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Home Business Product Review: FreshBooks

by Miranda Marquit November 6, 2012

As a home business owner, it helps to have an invoicing tool that you can rely on. One of the tools that I have found ideal for my freelancing business is FreshBooks. It’s easy to use, feature-rich, and comes with a very reasonable price point. I switched to FreshBooks after years of using the invoice [...]

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Tame Your Inbox – SaneBox Review

by October 19, 2012

Email is the bane of my existence. On average, I receive close to a hundred emails a day (I apologize if I haven’t responded to an email from you). That number is even after culling my address from as many newsletter subscriptions and courses as I could, removing notifications from social media accounts, etc. My [...]

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Multi-Level Marketing – Business Opportunity or a Scam?

by July 25, 2012

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. It started when I was young with something I call the playground economy. The playground was where I discovered I could sell baseball cards, gum, candy, or other little things for a small profit. When I was younger, a few quarters represented a nice return on my [...]

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Using KickStarter to Reach Your Dreams – and Helping Angie Johnson Reach Hers

by July 10, 2012

Every artist and business start-up faces the same “chicken or the egg” problem of how to get their initial funding. You need a product to make money, but sometimes you need money to make a product. Even the simplest of businesses or artistic projects usually have some associated costs, and funding them can present a [...]

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QuickBooks 2013 Coupon Codes – Online, Mac, and PC

by April 20, 2012

If you are a small business owner then you probably take on a lot of the duties in your business. I run a small business and I wear a lot of hats – CEO, secretary, marketing, public relations, and yes, even accountant (my least favorite job of them all). But like all jobs, having the [...]

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Establishing Your Credit as a Small Business

by Miranda Marquit December 13, 2011

One of the most frustrating things for any small business owner is establishing credit. However, you know that you need access to credit if you expect to you grow your business effectively. Financing helps keep things moving in the world of business — even for small businesses. Establishing your credit history as a small business, [...]

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Bartering: A Tool for Small Business

by Miranda Marquit October 7, 2011

You’ve probably heard stories of bartering. Back in the day, you might exchange something you had for something that you needed. This “something” could be goods or services. In simpler times, a cobbler might re-sole a pair of shoes in return for a specific amount of eggs from the farmer. Today, bartering is making something [...]

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