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Money Management

How to Handle and Pay Off Medical Debt

by Kevin Mercadante May 30, 2013

There are at least two situations in which you can be saddled by large medical debts. The first and most obvious is when you have medical procedures but you have no health insurance. The second is when you have health insurance, but you end up having to pay a large amount of the expense out-of-pocket, [...]

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Would You Take a 97-Month Car Loan?

by Kevin Mercadante May 22, 2013

Recent statistics indicate that about one out of every six car loans now run 73 months or longer – all the way up to 97 months. The shift is part of a collective effort by car companies to keep monthly payments below $500 at a time when the price of an average new car price [...]

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How to Deal with Furloughs During Sequestration

by Miranda Marquit May 13, 2013

Many government employees are facing the challenges associated with the budget sequester. One of those challenges are furloughs. A furlough is an effort to save money by cutting back on employment. Employees might be forced to take time off without pay in cycles, for weeks at a time, or they might have their days cut [...]

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T-Mobile Launches No Contract Unlimited Plan: Is it Right for You?

by Miranda Marquit May 7, 2013

My husband has been using T-Mobile for years. He’s been using the unlimited talk and text on his non-smart cell phone for quite some time, and it’s worked well for us. (I’ve been using a non-smart cell phone with Tracfone for years.) Recently, we decided to upgrade both of our phones to smartphones, and, since [...]

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Mastering the Art of Guilt-Free Shopping

by Craig Ford May 2, 2013

Spending money is easy. Spending money without guilt is hard. If our budgets were boats we would all have a few leaky holes. The leaky holes represent budget categories where we tend to spend excessively and unintentionally. The intent of a budget is not simply to tell you not to spend, but to help you spend your [...]

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PayPal vs. Dwolla: Which is Right for You?

by May 1, 2013

PayPal is one of the largest financial transaction tools available online. Boasting over 128 million accounts and exchanging payments in 25 currencies, PayPal is a dominate leader in online commerce. Of course everyone loves to hate PayPal, too. The company has had its fair share of negative press: from high costs for users to incompetent [...]

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How to Safely Hide Cash in Your Home

by Kevin Mercadante April 17, 2013

There are any number of reasons why you may want to hide cash in your home. Banking developments in Cyprus and in other European countries might make you concerned about potential bank closings, and the need to have at least some cash on hand in the event that were to happen. You may also worry [...]

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