Are You Really Work from Home Material?

work from home

One of the benefits I have as a freelance writer is the fact that I get to work from home. I enjoy working from home because it fits my personality. My small home business is doing well enough to pay the bills and leave some left over for things that my family enjoys. And I […]

5 Online Business Ideas for College Students


With the cost of a college education now hovering well out into the stratosphere, many college students are looking for income sources to not only help pay for their education, but also to minimize the amount of debt they will carry after graduation. While a part-time job is usually the preferred source of income for […]

How to Conduct Productive Meetings

By limiting the number of participants in a meeting, you'll find your participants more engaged.

Do you ever feel that most of the meetings you attend at work are something close to a waste of time? Do you ever feel that meetings that you are conducting are not terribly effective? Unfortunately, that probably describes most meetings. But there are ways to conduct productive meetings . . . . 1. Keep […]

5 Low-Cost Business Ideas You Can Start Today


Economic troubles, combined with recent leaps in technology, have provided unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs to step out on their own. The idea of owning a business is a powerful one. When you own a business, you have greater control over your income, and the ability to boost your earning power in accordance with your business […]