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4 Challenges Faced by Solopreneurs Working from Home

by Miranda Marquit April 2, 2013

Most days, my “job” is a dream. I’m a work-from-home, solopreneur, freelance writer, so I get to make my own hours, and even choose my clients. On top of that, there are days that I don’t get dressed until lunch time. However, even though I don’t have to choose between being a stay-at-home mom and […]

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Professional Development: Benefits of a Mastermind Group

by Miranda Marquit March 26, 2013

I belong to a mastermind group on Skype. We bounce ideas off each other, and those with better knowledge in a specific area can share their expertise, whether it’s giving tips for how to use a useful plug-in, or whether I’m giving tips on how to price out writing tips. From SEO tips to discussions […]

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Caught in AWeber’s Web – Why All Marketers Need a Backup Plan

by Ryan Guina December 10, 2012

Everyone needs a backup plan. For everything. You need to back up your computer’s hard drive, you need to back up your photos and your music, and you need a backup plan for your finances. If you are a small business owner, you need multiple backup plans – one for each major aspect of your […]

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Tame Your Inbox – SaneBox Review

by Ryan Guina October 19, 2012

Email is the bane of my existence. On average, I receive close to a hundred emails a day (I apologize if I haven’t responded to an email from you). That number is even after culling my address from as many newsletter subscriptions and courses as I could, removing notifications from social media accounts, etc. My […]

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Multi-Level Marketing – Business Opportunity or a Scam?

by Ryan Guina July 25, 2012

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. It started when I was young with something I call the playground economy. The playground was where I discovered I could sell baseball cards, gum, candy, or other little things for a small profit. When I was younger, a few quarters represented a nice return on my […]

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Using KickStarter to Reach Your Dreams – and Helping Angie Johnson Reach Hers

by Ryan Guina July 10, 2012

Every artist and business start-up faces the same “chicken or the egg” problem of how to get their initial funding. You need a product to make money, but sometimes you need money to make a product. Even the simplest of businesses or artistic projects usually have some associated costs, and funding them can present a […]

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QuickBooks Coupon Codes – Online, Mac, and PC

by Ryan Guina April 20, 2012

If you are a small business owner then you probably take on a lot of the duties in your business. I run a small business and I wear a lot of hats – CEO, secretary, marketing, public relations, and yes, even accountant (my least favorite job of them all). But like all jobs, having the […]

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