of eggs from the farmer. Today, bartering is making something […]

A Gathering of Financial Minds – FinCon11 a Smashing Success!

Phil Taylor FINCON

This past weekend I had the pleasure, along with 270+ other individuals, of attending the first annual Finance Blogger Conference in Chicago, IL. The Personal Finance Conference, also known as FinCon (search #FinCon11 on Twitter), was a gathering of financial bloggers, financial professionals, columnists, authors, financial companies, and others who work in or write about […]

Should You Incorporate Your Small Business?

should you incorporate your small business

If you do freelance work, are a subcontractor, or are just thinking about moving in the direction of self-employment, a question that comes up is should I incorporate? In general, incorporating a business means that you separate yourself from the business so you enjoy limited personal legal responsibility by setting it up as either a […]

How to Fund a Startup

Deciding to start a business is exciting.  You are in charge of making decisions large and small, and you have the opportunity to change your life, and possibly other lives as well. But starting a business also brings challenges. Almost all businesses will require some form of capital to start.  If you don’t have cash […]

How to Qualify for a Small Business Loan

As a small business owner, or someone considering starting your own business, you may be wondering how to qualify for a small business loan.  Lenders have tightened their approval process, making it more difficult for small businesses to qualify for a loan, but you can improve your chances by preparing to meet their requirements, standards, […]