Could a Splurge Be a Positive Thing?

When is it OK to Splurge?

We are used to thinking of splurges in negative terms. A splurge is often an unplanned purchase — especially if that unplanned purchase is of something you don’t need. With the prevailing mindset that every dollar is supposed to be accounted for ahead of time, splurging can seem like the ultimate bad money management move. […]

Buying Tickets Online? Avoid Scams

buying tickets online

My husband and I buy tickets online all the time. From professional sports games to concerts to local movies, we get almost all of our tickets online. Buying tickets online can add a level of convenience to your transaction. On top of that, it’s sometimes possible to get a good deal when you buy online. […]

How to Handle and Pay Off Medical Debt


There are at least two situations in which you can be saddled by large medical debts. The first and most obvious is when you have medical procedures but you have no health insurance. The second is when you have health insurance, but you end up having to pay a large amount of the expense out-of-pocket, […]